A (Not Really) Devastating Loss and an Important Discovery (Scenes of a Weekend)

by Kim on September 10, 2012

I don’t typically blog on the weekends, but I’m constantly taking pictures. So I thought I’d give you a break from my usual yammering and tell you about my weekend in a more visual way.

Saturday morning started out like most do (when we’re in town): lounging in bed as a family.


And balancing things on our feet.


Around noon, I left for my friend Kyla’s bachelorette party in Milwaukee. We’d originally planned on going to the beach on Lake Michigan, but it ended up being pretty chilly, so we had a leisurely lunch at the Water Buffalo instead. I scoured the menu for dairy-free things and ended up with some fish tacos, along with this little treat:


A cucumber collins-very refreshing. (That’s basil floating in there.)

This guy watched from the wall across from us:


Cool, right? We could have taken him home with us for a mere $3700, according to a small sign nearby.

Later in the day, we headed out on a booze cruise. I snapped a few shots of the scenery…




And then the night. GOT. WILD.

Just kidding. Actually…we headed back to the hotel, opened gifts, watched a video from the groom (very cute), and talked. Around 10:00, I headed home. (I would have stayed the night with everyone else, but since I’d had the whole dairy-free thing sprung on me only the week before, I didn’t have enough milk stashed away in the freezer to get Mason through the following morning.)

The next morning marked the opening day of FOOTBALL SEASON. I was weirdly excited to see how my first ever fantasy team did. And I wasn’t the only one on the edge of my seat.

mase1He was so mesmerized by the TV that he forgot to launch himself backwards, per usual.

I was also scheduled to do my long run of the week-6 miles on tap. Since Brent had to head out for a business meeting, I decided to hit the treadmill when Mason went down for his first nap.


Luckily, GUESS what was on!


Ohh yes. I NEVER get sick of the Sound of Music. I always spend half of the movie thinking about how much I hate Julie Andrews’ boy-cut hair, but I still enjoy it. For some reason, this time I got choked up WAY more times than usual, or necessary…I swear the emotional pregnancy hormones never actually went away.

It’s interesting-I never really understood the whole Nazi/country-fleeing part at the end as a kid. Once they had the big wedding, I basically considered the movie over. But now I find that part so crazy and chilling.


The run went pretty well-it took a solid hour, which isn’t fast by any means, but long runs aren’t meant to be that fast.

And then it was on to more important things: hanging with my boys.

A little reading…


And a lot of cheering.*


*Not at all what he was doing

My fantasy team totally bombed, so Mase and I headed to Trader Joe’s in search of some dairy-free comfort (ie chocolate), along with a few quick meals for the week.

One of the cashiers LOVED him and cooed over him for several minutes, two different times (once when we first walked in and again at the check-out line). It was cute, except that she thought he was a girl… (This is the second time in a week-I don’t get it! I think he looks pretty masculine…right? In his blue football shirt?? But regardless, isn’t it a rule to never guess with babies??)

Anyway, while we were there, I made a pretty valuable discovery:


3-ingredient (none of them milk) dark chocolate honey mints! Nothing but honey, chocolate liquor, and oil of peppermint. And they are amaaazing. I wish I’d gotten a few bags because this one (sadly) did not survive 24 hours in our home…

Back at the pad, Mason hit the hay while Brent and I geared up for a romantic evening of…working. Each lost in a computer. I’ll spare you that (thankfully nonexistent) photo.

Despite the unacceptable fantasy team loss, a pretty great weekend!

Anyone else suffering a fantasy loss?

The first cut is the deepest, right? (Maybe that’s not what the song meant…)


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Amanda September 11, 2012 at 10:01 am

I lost my fantasy game to my husband Steve this weekend. But the more frustrating thing than losing to him, was that I had the 4th highest score overall and STILL lost! So I guess I didn’t have a bad game, just a bad matchup. :-(


Kim September 11, 2012 at 10:18 am

Same here! Tough matchup. Better luck next week!


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