Decisions decisions {help!}

by Kim on September 30, 2014

Hey guys! So like I mentioned yesterday, I’m tracking my food this week.

It’s going well so far, although kind of embarrassing to write down the number of times I grab one of the Shakeology cookies I made the other day (a shocking divergence from the usual energy bites). The way my life is right now, I just NEED something I can grab super quickly, and with one hand, just to tide me over until I have time to make a real meal.

The other thing I’m doing is trying to be more mindful of serving sizes.

Like, I had no idea what a serving size of these sweet potato chips actually looked like until I laid it out on the table.


(Brought to us by our new Costco membership! This is the “Late July” brand—which, by the way, confused the crap out of me when I was looking through the receipt and just saw “Late July – $5.99.” Like, is that some sneaky monthly tax Costco tacks on? And why is it the wrong month? Ha!)

Anyway, a serving size is 9 chips:


(Hand awkwardly included for size reference. And I suck at wearing my wedding ring lately!! I know this is going to sound so dumb, but it feels slightly hazardous for being around a newborn all day—haha. And now you’re probably envisioning a 5 carat diamond, and I’m not going to correct you…)

I also realized that the coconut oil I’ve been putting in my coffee every morning is adding about 100 calories to my day. I know I shouldn’t be surprised because, duh, OIL/FAT, but it’s easy to overlook things like that.

I’m not counting calories or anything, but I’d like to be a little more mindful about how many calories are actually in things. Like, for example, the pool of honey mustard dressing I just put on my salad for lunch… (I’m actually not ashamed at all. That stuff is incredible.)

Speaking of paying attention to things, did you know that kids are alarmingly observant?


As we were rolling up to the park yesterday, Mason goes “PURPLE SLIDE!” At first, I just said, “Yep, there it is!” But a few minutes later, I realized that, the day before, the slide had been grey. The park randomly got new slides overnight. I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to notice that, assuming I ever did.

But to him, this was a GLARING change.


He can also see fire trucks, ambulances, and dump trucks from a full mile away. I’m not sure how.

Josh’s rebuttal: ermmm, here’s my tongue!


Sooo guys. I have some decisions to make.

I just got back from a meeting at a nearby gym, where I was chatting with the group exercise coordinator about possibly joining their team. (!!)

Group exercise instruction is something I’ve been wanting to pursue for awhile (thus the PiYo certification this spring), and although I was originally (obviously) hoping to teach PiYo somewhere, the gym I interviewed at (which is literally 2 minutes from my house) mostly does the Les Mills format classes.

I love Les Mills, and their BodyFlow class is actually very similar to PiYo. As it turns out, they have a certification class for it in our area coming up in two weeks AND this gym just happens to be losing one of their main Flow instructors soon.

As if that isn’t all convenient enough, the coordinator said she was also interested in adding some prenatal yoga and barre classes to the schedule by the beginning of the year, both of which I’d have the opportunity to help out with.

She probably didn’t know that saying “prenatal” and “barre” in the same sentence is basically like flirting with me.

So at this point, my “foot in the door” would be the BodyFlow certification, and if that all went well, I’d have opportunities to branch out from there.

Here’s the decision: do I go for the BodyFlow cert, which is not cheap and not reimbursed, knowing that I’m not necessarily guaranteed a class, but also knowing that it could lead to other cool things? (The no guarantee is because the training is coming up so soon, and I’d have to register by tomorrow to get in, meaning there’s no time to audition for the gym before getting certified.)

My instinct is to go for it, but that’s always my instinct, and I know I need to be smart too. Plus there’s the fact that I’d have to be away from Josh for almost an entire weekend for the training (stress!!).

The coordinator assured me that regardless of what happened, I’d never regret the class. She said that Les Mills trainings were some of the best experiences of her life—wow! Quite a testimony.

So what do you think I should do??

Go for it?? Or wait for a later class (and potentially miss this window with the gym)?






Inspiration board #2

by Kim on September 29, 2014

Morning guys! How was your weekend?

