Be honest:

Have you ever seen a yoga mat prettier than this one?


I thought it was kinda bold of Yoga Design Lab to call themselves the makers of the world’s most beautiful yoga mat, but then they sent me this, and I was like: OH.

I mean…right??


I want to hang it on my wall, not drip nasty sweat all over it.

I have a Lululemon mat that I’m crazy about (it makes me look like I can actually DO yoga, vs. constantly slipping and falling on my face), but this beauty is a COMBO mat: mat + towel IN ONE.

I used to be a hot yoga regular, and I’d always watch people roll out their mats AND put a towel on top, and I’d think: ugh! So much work! Why?!

Well, because sweat. Duh.

And now, there is a solution for lazy people like me: BEHOLD.

This is one of those mats that gets even grippier the wetter it gets. So if you slip, it’s probably because you aren’t working hard enough. (haha)

OH YEAH: and it’s machine washable. Are you kidding me?!?!


It’s also child approved. He loves my “carpets.”


I might have to up my hot yoga game again! Thanks YDL!!

(Disclaimer: Yoga Design Lab sent me this mat for free, but I received no other compensation and was not coached on what to say. I’m truly so impressed with their work!)

Speaking of yoga…let’s talk prenatal yoga for a sec.

Everyone knows yoga is great for preggos, but what’s safe?? And what if you don’t have a gazillion dollars to join a yoga studio for the duration of your pregnancy??

There are some other great options (online videos, DVDs), but what if you want to listen to your own music, or just be in complete silence? What if you want to run through a quick flow in the morning or before bed, without having to turn on a screen?

That’s why we have written stuff. This one includes very basic, pregnancy-safe moves, organized in a logical flow, and it even comes with pictures and tips, so you can’t go wrong. Great for non-preggos too, of course. :)


Soothing Prenatal Yoga Flow





10 minute prenatal barre workout

by Kim on June 12, 2015


Wow, we have some catching up to do.

But there’s just no time. Or I’m lazy. One of the two.

In lieu of a long, boring recap of My Life Lately, here are some cliff notes for ya, picture-collage style:

Austin etc

Most of the pics are from hubby’s and my recent (KID-FREE) trip to Austin. He was on a work trip; I was there for the free hotel room. My duties involved sitting by the pool, bumming around downtown, and picking out places for us to eat food.

Oh, and you’ll be proud: we even worked out together in the hotel gym every day! Couples who work out together stay together, or something like that?? I don’t know, but it did make all the tacos and BBQ a little more manageable. (And the sushi—OH THE SUSHI. Best of my life, and it was just the random hotel restaurant!)

More specifics on what you’re seeing: a bar in Austin with 100 taps (we. like. beer.), my not-so-little kiddos (bottom right: Joshie’s 9 months old already!), launching the most recent BodyFlow release at the gym, and several pics on and around the famous Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin (every night around dusk, over a million bats fly out from under it and it’s a major attraction—although, ermm, we couldn’t honestly see much).

Recap of the recap: it’s summer and life is good.


Now, on to the real reason I’m here:

I have a workout!

This is one of the (25 PLUS!) prenatal workouts I put together last year, right before Joshua was born. (You’ll see my 39 week preggo belly proudly featured—he was born a few days after I took the last photo!)

So my original plan was to write and photograph all these workouts, and then compile them into a little prenatal fitness package and offer it online. Great plan, buuut…things have changed a little since then.

Namely: I’ve done tons and TONS of research into prenatal fitness, and I’ve learned all of these great new things that aren’t totally represented in my original programming.

It’s not that I was wrong, exactly…just that the crazy perfectionist in me wants to make everything even better now. But, of course, since all the photography sort of relies on me BEING PREGNANT, this is kind of tricky (slash impossible).

However, most of the original stuff is still awesome, and I definitely don’t want it to go to waste. So I’ve decided to start rolling it out on the blog. (And as for that hot new prenatal knowledge…well, stay tuned!)

Here’s the first one:

10 Min Prenatal Barre Workout

Personally, I found that barre workouts felt ESPECIALLY awesome during pregnancy. Perfect amount of effort and intensity, perfect amount of burn, with no compromising positions or movements.

And 10 minutes is just right for those days when working out is the last thing you want to do, as an exhausted pregnant lady, even though you knoooow (eye roll) that you’ll feel a thousand times better when you’re done.

(P.S. I have a longer barre workout, too, which I’ll try to post soon.)

Here we go!

10 Minute Prenatal Barre Workout by FittinPretty

A quick note about this workout:

Typically, I’m a fan of heavy lifting/fewer reps for best (aka fastest) results. But for pregnancy, light weights/high reps makes more sense sometimes.

Partially, this is because the goals of prenatal fitness are different than regular fitness goals: it’s not about getting ripped or leaning out (obviously) – it’s about feeling functional and comfortable, and prepping for that whole crazy birth thing.

But mostly, heavy(ish) lifting during pregnancy just doesn’t always feel good, which can lead women to believe that they shouldn’t work out at all.

My mantra during pregnancy was always: Just. Do. Something.

Some movement > no movement.


Stay tuned for more prenatal workouts to come!! I’ve even created a special page to store them all. <— (feel free to bookmark that puppy – promise I’ll keep it updated!)

And if you’re not currently pregnant, I’d LOVE it if you’d want to share this with your preggo friends (or save for the future??).


What have you been up to??? Recaps please!





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