My bloggy comfort zone and day 10 of no sugar

by Kim on November 19, 2014

I completely forgot to tell you that my first post for the local Moms Blog went live last week. It was kind of intimidating putting myself out there to a whole new group of readers, so I’m glad to have that first post out of the way!

Of course, I had to stay in my bloggy comfort zone—talking about exercise… #predictable


(Throwback to the sweet days when it never occurred to Mason to throw his fork across the room when he didn’t feel like eating.)

I’m so grateful for the cool opportunities this little blog has provided me. Connecting with a new group of local moms has been great, and we have a lot of cool events coming up that I probably wouldn’t otherwise be involved in. (If you don’t have a Moms Blog in your area, why not start one yourself?? Smile)

Josh and I discovered an awesome new coffee shop the other day, while Mason was in preschool and we were out running errands (that’s Mom code for “finding excuses to get out of the house”).


Want to hear something weird? They serve Shakeology there. What?!? I’ve never heard of that being done before.

Anyway, I probably should be working on teaching Josh to nap in his crib at home (not his favorite thing in the world to do), but he just sleeps sooo well in his car seat…


And it’s hard to stay trapped in the house all day when I could be out among other human beings. Know whaddImean?


We tried to go there again this morning, but I guess everyone else in the entire city had the same idea since there were zero open seats.

So now we’re home, and I’m trying to recreate the scene by playing coffee shop sounds through Coffitivity (an old trick I used to use at work—it really is genius for productivity, for reasons I don’t completely understand).

In other news, today is the big DAY 10 of my 10-day no sugar challenge! Almost out of the woods, and I’m feeling pretty awesome. I’m barely even thinking about it anymore.

I’ll be completely transparent, though, and admit that I did stray a little last night, completely knowingly and shamelessly…I was out with a few girlfriends, including a friend from out of town, and there was just no way I wasn’t going to have a glass of vino with them. :)

My justification is that there’s actually very little sugar in dry red wine, and it’s coming from fruit—the grapes—which I’m technically allowing on this challenge. Plus, I barely ever drink these days, so it’s not something I’m trying to detox myself from. But yes, technically I had sugar!

I’ll tell you all about the challenge when I’m officially off the clock, but my general thoughts are: I’m glad I did it, and I could see myself doing it again. Even though I’m a huge fan of moderation and not restricting yourself, sometimes you just need that “zero tolerance” mindset to break a stubborn habit. Even a 95% commitment to the challenge is really beneficial.

Um, is there a point to this blog post?

Not really.

And since I’m on the random train, I’ve been meaning to tell you about a cool project a blogger friend is working on. Jessica at Prayers & Apples is gearing up for a year-long research project exploring holistic treatments for depression, anxiety, and obesity. I’m really excited for her!


If you’re interested in learning more about the project, or know anyone who might be interested in supporting Jessica’s efforts, check out her Indiegogo video. Go Jessica!!

Tonight I’m teaching the balance track of BodyFlow for the first time ever. I usually don’t have much trouble with balance, but balancing in front of a group, while talking?? This should be interesting…

Any tips for balancing while teaching?

Is there anything you’d like to know about sugar detoxing?

What’s the most random thing you’ve ever seen served at a coffee shop?





Inspiration board #7

by Kim on November 17, 2014

I have two words:



I ventured out with Mason for his first snow experience of the year, and…it was a little rough. He could barely walk in his boots (I think they’re the right size? It’s seriously impossible to be sure). He threw snowballs straight up in the air and they landed on his face. He got snow in the dreaded space between mitten and coat sleeve.

So there were tears. Poor kid takes after his mom.

As if that wasn’t torture enough, we had the bright idea to take both kids to a CARPET STORE on Saturday morning. We want to re-carpet our living room, master bedroom, the office (aka Josh’s room) and a hallway, so there were a lot of decisions to make in the 9.2 minutes before Mason started melting down.

Sometimes, I really love smart phones…


In other news, I made it through the ENTIRE WEEKEND without sugar, and honestly, it wasn’t as hard as I anticipated.

Friday night was a little rough, since that’s usually the night of takeout, adult beverages, and a movie in our house. The movie wasn’t quite the same without the takeout and the adult beverage (and the chocolate that would have probably topped it all off), but it was still a nice night. (We watched How to Train Your Dragon II—loved it! Although I’m not sure if it’s cool to watch that sans kids…??)

