Fall things and two tiny diet tweaks

by Kim on September 15, 2014

Hey there! First, thank you all for your sweet comments on my post Friday! I was blown away by your support and perspective—you’re awesome!

Funny story: after I tweeted that post out, like I do with all my posts, some guy tweeted back that this was the definition of #WhiteGirlProblems. In retrospect, I guess “why I might have to unfollow someone” does sound pretty dramatic, haha! But you knew what I meant…right?

Anyway! How was your weekend?

We had perfect fall weather—upper 50’s and sunny—so there was only one logical thing to do:


It was actually an apple orchard—we were surprised that they’d opened their pumpkin patch already too.


But who cares about the patch! It’s the getting there part that really matters. A hayride pulled by a TRACTOR—Mason was riveted.


(Another prime example of his happy face looking awfully similar to his totally indifferent face…)

He was obsessed with that one green pumpkin on the end.


Actually, I kinda was too…why would just one pumpkin not ripen?

The orchard was SUPER toddler friendly, with a sandbox, ride-on toys, and all these random little playhouses.


One of them was full of real kitties for the kids to pet (or “pet”…seems risky to leave them out there all alone and unsupervised…?), but who cares because another one HAD THIS:


Guess what happened when we very, very gently suggested exiting this place: A) Mason said “sure, parents!” and high-fived us. B) Epic meltdown.

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this framer:


We looked everywhere for him and finally found him deep in thought atop this ginormous haystack…

Either that or he climbed up there and requested this exact pic.

Unpictured are the apple crisp bar and pumpkin bar we left with. Mmmm fall…

On Sunday, we had friends over for an adult pizza party. In case you’re not familiar, since I just made that up, this involves individual grilled pizzas:


I only got a pic of a few par-grilled, pre-topping pizzas, since our house was OFF the CHAIN with kids running everywhere, and I was a little distracted. We had 6 kiddos under the age of 3 tearing through the house, and it was very much a “this is our life now” moment for the adults.

Here are the older ones hanging out on the deck:


You can imagine what the adults behind that camera had to be doing to get them all to look at the same time…

Going back to Friday’s post for a second: I’m going to start introducing some minor lifestyle changes, a few at a time, to help support my postpartum weight loss. Here are the first two:

–Eggs and coffee with coconut oil for breakfast every day (for now).

No more of my beloved cereal

I’m sure you know how awesome eggs are—they’re chock full of protein and vitamins, with barely any carbs. I find it really helpful to start the day off on an ultra healthy note, since I’m more likely to want to “stay good.”

–No sweets until after 7 PM.

What?? Don’t people usually try to stop eating by 7 PM?

Here’s my thinking: the evening is when my willpower for sweets is at its lowest point, so I’m owning that and cutting them out during the rest of the day, when it’s easier. (I’m not interested in cutting them out completely right now…I mean, at the beginning of apple crisp season?? That’s crazy.)

Also, we’re not talking about some massive binge here. “Sweets” for me usually = a handful of Trader Joe’s semisweet chocolate chips. Have you tried them?? Oh man…so alarmingly good.

Wish me luck!

Have a great week. Smile

What’s something you did over the weekend?

Extra points for fall stuff!

What’s a small lifestyle change you’d like to start implementing?

Join me!!




When is it time to unfollow someone?

by Kim on September 12, 2014

Hey guys! I have no idea how it’s Friday already.

I still don’t quite feel like I have my life-with-two-kiddos rhythm down yet, so my days are all a big blur right now. But we’re getting there!

This isn’t an official Friday Favs post, but there are a few things I’ve been loving this week that I wanted to tell ya about…

–This quiche:


I’ve been trying some recipes out of the Trim Healthy Mama book I recently picked up at the library (you can read all about the book here and here), and this was a winner. SO simple—literally just 12 eggs + 2 c. cheese + salt and pep, along with whatever extras you want (I added leftover cooked/diced bacon and frozen spinach).

Since this is a high-fat “satisfying” meal, per the THM method, it has to be low-carb. (The idea is to center your meal around fat or carbs, but NOT both, along with protein.) Which means: no crust.

BUT if you MUST have crust… (and I must…) the book offers an easy low-carb alternative. 1 1/2 cups of almond flour + 2 egg whites (I added the leftover yolks to the quiche mix) got me this:

quiche crust

It was fantastic! The husband noticed it was a little blander than regular crust, but the texture was dead on, and it definitely satisfied that “I NEED CARBS at every meal” knee-jerk.

These DIY wall gallery kits:


(Don’t mind the bulldozer stickers on the front…I just noticed those, ha…)

We have a giant blank space above our couch in the main living area, and I’ve been trying to find something to put there for—honestly—years. (I tell myself I like the super minimalist look, but that’s not completely true…)

I picked these up on sale at Michaels’ a few weeks ago (pre-baby, which is why I haven’t touched them since) and now just need frames to put them in. I was super impressed with the quality of the prints, and there’s also a pretty extensive guide inside on different gallery wall configurations you can follow.

–Zevia sodas:


For some reason, I’ve been having these intense soda cravings lately and I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so I ran out and grabbed these last night.

They aren’t the most nutritious things in the world, but they’re also not the worst things you can drink. At least they don’t include aspartame, although they do have caramel color (thought to be a carcinogen) and those elusive “natural flavors” (vague much?).

I doubt that I’ll “get into” them, but they’re satisfying that craving for now.

So! On to the topic of the day…

I’m in a pickle guys. (Who says that?? No one. Disregard.)

How do you know when it’s time to unfollow someone?

There’s this person I follow, who, first of all, I completely admire. She’s extremely successful in her work, has amassed a huge fan base, and is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I’ve learned a ton from her, and—let’s be honest—I want to BE her a little bit. (Or a lot.)

But she’s also a little too perfect. She looks like a model in every picture she posts, she’s a never-miss-a-5-AM-workout kind of girl, she always has something brilliant and interesting to say on social media, AND she has kids. Oh, and her most recent kid came into the world (2 weeks early and 9 pounds healthy) after just 2 hours of labor and 6 minutes of pushing.

I’ll admit: it’s that last part that’s affected me the most. Despite working out and taking great care of my body through my entire pregnancy, per the promise that it would lead to a quicker labor (along with the fact that everyone promised me a faster second labor), I still ended up with a 15-hour labor and an hour of pushing. Now, how can I encourage anyone else to stay active during pregnancy when it clearly didn’t “work” (huge, huge quotes) for me?

I was almost in tears yesterday, thinking about it and comparing myself to this girl. I couldn’t help it. I know all pregnancies/bodies are different, but what did I do “wrong”?

Not to be all negative on a Friday, but it gets worse. The next phase of following this girl will likely involve watching her get her pre-baby body back super quickly, while my body clings to the extra weight. You’re welcome to say “you don’t know that!” but I know my body, and I know people with bodies like hers, and while I’ve generally made my peace with all of that in life, this is a particularly vulnerable time for me and my confidence is naturally a little weaker than usual.

Is it something I’ll be able to handle, during this time when my self esteem is most fragile? Do I keep following her, knowing that it’ll probably cause me a few sad moments down the road, or do I cut ties until I’m “back on my feet”?

Then again, is anyone ever back on their feet”" enough to not feel like less in the face of perceived perfection?

So what do you think? Keep following/unfollow??

What are the unfollow rules?


I’d love to hear your thoughts!!




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