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by Kim on September 18, 2012

Things are a little crazy around here today, but who doesn’t have time for a couple quick things?

I just got the October issue of Fitness mag in the mail, and it has some interesting info in it that I wanted to share. For the full low-down, I recommend picking up a copy, of course. :)


2 Things About…SLEEP

Fitness is shaking up some myths about the zzz’s.

1. Sleeping in on the weekends: now OK! This used to be considered a big no-no because it supposedly messed up your internal clock. But apparently, a new study is giving weekend catch-up sleep the thumbs up! Of course, the recommendation is still to limit the sleepfest to one or two extra hours-I’ll miss you, nooners…

2. Exercising before bed: encouraged! I think we’d already gotten away from the myth that working out before bed negatively affects your sleep, but now a study is saying that it can actually help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. As someone who’s done her share of 9:30 PM workouts, I’m pretty happy about this news.


2 Things About…EXERCISE

Fitness is also squashing some antiquated exercise rules you might have heard.

1. Squatting technique: it’s now OK for your knees to go past your toes! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the no-knees-past-your-toes rule at BodyPump. As it turns out, this is just natural human movement, and forcing you to keep those knees behind your toes just puts massive amounts of strain on your hips. Who knew!

2. Push-ups: it’s better to do “normal” push-ups on a bench than modified push-ups on your knees. I’m all about the girl push-ups in a time of crisis (ie the middle of an intense BodyPump workout), but apparently, it’s more effective to keep those legs straight, even if you have to modify your whole body angle to do it. It’s the full range of motion (head to toe) that you’re after when doing a push-up, and the girlie shortcut just can’t provide that.


2 Things About…FOOD

Fitness published this sweet article about eating habits from around the globe that contribute to lower average weights in those countries. We Americans love to scratch our heads over why people are thinner in certain cultures, and tend to assume it’s the foods they eat (Japanese people eat rice and broth! Norwegians eat fish! Mexicans eat beans!), but maybe it’s also the way they eat their food.


2 tips from the secret society of French eating:

1. Focus on lunch. Lots of other cultures do this too, but French people consider the midday meal the main event. Whereas we Americans like to grab a sandwich for lunch and then mow down massive dinners right after work, the French might have a full soup-salad-entree-dessert chowfest in the middle of the day and then have a really light dinner around 8 or 9. The goal is just to give your body more time to digest everything before bed, reducing the chance that it will be stored as fat.

2. Treat yo’self. (The French probably wouldn’t use the slang, but I just can’t think of that phrase without thinking of this.) The French aren’t afraid of dessert, but they also know how to do it right. They keep their desserts “petit”-a piece of dark chocolate here, an after-dinner drink there. They don’t feel deprived because they’ve been indulging all day-but just a little.

fours Everybody loves a petit four.
But just because they’re bite-sized doesn’t mean you need gobs of them to amount to a full dessert.

2 Things About…LIFE

…My life, that is. Come on, we don’t get THAT deep around here.


1. We have a small room down the hall from our bedroom that holds my piano and also functioned as a mini baby-room for the first few months of Mason’s life (since his actual bedroom is on the floor below ours). Now that he’s officially transitioned to his Big Boy Room (ha), I’ve been looking to get the space in the small room that was previously filled with a Pack n’ Play, glider, and small table (my nursing station-you can see a picture of part of it in this post) back in business.

Specifically, I’ve been looking for a desk to put in there-mostly, just casually browsing Craigslist for something cheap.

So when we came home from our trip on Sunday and I noticed this beauty hanging out on the side of the road near our house…


…and realized how perfectly it matched the bookcase I already have in the small room…


…I decided it was DESTINY.

Upon closer inspection, I found that it had some warped spots, a broken drawer, and some discolorations (hello, shabby chic…people pay extra for that now), but it was generally awesome.

And now I have a new writing nook!


And FOR FREE! Woop woop!


2. A friend loaned me her Baby Bullet, and guess what I found on the list of “Safest First Foods” for babies?


Those pears are NOT as innocent as they look, folks.

Anyway. Despite how scary it is, I’m pushing forward with introducing more new foods to M. So far, carrots, bananas, apples, blueberries, sweet potatoes, mango, kale (yes kale! Kid needs his power food!), and pumpkin have all gone OK.

I found that out by stockpiling those pre-mixed baby food pouches and offering them strategically (after I learned my lesson there). Basically, the problem is that lots of them are combos of foods, so if your baby has a reaction, it’s hard to identify the culprit. Now, I offer these as long as there’s only one “unknown” food in the mix.


Once I’ve used these to feel him out for any more reactions, I plan to make my own baby food to save on moolah.


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