But the rest of the sugar-free weekend went pretty well. I’m still getting cravings here and there, but they’re WAY less intense—just kind of a “I could go for…” vs. a “I MUST HAVE.”

Only 3 days to go! I’ll definitely give you a full recap of the challenge when it’s over—I have a LOT of thoughts on it.

The good news is that when you can’t eat pumpkin pie, you can still smell it.


Old Factory was kind enough to send me a gift set of their natural soy wax candles.

People: these are AMAZING.


They’re not very big, but they really pack a punch. I have candles burning all the time (especially lately) but this is the first time Brent’s come into the kitchen and said, “WOAH, what are you doing? It smells like a bakery in here!”

I got the fall gift set (there’s also a winter one, along with about a dozen others), and the scents are just perfect right now:


I’m already thinking about gifting these to some people for Christmas. Because, well…


The simple things, right?

Anyway, enough yammering. I owe you an inspo board!

inspo board

To eat

I’m putting together an allergy-friendly holiday menu for the Madison Mom’s Blog (I’ll share the link when it’s live), and while searching for recipes, I remembered this gem:

Pumpkin Maple Baked Bean Cornbread Casserole

I made this two years ago when I wasn’t eating dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and a couple other things (when I found out Mason was allergic and wanted to keep breastfeeding). I remember LOVING it.

And while we’re on the topic of tasty-looking sides…

Parmesan cauliflower bites



So last week, I remembered that I needed some sweet potatoes while shopping at Costco… the result: SWEET POTATOES FOR LIFE (aka I had to buy a gigantic bag).

Luckily there’s this…

Sweet potato crusted spinach quiche


To do

The other day, Brent and I were talking about how our treadmill has been neglected lately. We used to use it all the time, but he works out over lunch now (his new job has a gym on campus—must be nice!) and I’ve been focusing on strength training.

Well, it looks like I can now get the best of both worlds…

–PopSugar just released this sweet video with some unique strength moves that use the treadmill. Think walking planks and, shall we say, “assisted” crab walks…

It all looks insanely hard. I gotta try it.

–I’m digging this full body circuit from Fit Foodie Finds

45 min bodyweight

I’ve never heard of tip-toe squats and I forgot about down-dog push-ups! Great ideas. She even has two versions: with pictures and without (for people like me, who follow workouts from their phones—GENIUS!).

To think

Awhile ago, I heard some advice that went something like this:

Every day, do something you HAVE to do, something you SHOULD do, and something you WANT to do.

It resonated with me because I have no trouble with the have to do’s and the should do’s, but I don’t always prioritize the want to do’s. Why is that? I should be enjoying my life, right?

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this. We’re so wrapped up in what we should be doing that we forget to treat ourselves.

We argue that we “can’t enjoy it” until all the other stuff is done. But I’ve come to the realization that we have to learn. We have to get comfortable leaving the dishes in the sink until the kids go to bed, if it means we’ll then have time to play with them. We have to be comfortable forgoing a planned workout if we get a rare opportunity to spend time with a friend. We have to learn how to turn the computer off and just hang out.

I always get a fresh perspective on this when I’m sick (like last week). When I’m so wiped out that my To Do list goes straight to the trash and I get absolutely zero accomplished for days at a time…but then I come out on the other side and realize that nothing bad happened. No one died. Mason watched more TV than usual, but his bran is not fried for life. My house is a little messier, but a day or two later, that’s resolved too.

It’s hard for us Type A freaks to let things go, but practice makes perfect.

Oh, and for help with those have to do’s and should do’s, check out this awesome article. (Actually, that whole blog is pretty amazing. Get ready to lose a few hours.)

My favorite point is #5: Embrace the Suck. “Life would be boring without the suck.”

Weekly challenge

This week’s challenge is a mix of common cardio and strength moves. The way you tackle this is all up to you—start with a minute of cardio, then do 10 strength moves, or go for 30 seconds of cardio, followed by 5 strength.

Pick a rhythm or mix and match, whatever! You’re done when you hit 3 minutes of cardio and 30X strength.

fit challenge 7


Have a great week!




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