Getting back to the basics

by Kim on March 26, 2015

Last night, I taught my Wednesday BodyFlow class as usual. There was a woman in class who’s been coming for a few weeks now with her very young (maybe 11-12?) daughter. Both are very new to exercise, so it makes me so happy to see them coming to class regularly, especially as a mother/daughter team. How awesome!

Anyway, I went over to them after class to say hi and to find out how things are going for them so far. The mom started talking about how they’ve been trying a bunch of different classes, including Flow and Zumba, but she was wondering: doesn’t anyone just do a “regular exercise” class anymore? Like with basic push-ups and lunges and stuff?


You mean like a class that’s not loaded with fancy choreography, fast-paced, and timed to music? A class that actually sort of teaches you HOW to exercise?

I was totally taken off guard.

She then hit me with question #2, which was even harder: What’s a good workout program for beginners? She’d been trying to work out on her own, outside of classes, but didn’t know where to start and didn’t want to pay for a personal trainer (I don’t blame her—so expensive!).


So basically, I think I came off as totally clueless. I fumbled through some answers (Have you tried the boot camp class? Have you searched online for beginners’ programs?), but I found it unnerving how hard it was for me to help her. How totally disconnected I am from what it feels like to start exercising from scratch.

I found myself wanting to say “well, it depends what your goals are…” but I know that phrase sounds like a cop out (even though it’s true). Instead, I tried, “do you want to use machines or just your body weight?” She shrugged and said, “whatever people do when they’re starting out.”

If someone asked you how to cook, what would you say? Maybe something like, “what do you want to be able to make?”

If someone asked you how they should dress, what would you say? Maybe: “what kind of look are you going for?”

With exercise, everyone thinks that a beginner is a beginner, and there should be one clear cut Step 1. But everyone’s ground zero is wildly different. What have they tried? What do they know? What can they do? What would they like (enough to stick with it)? What are they trying to accomplish?

And how do you cut through all that, in a 5 minute conversation, enough to actually give some practical advice?

I have this problem in my class too—accidentally marginalizing the beginner. I make sure to include all the advanced options, but sometimes I forget to show how to make moves easier. I worry about the class being challenging enough, but forget that it might be too challenging for some.

The same goes for blogging. The people most likely to comment on my blog are fellow fitness bloggers, so I sort of fall into writing like I’m talking to them directly. But then I’m just preaching to the choir, and not helping the people who actually want help with fitness.

Anyway, I told that woman I’d do some poking around on the internet for a program for her. Who knows, maybe I’ll even write something myself.

It’s partially for her, but also a lot for me. Because next time I get an Exercise 101 question, I don’t want to be so rattled by it. I want to have something in my back pocket.

I mean, isn’t that exactly what I’m supposed to be doing here?

What advice would you give someone new to exercise?

Any beginners’ workout programs you can point me to?

Fellow fitness peeps: do you struggle with forgetting the beginner?


Have a great weekend! We’re celebrating Mason’s birthday with an extended family egg hunt—can’t wait. Smile



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The thing that made me laugh and cry

by Kim on March 20, 2015

So obviously I’m getting a little too comfortable with this no blogging thing. Wow, 3 weeks since I’ve been on here??

I blame the kids. After all, that’s the main perk of having kids, right? When you don’t get stuff done, you just shrug and go “kids!” and people go “ohhhh!” and nod and pat you on the shoulder.


Haha—just kidding. Kind of. Seriously, though, the boys have been conspiring lately on naps. One goes to bed and within minutes (it’s seriously astounding) the other wakes up, and vice versa. So my days have been kind of a blur lately, and blogging feels like a luxurious indulgence. (My rule is to only do it if both kids are sleeping—which isn’t as noble as it sounds, since that’s the only time I can concentrate anyway, haha.)

Yesterday I Googled “when do babies drop to one nap” because I can’t WAIT. I know that probably sounds ridiculous—what kind of mom is excited about less napping?? But Josh is at the age where he won’t nap “on the go” anymore, and he’ll be cranky if he doesn’t get decent Z’s, so we’ve been kind of chained to the house lately. And that would be ok if it weren’t for the whole RESTLESS TODDLER thing…

Anyway! The thing about being MIA from blogging for awhile is that, when you get back, you stare at a white screen and go, “errr…where do I even start?” And often, the answer is: BRAIN DUMP.

So here we go…

–I was on the Gerber website the other day randomly, and I saw this review of pureed peas that made me laugh so hard. Like, before I started crying…



–Still counting down the days to our Florida vacation (30 to go, which is like four blinks in my life these days), but now my primary emotion is slightly less excitement and slightly more…fear. (Still lots of excitement, but you know…also FEAR.)

Traveling with a toddler and baby is just so darned logistically challenging. And who knows what kind of horrific shenanigans will go down on that airplane with these two.

2015-03-13 20.22.01

I’m a preparation freak, so I’ve been devouring every single “traveling with kids” tip I can scrape up from the interwebs. But, of course, kids are totally capable of overthrowing even the most meticulous of plans… *gulp*

It’ll all be worth it when we’re in the Florida sunshine, right??

–BodyFlow teaching is still going well! I’m definitely getting more and more comfortable on stage, but I don’t think my personality is totally coming out yet. It’ll get there, I’m sure.

Oh, and my feet almost always look like this:

20150312_104945 (1)

Still trying to get my head around the right/left switch. MY right/THEIR left…

The markings help a ton during class—I can just glance down and say whatever’s on my foot, rather than having to think about what side I’m on and then translate that for the class.

Bonus: people probably assume it’s some meaningful tattoo. Or that I’m a weirdo. Either way is kind of amusing to me, haha.

–My Fit Moms for Life challenge group is officially over. It was a good experience for me, and I was AMAZED by the impact it had on the 9 women in my group. One lost 13 pounds (!), another said she was happier than she’d ever been (!), and all of them made huge strength gains. So awesome!!

We wrapped up the challenge by making a healthy eats cookbook together. Everyone contributed at least 5 recipes they’d found on blogs/in cookbooks that fit the nutrition guidelines we’d been discussing, and then I assembled them all into a giant PDF.

It ended up being 175 pages long!!picmonkey_image (1)

–Lululemon is taunting me again…have you seen their new stuff??

lulu stuff

I’m such a sucker…I even like the dang water bottle, haha.


I was so excited to, for the first time ever, pick my alma mater, Wisconsin, as the champ in my bracket (and like, actually believe that it could happen).



–Mason turns 3 tomorrow!!

2015-03-13 23.51.15

We’re celebrating by (coincidentally) going to a spring “eggstravaganza” event put on by the local Moms Blog. Egg hunts, games, prizes, oh my! (The real family party is next weekend.)

And he’s getting his first BIKE. (!) Big, big happenings, folks!!

Hope you have an awesome weekend! I’ll be back—PROMISE.




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