Florida snapshots

by Kim on April 27, 2015

Wow, what a week!


We’re back from our vacation to Florida—well, technically we’ve been back since Saturday, but I’m still getting used to the idea. Sad smile

After months of planning and anticipating, the whole thing went off without a hitch (I mean, as much as can be expected with two little kiddos) and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip.


The beach house we rented was PERFECT (if anyone’s looking for a place in Ft. Myers Beach, I cannot recommend this company highly enough).


So bright and beachy and cute. And with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, there was plenty of room for everyone. (Three adults and two kiddos.)

But even better than the inside? The outside.


I knew that having a private pool was going to be awesome, but I had no idea just HOW awesome. It was so nice to be able to bop down there with the kids whenever we wanted and for however long (like, sometimes, 10 minutes), without the hassle of packing up a million kid things. It was also a perfect adult hang-out during nap time (so glad we brought the baby monitor!).


And thanks to the time of year we went, we were able to get all this for the price of a nice hotel room!


I was shocked too.

At first, back when I started researching places to go, I was bummed that by that time, everything was booked out through March. But going to Florida in mid-April ended up being genius—we practically had the place to ourselves! The beaches were quiet, the restaurants were slow, hardly any traffic…it was a dream.


And oh, the beach. I can never get enough.

mase me beach



Another plus about the timing: we ended up being there over my birthday. (The big 3-0!)


I have nothing but positive thoughts about turning 30. I’m anticipating the best decade of my life—20’s are overrated! Smile

Anyway: the fun’s officially over, and we’re all readjusting the Real Life.

Already looking forward to the next trip…


Anyone else gone anywhere fun lately?

Tips for getting over the post-vacation blues??


Have a great week!




Finally: SPRING!!


(They’re excited, I swear.)

I am in FULL ON spring clean-and-purge mode. Anyone else feeling it??

Everywhere I look in my house, I see something I want to clean, sell, or throw away. And the #1 feeling, after doing one of those things, is: why didn’t I do this a LONG time ago??

So my weekend was a perfect mix of relaxation and productiveness. Along with the usual movies and pizza, I cleaned out two (TWO) disastrous closets, painted Josh’s soon-to-be bedroom (so long, guest bedroom! Sighhh…), cleaned a few things, took two giant bags of stuff to Goodwill, and sold some things online.

(Side note: why is Craigslist SOO sketchy?? Is it really that fun for people to pretend to want to buy things and then bail? Confuuuusing…)

I also went to my first CXWORX class! (Finally! It’s been on my To Do list forever.)


CXWORX is a 30-minute core training class inspired by workouts personal trainers use. So lots of planking, resistance band work, and single arm/leg moves (anything one-sided forces the core to participate more to keep you stable).

My reaction: I think I liked it!

I had the typical first-timer problem of not knowing what I was doing half the time (picture lots of fumbling around with a resistance band)—and then, three blinks later, the class was over (30 minutes really flies in a group class). So I felt like I could have gotten a better workout, but I know my rookieness was 99.9% to blame for that.

One of the critiques of CXWORX I’ve heard is that they include crunches, which are sort of frowned upon in the fitness community these days. (The problem: they force you to bend the spine too much and can strain the neck. Better options are planks and resistance moves that keep your spine in neutral.) But honestly, I think we only did a handful of oblique crunches—and there is a semi-safe way to do them (check out this video for more on all that).

Bottom line: love the brevity of the class, love (most of) the moves, and I’ll definitely be back!

Moving on…

Right now, I’m supposed to be learning the next release of BodyFlow (my gym is launching it in early May), but for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to start.

This is a totally new problem for me—usually, I’m pumped to dive into learning fresh stuff. What I think is happening is that I’ve now learned JUST enough tracks to start getting picky. With this release, I’m not super inspired by the new songs, the choreography isn’t my favorite, and I’m generally feeling pretty meh about the whole thing.


So THIS is what it’s really like to be a group exercise instructor…

(It’s also a lot like this. <—I had to post that on my FB page recently. SO. True. Kind of BodyFlow-specific, but I’m sure a lot of it applies to other formats too.)

I’m just trying to remind myself that everyone likes different things…so, who knows, the release I don’t love might be my participants’ favorite one EVER.

Have you tried any new fitness classes lately?

Is spring giving you the clean and purge itch too?


Have a great week!




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