We did something long overdue (IMO) on Saturday—pulled the trigger on a Costco membership! We jumped on a Living Social deal, and I’m excited to see what all the buzz is about.

Of course, we did our first shopping trip at NOON on a SATURDAY, with two kids, so I didn’t get a ton of time to browse, but I did manage to grab a few staples:


Mason was beside himself with joy running down the mega-wide aisles. What is it with toddler boys and wide open spaces?

The rest of the weekend was super low-key. Just lots of time with my boyz, <3


(Yes, boyz. I stand by it.)



Here’s some inspiration for your week!

weekly inspiration board

To eat:

It’s tempting to put a bunch of tasty desserts here, because people tend to go crazy over desserts (myself included). But really, who’s sitting around like, “ughhh, I just need some dessert inspiration. My poor family is always stuck with these same lame cookies, every dang day.”

What most of us need help with is DINNER. And a lot of us are interested in dinners with the golden trifecta: easy, healthy, tasty (bonus: cheap!).

Here are three new-to-me recipes that made the cut this week!

Honey Balsamic Baked Chicken Thighs


Spicy tuna cakes

spicy tuna cakes

I always forget about tuna, but WHY? It’s so cheap and healthy!

Chicken enchilada bake

(Because goat cheese)

chicken enchilada bake

To do:

This crunchless ab workout (PLEASE tell me you accidentally read “crochless” lol)

ab workout

You better bet my postpartum jelly belly and I will be checking that out this week!

This 30-minute single dumbbell workout from Paige

dumbbell workout

It might feel tedious to use a single dumbbell for some moves, like the floor press, because can’t you get through the workout faster by doing both arms at the same time??

With most single-sided exercises, the extra benefit you’re getting is the balance challenge it’s introducing. And where there’s balance work, there are lots of extra, often-neglected muscles getting called into action. (More active muscles = more calorie burn!)

Single-sided work is also often a great way to demand more from the core. (See a few sentences ago re: jelly belly…)

To think:

I recently heard the act of giving compliments described as “the gateway drug to joy.”


(This shot from the park over the weekend seemed appropriate—lol)

In my experience, that’s so true—for reasons I can’t fully explain, complimenting people is such a huge mood booster. It might be the other person getting complimented, but the complimenter actually gets just as much, if not more, out of the exchange.

I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling confident, I’m more likely to give compliments. When I’m feeling insecure, I’m less likely to—as if pointing out something positive about someone else just draws more attention to the fact that I don’t measure up (or so I think).

It’s too bad, too, because I’ve also found that giving compliments also boosts my confidence. If only I could get myself to do it more when I needed it most!

This week, think about your compliment habits. How often do you compliment people? Is it only when you’re in an especially rad mood? (Thoughts on bringing “rad” back??) Do you only compliment people you’re comfortable with, like close friends and family? (Or is it the reverse: you forget to compliment those closest to you?)

Some ideas…

–Next time you’re feeling low, go out of your way to compliment 2-3 people. See how it affects your mood.

–Do you ever notice something you admire about someone else, but hold back your compliment out of insecurity? Next time you recognize that happening, go for the compliment and see what happens.

–Try complimenting a few strangers this week, if the opportunity arises. (Appropriate compliments, of course. And no faking!)

Weekly challenge!

Push-ups and planks—they was like peas and carrots.

fit challenge 2

Feel free to break up the push-ups, as long as you hit the total by the end of the day!

And if you REALLY love push-ups and planks, try this waterfall workout!


Claim it! What’s something you’re going to do to make this week awesome?

I decided to try writing down my food this week. My eating is so sporadic right now, thanks to busy mom life, that I keep getting to the end of the day and having NO idea if I’ve eaten too much/too little, whether I’ve gotten enough protein/too many carbs, etc.

Hope I can keep it up! (Any tips for me??)

If you did last week’s challenge, let me know how it went in the comments!

If you missed last week’s inspiration board and challenge, check them out here.





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