Hot fitness deals

by Kim on July 23, 2014

Last year at this time, I was ridiculously excited to pick up my first pair of Zella’s Live-In leggings (aka lulu knock-offs) on mega discount during Nordstrom’s annual Anniversary Sale. They served me well (until I got pregnant) and I have a feeling I’ll be living in them again as a stay-at-home mom this winter.

I didn’t realize it was time for this year’s Nordstrom’s sale until I saw Gina’s post yesterday. WOW, where’d that year go??

I loved Gina’s picks from the sale (definitely go check them out!), but when I stopped by the Nordstrom’s site, I found a handful of things I dug even more. I had to share!

Fit Gear Bargains

Zella Double Scoop Ocean Stripe Tank – $24.90

Nike Serenity Dri-Fit Tank – $35.90

Nike Element Half Zip – $42.90

Asics Gel Kayano 20’s – $119.95 (I never buy anything but Asics anymore! Worth every penny IMO.)

Zella Double Scoop Ocean Solid Tank – $24.90

Zella Live In Reversible Leggings (my loves!) – $33.90 (also these!)

Zella Easy Hooded Top – $37.90

Solow Pointelle Two-Way Thermal Step Hem Top – $53.90


If Nordstrom’s isn’t your bag, you can find some gems on clearance at Target right now too!


C9 Zip Pullover – $19.99

C9 Capris – $21.24

C9 Yoga Layering Top – $19.54

C9 Keyhole Tank – $9.98+

C9 Fit & Flare Tank – $9.48

C9 Fit & Flare Tank (different back) – $19.54 <—LOVE this tank! I have the black/grey and I can’t wait until I fit into it again (although it made it pretty far into pregnancy too!).


Have you found any great deals lately?

P.S. Here are my tips on buying yoga pants <—also where I reveal my favorite pair ever!




I’m having a vacation hangover.

Brent and I just got back from our long weekend in Door County, and all I want to do is reverse time and do the whole thing over again.


The whole trip was perfect—great weather (sunny and 72!), great company (of course), and the perfect mix of activity and relaxation.

We got there Saturday afternoon, after chatting through most of the 3.5 hour car ride. (Making up Would You Rathers entertained us for an impressively long time.) We stayed at the same place we went to last time we were up there (4 years ago!), which was nice—we knew exactly what we were getting.


View from the balcony:


I’m a sucker for a good adirondack.


Definitely did some reading both there and in the whirlpool. #heaven

We had a few hours to kill before dinner, so we hit the pool and batted that blue ball around like 8-year-olds. Good thing no one was in there to witness that.


Later, at dinner, Brent got a very large rack of ribs and a very tiny plate.


(Did no one ever order this? They seemed to have no idea how to actually accommodate the whole thing, haha.)

My fish tacos were way disappointing—but I think I might be kind of a fish taco snob…

The next morning, we got up with our top priority on the brain: FOOD. Breakfast was at this cute little café.


We both got French toast and erm mah gerddd…


We tried to walk through town afterwards to burn a little of it off, but all we did was run into shop after shop of fudge, popcorn, and ice cream…


It didn’t help that the Door County Triathlon was going on that day, so we got to watch all the super fit people sprinting by while we ate our fudge on the sidewalk.


Walking on the pier—but let’s pretend that’s a boating pic.


Hello 35 week belly!

Next, we rented some bikes and did a 9-mile loop around the beautiful state park.


Isn’t he a stud??


Don’t let anyone tell you pregnant chicks have no balance. Biking was no sweat—I mean, except for all the sweat.

And don’t worry: there were several stops along the way.


And several selfies.


One of Door County’s claims to fame is its many markets, featuring their #1 local product: fresh sweet cherries. We stopped at three and sampled all kinds of jams, sauces, and salsas, walking out with a nice collection of goodies for us and our moms.

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to relaxation in the hotel room, which for me, meant this:


I’m reading the sequel to Firefly Lane, one of my favorite books of all time.

For dinner, we decided to splurge and head to a 4-dollar-sign restaurant called Mission Grille—both because I was so disappointed with my dinner the night before, and because it was literally a 2 minute walk from our hotel.

And because…it’s vacation, right??


I got the duck with cherry sauce and a quinoa/vegetable mix, and it was outrageously good.


Brent’s steak with blue cheese was equally mind-blowing (but the picture wasn’t).

We ended our last night with a walk down to the marina. Ahh, to own a yacht…


The next morning, we were eager to load up and get back to our little buddy, who had been hanging out with Grandma all weekend. We spent most of the ride home talking through these conversation starters for couples—cheesy, maybe, but they led to some great conversation and left us feeling really close!

When we got home, Mason went mute for about a half an hour—literally wouldn’t make a peep, and just laid there with his head on my shoulder. Ha!

We came home to a super nice surprise: my mom and brother (who had tagged along for the weekend) put our Craigslist crib together!


They also set up the changing table AND cleaned all the nasty water stains off our microfiber couch (which, I know from experience, is a JOB).

All I need now is some bedding, some clean clothes from the stash in the basement, and some diapers, and we’re in business!

If anyone reading this is pregnant, with any number child, I highly recommend squeezing in a pre-baby spouses-only trip if you can. It was so nice to reconnect and get our relationship in a really good place before our world gets rocked by a new family member. It felt especially helpful this time, since we’re already parents—it was nice to get a reminder of who we are as a couple, separate from being parents.

Hope you had a great weekend!




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