Getting it done and a vacation workout

by Kim on July 25, 2014

Yesterday, I had one of those “this is motherhood” days.

For whatever reason (probably none at all), Mason woke up at 4:30 AM (!) and decided he was up for the day. He’s usually an awesome night sleeper, so this was completely out of the blue—not sick, not uncomfortable, not hungry/thirsty, clean diaper…

And it might have been ok if it didn’t mean that he was then desperately in need of a nap by 8:30, right as we were heading out the door to daycare. Ughh…

Here’s the other part that baffles me: some days, after a poor night of sleep, I’m somehow totally fine. Other days, I’m a moping pile of exhaustion and can’t recover all day long.

Guess what kind yesterday was! Winking smile

On top of that, it was also a Thursday, which meant I had my prenatal class in the evening. Luckily, I’ve already learned that being a group exercise instructor is just like having any other job: you show up and get it done, regardless of how you feel. And turns out it’s even easier to shake off a funk when you’re in a high-energy workout environment!

It also didn’t hurt that we had perfect weather and a beautiful spot to work out in.


There’s a fabulous view of the city skyline behind those trees—which I tried hard to distract everyone with when we were a minute deep into some brutal arm circles. (I use the “go to your happy place” trick ALL the time with myself, and it totally works!)

Confession time: I included some burpees in last night’s workout and kind of regretted it. I could tell that the girls were struggling, and when I asked for feedback post-class, they all agreed that it’s just too cumbersome to get from a squat position to a push-up position with a big old belly in the way. Most of us are in our last month of pregnancy (and one girl is due next week!) so we’re definitely at the height of our preggo limitations, and feeling it!

Can’t wait to get this baby out and get back to my normal routine!

Kim-1019 edit

(I’m at the stage where I don’t even remember my stomach looking like that. Smile)

I still think burpees are awesome, but there are definitely plenty of alternatives to choose from for prenatal exercise. We can all still do inchworms pretty comfortably, for example.

This weekend, I have another baby shower to go to, and Brent will be going to the “man shower” equivalent for the dad-to-be. I like this trend of guys getting baby showers (Brent’s friends threw him one for Mason and everyone had to bring diapers—we honestly didn’t buy a single diaper for months!) but it’s also totally unfair. In our experience, girl showers = low key games, snacks, gift openings. Guy showers = partying, drinking, “last hurrah” kind of stuff. The man shower Brent’s going to this weekend involves a day at the horse races, grilling out, and a night on the town.

Ladies, how can we step up our baby shower game?!

Is anyone else traveling this weekend? I know a lot of people are planning their last end-of-summer trips. If that’s you, here’s something to take with you!

Vacation Workout

(Tip: if you don’t have a clock/timer available, just hum Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 3 times at  a moderate pace. That’ll put you at around a minute—plus, it’s a nice distraction!)

I actually sent a variation of this workout to my prenatal girls over the 4th of July, since we skipped our weekly class for the holiday. I was so proud when most of them came back saying they’d tried it!

I’d love to know if you give it a shot!


  • A double-under is when you’re jumping rope and you swing the rope over twice in one jump. Faking it just involves doing bigger jumps than you would for regular jump roping.
  • 20 push-ups is a lot! But you can do it. Smile You can always modify to minis: on your knees and/or only going up and down 1-2 inches.

Have a great weekend!




Why kegels are OUT (and what’s in)

by Kim on July 24, 2014

Quick preggo update: 36 weeks!

I’ll give you the full scoop next week, but here’s a sneak peek at the belly progress:

36 weeks

(It counts as a sneak peek because my head is cut off. Clearly.)

When you talk about pregnancy—and especially, pregnancy + fitness—at some point, kegels are bound to come up.

I used to not care about kegels at all (besides squeezing a few in—pun totally intended—anytime I saw the word “kegel”), and I barely gave them the time of day during my first pregnancy. But then I had a near-9 lb. baby…and then this happened (quick summary: a 10K + severely compromised bladder control)…and then I got serious about figuring out this pelvic floor muscle business.

And that’s when I learned that maybe kegels didn’t deserve all the hoopla they got after all.

Here’s the deal: kegels are designed to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, right? So they can, erm, hold things in?

Well, it’s a common misconception in fitness that a tight muscle is strong and a loose muscle is weak. (If that were true, why would we ever foam roll a tight muscle?)

The perfect muscles are balanced, with just the right length and tension. Katy Bowman (body alignment expert/one of my girl crushes) recommends thinking of the perfect PF muscle not like the hammock we often hear about, but like a trampoline: taut, but supple.


(Also, how did I not know that in-ground trampolines existed?? Genius! I mean…if you don’t care about having a flat lawn…)

Here are 2 key things to know about kegels:

  • Kegels can actually create pelvic floor problems. Weak glutes + too many Kegels = pelvic floor disorder.
  • What really matters for pelvic floor health = the GLUTES!!

Technically, the real goal is to balance the glute and pelvic floor muscles. (You know how the body loves balance!) So it’s not necessarily about ditching kegels entirely, but incorporating more glute work alongside the kegels (and doing way less kegeling than you might think you have to).

Welcome, SQUATS!

I’ve been incorporating tons of squats into the workouts for my prenatal exercise class, in part for this specific reason.

Here’s the other thing about kegels: it’s not just the “clenching” part of the movement that matters. The releasing part is just as important! We need to be training our PF muscles to relaaaax—meaning: not a neutral state, like you’re just not kegeling anymore, but like you’re THIS CLOSE to peeing yourself.

That relaxation part is especially critical during pregnancy, since we want our PF muscles to be ready to let go of the baby when the time comes. (Tight muscles and a stressed mama = bad news for childbirth! In my research AND experience.)

If all we ever do is train our PF muscles to “hold things in,” how do we expect them to know how to let a gigantic baby OUT?

What to do instead (per Katy):

  • Do regular, daily squats—preferably, all-the-way-down “eastern” squats. When you get to the bottom, gently squeeze and FULLY release the PF muscles 10 times. (Katy’s also an advocate for squat-peeing in the shower, if you’re into that!)
  • Stretch the backs of the legs to free up the pelvis. (I like the forward fold stretch in yoga.)
  • Avoid crunches and other exercises that force you to bear down on the PF. Go for stabilizing exercises like planks instead.

Happy squat-kegeling!!




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