Birthday things

by Kim on April 22, 2014

Hey guys! Just thought I’d pop in and tell you a little bit about my b-day day off yesterday.


(Huge thanks to Heather for the sweet note!)

I’m extremely happy/relieved to announce that I did NOT turn 30…still hanging on to my 20’s at 29, baby!

I think I finally hit a turning point for birthdays and aging…this is the first year I haven’t welcomed my new age with open arms (or at least, not cared about it). This year, all I can think about is, “Phew, still in my 20’s! Barely…but STILL HERE.”

I have a bad feeling that it only gets worse from here. Not that I’m dreading my 30’s—I’m actually expecting them to be the best years of my life so far—but there’s something about leaving your 20’s that feels so…final.

Anyway. As expected, the day was way, way too short. What is it about days off that make them feel literally half the length of regular days?

It stormed a little in the morning, which gave me the thrilling privilege of lounging around, drinking coffee, and reading blogs to the sound of rain. Possibly the best part of the entire day.

Then, I headed to one of my favorite places on earth: Barnes and Noble. More lounging, and some reading, happened there. At one point, I found Angela’s book and thumbed through it for awhile.


This cookbook is so, so well done. It’s a work of pure art. And I want to eat everything in it.



Next, I met Brent for lunch at HuHot (where we won a free meal—bday karma!) and then launched into the Aimless Shopping part of the day.

Carter’s was my first stop—I was hoping to pick out a special little outfit for baby #2, but wasn’t that excited about any of the newborn boy clothes. Luckily, their preppy little toddler boy clothes are insanely cute, so Mason scored a few shorts and shirts. (I guess they’ll probably be baby #2’s eventually…)

Next, to Old Navy for some maternity clothes (zero luck) and then over to TJ Maxx for…God only knows, it’s TJ Maxx! I was technically looking for a brown crossover purse, but didn’t see any I liked. I ended up with a few pairs of those hidden socks (to wear with flats), a set of magnetic chip clips (always seem to need those things!), and a new Pyrex container to replace the one I mysteriously lost.

Impressive buys, huh? Gosh, I’m a party animal.

Final stop: a coffee shop, where I settled in to do some studying for my prenatal fitness certification and splurged on a vanilla latte and a slice of pumpkin chocolate chip bread.


I ended up taking half the latte home to drink it cold the next morning—even better!

After picking up the kiddo and spending some QT with the family, I topped off the day with a yoga fit class.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go pregnant, and I was totally comfortable until we came to a solid 5 minutes of flat stomach-lying. Dang. When I asked for a modification, the instructor was clearly flustered. Eventually, she suggested bird-dog, which I awkwardly did by myself in the middle of a room full of people on their stomachs, working their glutes.

I wanted to be able to continue going to “regular” (non-prenatal) classes for a few more months, but I hate the awkwardness (and the non-comparable modifications). What to do??

I can’t lie though…it was kind of awesome when the lady next to me said, “I can’t imagine doing this pregnant” after class. Or wait—was she judging me?? Ahhh!

Speaking of the pregnancy, I owe you guys a full bumpdate, but will a sad bathroom selfie do for now?

22 weeks

That thing continues to pop, and I have the numbers on the scale to back it up. 4 months to go!

Fellow moms: did you do “regular” fitness classes while preggo? For how long?

What would you do with a day off?




Easter pics + giveaway for preggos

by Kim on April 21, 2014

Easter weekend = perfect.



But before I hit you with the picture dump, I wanted to tell you about a sweet giveaway going on this week! Preggo moms especially, heads up!

For Two Fitness is celebrating their anniversary by giving away prize packages to three lucky winners. The grand prize is worth $600!

For Two Fitness Giveaway For Two Fitness Giveaway

Prizes include:

  • Sarah Haley’s fit DVDs: Expecting More and Sweat Unlimited — prenatal and postpartum workout DVDs for fit mamas and mamas-to-be.
  • Kind Bars — healthy snack bars to fuel your day.
  • Maclaren Beginnings care products — oils, lotions, shampoos, and nursery/powder room products for both mama and baby.
  • GNC — a three month supply of prenatal vitamins.
  • Happy Family Brands — baby and toddler foods for your little ones.
  • For Two Fitness — racerback tank and pair of pants or capris
  • Baby K’tan — stylish carrier to aid in hands-free baby-wearing.
  • Zensah – must-have compression leg sleeves. Relieve leg fatigue, increase circulation, reduce varicose veins, and get fresh legs.

Here’s how to enter:

Visit the For Two Fitness site to enter via Rafflecopter.

Be sure you “Like” For Two Fitness on Facebook and follow For Two Fitness on Instagram (@fortwofitness) to say up-to-date on giveaway announcements.

Good luck!!

Ok, now on to the pics.

Brent’s parents were in town for the weekend, and since it was the first time they’d seen Mason since his botched 2nd birthday party, we threw a tiny, impromptu make-up party.

Featuring a tiny, impromptu toddler cake.


Mason’s not that into sweets, thanks to the fact that he can’t eat most of them, so I didn’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen slaving over a cake he wouldn’t touch.

Luckily, Enjoy Life makes the most AMAZING dairy/nut/soy/basically everything-free soft chocolate brownie cookies ever. And, somehow, there are zero allergens in Pillsbury’s creamy supreme chocolate frosting.


Boom! Insta-mini-cake.

He finally got to blow out some candles, which he’d been practicing since before his birthday. (Not that his little puffs had much impact.)


Then came the goods: a new train (to add to his arsenal) and a bike from Grandma and Grandpa.


On Sunday, he woke up to even more gifts in his Easter basket:



Spoiled much?



Then, on to the Easter egg hunt! We somehow had PERFECT weather, and he had a blast running around the yard finding eggs. (No candy…luckily, he doesn’t know about that part yet. Each egg had a few quarters in it just to hold it down.)



His signature “where??” expression.


Mission accomplished.


Oh, and of course there was food.


Lots and LOTS of food.


Looking forward to a serious cleanse this week.

Except, oops…I have a birthday lunch in a few hours with Brent. After that?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!




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