Life these days

by Kim on February 27, 2015

Hey guys! Wow, another week gone and it’s almost…MARCH?

Which means it’s almost April, which means it’s almost FLORIDA TIME, when we will be here:


You could say I’m a little excited.

I actually think I’ve managed to stay pretty positive this winter, but the constant near-zero temps are definitely getting old. I haven’t spent more than 30 seconds outside (while running to/from the car) in weeks.

I already suspect that it’s not that healthy to live in these conditions, and then you add in the fact that we’re constantly battling germs over here…


Right on the heels of Mason’s pink eye episode, the husband came down with some weird flu-like thing, and now I’ve had a sore throat for a few days.

It doesn’t help that Mason haaaatttes washing his hands (kinda like he hates 98% of the tasks of daily living…oh toddlers). I spent a long time hunting for some kind of natural, not-harsh-chemical-laced antibacterial wipes I could use on him when I didn’t feel like tackling the Great Handwashing Battle (so, multiple times a day). My first find was a total fail—the wipes smelled exactly like the nasty herbal spray I use on our plants to keep rabbits away, and I found myself, unsurprisingly, never touching it.

Then, I was thrilled to find this:


Way to go, Honest Co! Total lifesaver. Smells amazing, and Mason actually likes holding his hands out to get sprayed. (P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything…I just really love this product and had to share!)

Anyway, in summary: if it weren’t for that Florida light at the end of the tunnel, I don’t know what I’d be doing right now.

Staying busy helps. I make sure we get out of the house every day, if only to run to the gym or on some quick errands. And our town is great about organizing tons of family-friendly events, like the train show we checked out last weekend.

train show

(He still gets shell-shocked by the whole selfie thing, ha.)

But a lot of our time is spent like this:


I’m so grateful that Mason loves his little brother so much. Joshie has helped temper MANY toddler meltdown moments.

He’s like our little buddha—we bring him into a situation, and he just instantly calms everyone down. The toddler who was screaming seconds before is suddenly babbling in baby talk, poking at his brother (trying to figure out how to play with him? haha).


Oh, and somehow, that tiny baby we just had is 6 months old now.


…Which means we’ve officially reached the drop-dead deadline for starting solids. Ugh.

I put off the whole baby food thing as long as I possibly could—such a hassle!—but I guess it has to be done. We’ve been dabbling in some pureed avocado, mixed with breastmilk, and it’s been about as tedious and inconvenient as I anticipated. Haha.

Welp, that’s where we’re at right now! Quite the thrilling life, right?

(Florida, Florida, Florida…like a mantra…)

Have a lovely weekend. Smile




The new normal and closet cravings

by Kim on February 19, 2015

Hey guys! I’m in one of those rare, precious windows where both kids are sleeping and I don’t have 8.5 million other things to do (only about 4 million), so I thought I better brush the dust off the old blog…

(Update: that window ended literally seconds after I wrote that sentence. Literally. Seconds. Enter day 2 of writing this post…)

…So yeah. I’ve definitely missed my ultra-frequent blogging habits, and the feeling of being plugged into “the community,” but my road to the new normal hasn’t been all bad.

It probably isn’t a huge shock that less blogging has allowed me to feel more present in daily life.


It’s also made room for some other meaningful things, while also reducing that constant tug on the brain (the old “I should be blogging!” guilt trip every blogger gives herself—which, let’s face it, makes no sense).

(Update: got pulled away again. Another time jump: it’s a day later. Just wanted to give you an idea of what blogging is really like for me these days. Haha!)

Mason has pink eye, so we’ve been trapped in the house all day on what’s probably the coldest day of the year (it’s –5 F out right now as I write this, wind chill not included). A sick toddler who’s just sick enough to be barred from society, but not sick enough to feel miserable, and also bored out of his mind = a handful (to put it gently). Josh has a little cold, too, and neither kid has been sleeping well at night, so I’m probably delirious right now, trying to write this…might want to take everything I say with a grain of salt.

So! Life updates. Valentine’s Day came and went. This year, it involved making 17 handmade (they had to be handmade—dangit!) cards for Mason’s preschool buddies.


Don’t let that picture fool you: I did 98.7% of the work, and—with massive amounts of coaxing—he added a few black scribbles here and there. Crafting with your kids isn’t always this lame and exhausting, right?

Brent and I got our date night in a week early, since he was out of town for the actual V-day weekend, and I enjoyed all 10 ounces of my ginormous, butter-slathered steak. (I thought it would be too much, too, but no. Oh no.)

On the actual Valentine’s Day, I got something even better than steak (I mean, arguably): a newly painted bedroom!


It’s hard to tell, but it’s a pretty brownish grey (aand, hm, that doesn’t sound very pretty at all—take my word for it). I shattered my personal record for the time between deciding to paint a room and actually doing it, from about 6 months to ONE DAY. My mom was in town and had offered to help, so I scrambled to Home Depot and forced myself to make a decision I’d normally hem and haw over for weeks/months. It’s amazing I didn’t collapse under the stress.

Oh, and the reason I wanted to repaint: we got new CARPETS!


(Perfect for some bro talk.)

That decision was literally 5 years in the making, ever since I walked in the door on our first tour and thought, “well, this carpet would need to go.”

The new stuff is so plush and perfect it’s almost scary to be around it. (Actually, it’s definitely scary: we’re trying to potty train Mason. Genius timing, right?)

Anyway, now that I’ve scratched the home improvement itch a little…it’s somehow only getting WORSE. Next, I have my eye on the kitchen, starting with, oh, every single inch of it. God help my husband.

Another itch that needs scratching is my athletic apparel wardrobe improvement itch. That’s a pretty common thing, except I’m usually just an admirer, in an all-talk/no-act kind of way. Now, I have an actual job that involves wearing athletic apparel, and I get paid (a very small amount), which makes it feel…a tiny bit justified?

This lulu tank is a need, for starters. (Teach 3 classes, minus the taxes…I’d almost have enough! haha.)

lulu tank

Plus, I’m still swooning about this… And this… And these

I’m also loving that whole cut-out trend—like these:


I can’t even convince myself that this is justified, but every time I see the group ex manager at my gym, she’s wearing this scarf and I always think “dang, that looks cool.”

Speaking of shopping, are you guys aware that Toms are on Zullily right now? I own one pair of Toms and I’ve worn them into. the. ground.—easily the best shoes I’ve ever owned and worth every penny. I need to replace them (and buy a dozen more pairs), but of course they’re out of my size in the ones I want on the Zullily sale…why can’t I just be a size 5 or something no one else is? I feel like the whole world would open up to me.

I’m not sure how practical these are (suede?), but they’re very tempting too…


And…there’s Josh crying. Phew! That was a pretty good stretch, right?

Thanks for reading. Smile




Friday randomness

February 6, 2015

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Travel advice wanted + post-baby body update

January 12, 2015

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Vacation hunting and fitness planning

January 8, 2015

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Not the holiday story I was hoping to tell

January 5, 2015

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The parenting marathon and living room barre workouts

December 23, 2014

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Truth time + adult Christmas is kind of lame

December 17, 2014

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