Remember when I talked about the documentary Fed Up and its 10-day no sugar challenge?

fed up

And I was like, “I don’t even know if I could do that, hahaha! SUGARRRRRRR…”

Well, that’s been bothering me. I mean, I COULD do it…right??? (Really asking here.)

I have to know.

So I’m going for it.

10 days. No sugar (except fruit). No chocolate (ouch…my fingers hurt from typing that), no honey/maple syrup, no sweet sauces or dressings, no fake sugars (even Stevia), and basically no packaged foods or grains.

Up until now, it’s never been something I even wanted to try. I was firmly in the “everything in moderation” camp and didn’t see how a little chocolate was hurting anyone. But lately, I’ve been noticing that if there’s nothing sweet in the house for a few days, I go a little bonkers. Like digging deep in the cupboards in a there-has-to-be-SOMEthing-here frenzy, and ultimately settling for Mason’s ultra-bland (but slightly sweet!) gluten-free cereal, which I wouldn’t otherwise have any interest in.

So mostly, I want to knock out my sugar cravings. I want to see treats as treats, rather than something I need every day or at the end of every meal. And I’m curious to see how this will affect my relationships with carbs (aka the fact that I want them all. the. time.).

Plus, I really wanna lose 3 pounds. (Just kidding—more like 15, actually, haha. I just thought this conversation called for a Mean Girls reference.)

I think it’s a great time of year for something like this, too. It’ll help me recover from the Halloween Sugarstravaganza (although hopefully we won’t have much—I found a place to donate leftover candy and get it sent overseas to the troops, so I think we’ll do that) AND put me in a good position to go into the holidays with a hair more self control than usual. (I’m lookin at you, Grandma’s incredible baked goods.)

The 10 days I’m targeting are Nov. 10-19. This will give me a little time to de-sugar-fy the kitchen and do some solid meal/snack planning and shopping. And I’ll still be done in plenty of time for Thanksgiving.

Question: anyone want to join me? I’d love an accountability partner or two!


While we’re going down blog memory lane, remember when I talked about Madelyn Moon and her amazing new-ish podcast, Mind Body Musings?

Well, Madelyn recently reached out to me to tell me about her plant-based protein powder, B-Strong, which is made by a little startup company called Skoop.


B-Strong is a squeaky clean, non-GMO product that promotes a three-stage process for manufacturing strong, lean muscles and overall health. It contains 160 calories, 16 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber.

Unlike most protein powders, B-Strong also contains:

  • Prebiotics that promote a happy belly

  • Amino acids, including essentials, non-essentials and BCAAs

  • Antioxidants

  • ZERO gluten, dairy, or soy

And in comes in some pretty cute packaging, which I’m sort of a sucker for.


Protein = not just for humongousness. I love it. And might be stealing that word.

Anyway, Madelyn was kind enough to send me some B-Strong to try out for myself, and this sweet little package arrived on my doorstep.


I was so excited to see the shaker in there—because PINK…


And also because it came with this awesome little mixing ball I’d never seen before. GENIUS!


It seriously works so well. Every protein shaker needs one immediately.

OH and possibly the coolest part about Skoop: a portion of all proceeds is donated to a national nonprofit that provides fresh produce and nutritional education to children in schools. It’s designed to be a one-for-one: one scoop of protein for me, one serving of produce for a student. I love that so many companies are getting on the humanitarian train these days—wins all around!


So back to the powder. I’m usually more of a chocolate girl, so when I saw that my sample was vanilla, I was kinda like meeeh….but it turns out that everything in the world does NOT have to taste like chocolate! (haha) This powder had an impressively smooth finish to it (cue the wine tasting lingo) and only a little of the “yep, that’s protein powder in there” flavor. (I think it’s hard to make something so potent and powerful taste like air.)


If you have a minute, you should definitely watch Skoop’s intro video, if only for the cute graphics and references to things like “ninja nutrients”:

Along with the B-Strong sample, Madelyn also sent me 5 packets of Skoop’s “A-game” powder, which is specifically designed for breakfast and offers the equivalent of 10 servings of vegetables, along with probiotics, adaptogens, antioxidants, omega 3’s, and other superfoods.


They came in two flavors, sweet greens and chocofresh—I, of course, loved the chocolate, but wasn’t that into the green flavor (although I can think of plenty of people who would probably love it—just not my thing personally). And a serving is somehow only 50 calories!

If you’re on the hunt for a new protein powder, I highly highly recommend giving this one a shot! Here are two good ways to start:

–Go to Skoop and use code FITTIN10 to get 10% off your purchase.

–Win this giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Don’t forget to comment below if you’re interested in joining me in the 10-day sugar challenge! (No cost or specific requirements, but I’d love for us to support each other over email!)

Have a good one!




Inspiration board #5

by Kim on October 27, 2014

Morning guys!

Wow, what a perfect fall weekend. Just what we needed.


There was some Saturday morning tailgating (involving Bloody Mary’s—SO. Good.)


