10-min lower body prenatal workout

by Kim on April 29, 2014

We’ve been living in constant rain and gloom for the past few days, and it’s not expected to clear up anytime soon. Blah.

I know there’s nice, green grass and flowers on the other end, but right now, it just makes me want to sleeeep.

Staying up until after 11 to watch an episode of House of Cards (or newest kick) last night probably didn’t help…

Anyway! I’m just stopping in today with another prenatal workout–this time, focusing on the lower body.

10 min lower bod prenatal workout

I’ve been loving 10-minute workouts lately, especially the ones PopSugar puts out, because sometimes it’s hard to commit to 30 minutes of working out up front (especially when it’s 8 PM and you’re tired and preggo…) but once I get going with a 10-minuter, it’s amazing how often I find myself up for more.

I’ve also been on a kick of doing shorter workouts everyday, rather than longer ones a few times a week, and just varying the body parts I’m focusing on each day. It’s working for now!

Today’s workout is a tabata (20 minutes of work followed by 10 seconds of rest), which is one of the reasons it works as a 10-minuter. When you give it all you got, you can be done sooner!

It’s also a 100% bodyweight workout–no equipment needed!

(Confession: I did cheat a little bit…the warm-up isn’t included in the 10 minutes. But 12 minutes just doesn’t have the same ring to it…forgive me??)

Here we go!


Duck across to butt kick – 30 sec.

–In a squatting position, swing your body over to one side and lift the leg you’re moving away from behind you in a butt kick. Repeat on the other side.

Duck across to front kick – 30 sec.

–Same as before, with a small front kick instead of a butt kick.

Single leg deadlifts R– 30 sec. (demo)

Single leg deadlifts L – 30 sec.


Complete each move for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Plie squats

–Squat with feet turned out at 45 degrees, knees and toes facing the same direction. (demo)

Plie squat pulses

–At the very lowest point of your squat, pulse slowly.

Sumo squats with optional floor tap

–Super wide leg squats, knees and toes pointing wherever it feels comfortable (as long as it’s the same direction). If you can, without rounding your back, reach between your legs and tap the floor on the way down.

Squat + jump in

–Last squat!! Start with a regular squat, feet just slightly wider than shoulder distance, then hop your feet together and back out at the top before going into your next squat. If the hopping is uncomfortable, just step in and out at the top.

On all fours: pull knee into chest and lift leg behind (left leg)

–Lift the leg as high as is comfortable without arching/straining your back.

leg lifts

On all fours: pull knee into chest and lift leg behind (right leg)

On elbows: small leg lifts (left leg)

–Body should be in a relatively straight line. Hold leg at the top of the lift and do tiny pulses upward, using your glutes. Do NOT let the lower back get involved! If it does, lower you leg a little and/or do smaller pulses.

glute lifts

On elbows: small leg lifts (right leg)

Chair pose with kegels

–Hold chair pose and kegel! Find a rhythm, like 3 elevator squeezes up + release.

chair with kegel

Seated abdominal breathing (breathe in and ha-ha-ha out)

–Breathe in, letting stomach relax, and then say ha-ha-ha as you breathe out and squeeze your stomach in.

Repeat tabata x 2


What’s your weather like right now?

I’m almost scared to ask…!

Any House of Cards fans out there?

Does it get easier to understand? We’re only two episodes in and can barely keep all the story lines straight!



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Emma @ be mom strong April 30, 2014 at 4:49 am

LOVE house of cards. In fact can’t watch anything else now because it doesn’t compare!


Rachel @ Curious Runner April 30, 2014 at 2:48 am

This is awesome, great workouts for preggo and non preggo ladies, thanks :) I am Southern Hemisphere so our weather is finally starting to get cooler and winter is definitely on its way, so it’s not too bad for you to hear that right? :)
Rachel @ Curious Runner recently posted…The Body Edition Part OneMy Profile


Sarah @ Sweet Miles April 29, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Well it’s sunny now, thank goodness, bad tornado came through here on Sunday night! This workout looks so great, I will definitely have to pass it along to my sweet preggo friends :)
Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Pray for ArkansasMy Profile


Katie @ running4cupcakes April 29, 2014 at 11:23 am

raining here too. . . which I would normally love. I really like rainy days. .. but our new front yard is a total mud pit, which is not Abby friendly! hope it stops soon!!
Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Advocare–max phase recap + resultsMy Profile


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