In the afternoon, I got to do some shopping. I finally spent some time in the new Nordstrom Rack, and I was actually kind of disappointed! I felt like an old lady, turning up my nose at all the crazy new trends. (Which I’ll probably be wearing next year…) But I did find a really soft, long black zip-up and a purple Zella hoodie that I’m thrilled about.

Sunday was church, football, hanging with my dudes…


and team teaching my first BodyFlow class! I thought my tracks were a total disaster, but the instructor I was teaching with insisted it went great.

You know how that goes—you do something perfectly in practice, and then when it really counts…not so much. The mic wasn’t fitting right (which caused me to start my first song late, and distracted me the entire time), the lady in the front row was facing the wrong way (which made me panic, thinking I’d forgotten to turn everyone or something), and my mat was sliding all over the place (so embarrassing!). At one point, I think I said something to the effect of “place your foot—hand—elbow…what is this body part?!”

Anyway. I got through it, and I’ll never have to teach a song in front of a live audience for the first time ever again! The instructor was extremely encouraging, and invited me back again later this week. Hope it goes better this time! (I’m sure I’m just being a perfectionist…)

Now, on to this week’s inspo board!

weekly inspiration board

To eat

Important question: do you call it a crock pot or a slow cooker?

I think I use both, for some reason—maybe a little more crock pot. (Also, crock pot is one of those words that starts sounding ridiculous the more you repeat it. Crock pot crock pot crock pot crock pot…)

Anyway, whatever it is, the weather is calling its name right now.

The first two recipes are ones we’ve made and loved multiple times around here, and the third is something I want to try.

Crockpot skinny veggie lasagna

(I add ground beef to ours)

crockpot lasagna

Crock pot Italian beef sandwiches

(Extremely husband approved)

italian beef

Slow cooker chicken and sausage

Two words: cream. cheese. (Remember, fat is our friend! haha)

slow cooker chicken

Aaand, in honor of this week…

Healthier homemade candies

homemade halloween candy

To do:

–I thought this was a clever workout (and I just realized I never say the word clever). All you need is a chair!

leg workout

–If you’re looking for a multi-day strength program, take a look at the one I posted last week. It incorporates the benefits of compound (multi-muscle-group) movements (higher intensity, less time-consuming) but also includes some isolated (single muscle) movements, so you can use heavier weights the whole time without dying.

To think:

You know those articles that are called, like, “10 things everyone does wrong in the gym” or “5 things most women don’t understand about fat loss”?

I can’t resist those stupid things. I read them constantly, to the point where I never learn anything new anymore—and yet, it’s weirdly comforting to not learn anything new. Like “ok, phew, at least I’m not doing those things wrong.”

It’s like I have this paranoia that there are SECRETS out there about fitness and weight loss that I haven’t heard about yet, that could change the whole game for me.

But the more I read, the more I realize that there really aren’t secrets. Not monumental ones, anyway. The most thoughtful, well-researched people in the industry always seem to end up back at the same, boring basics: eat real food. Easy on the sugar. Work out, but not too hard. Sleep. Manage your stress.

Stuff that no one even thought about years ago (because they’re such common sense), and now, they’re our biggest problems, and we do everything we can to justify our way out of them. I can eat all the sugar I want as long as it’s natural sugar! 9 hours of sleep a night is for lazy people—I was up at 4 AM to work out! Stress means success!

Meanwhile, we’re more than happy to get caught up in all the minor details—how many grams of protein do I need per day? what’s a serving size of nuts look like? should I limit my fruit intake?—which are meant to help but sometimes just distract us from what really matters.

You know, the boring stuff.

Sometimes I wonder if we’d all be a little healthier if we weren’t trying so hard to be healthy?

Weekly challenge!

Everyone’s fav exercise and five of its cousins…

fit challenge #5

Single-leg push-ups: One leg lifts off the floor behind you as you go down. Alternate legs with each push-up.

Diamond push-ups: Thumbs and index fingers are pressed together on the floor, creating a diamond shape. (To bring more of the work into the triceps.)

Isometric push-ups: Hover at the bottom of the move for a few seconds (maybe count 1-2-3) before coming back up.

Push-ups with shoulder taps: Pause at the top of the move to tap the opposite shoulder.

Slow negative push-ups: Lower as slooowly as possible and then shoot up to the top.


Have a great week!




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October 24, 2014

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Hey friends! This post is getting up way later than I was hoping today…we’ve had a hectic morning over here! Mason inexplicably broke out in hives all over his chest and tummy, so I had to pick him up from preschool, and I’m still not sure what’s going on. He hasn’t been exposed to anything […]

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Friday faves

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Hey guys! I have to keep this short and sweet—I have an appointment with the chiropractor in an hour to hopefully fix my 90-year-old back. All the baby-carrying and hunchback-style breastfeeding has finally caught up to me! My back’s actually been hurting for weeks (same thing happened after Mason was born), but a few days […]

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