A long-awaited change

by Kim on April 27, 2013

Last week I was all…


Then, yesterday, things started looking up.

sunny and 65

We spent most of the day outside, and I think I finally shook off Depressing Whiny Winter Kim for I-Love-Life Summer Kim.

I-Love-Life Summer Kim isn’t ashamed to stand in her driveway taking pictures of her feet.


I’m obsessed with my new Toms. Seriously the most comfortable, versatile shoes I’ve ever owned. Worth every penny (and there were many, many pennies involved in their purchase).

This kid is SO serious about his motorcycle-pushing.


He has the straightest face you’ve ever seen and will NOT be distracted. Unless a car goes by—then he’ll drop everything to stare.

I guess he really is a boy.

This is what happens when mom is bored out of her mind, watching son push aforementioned motorcycle up and down the sidewalk for 45 minutes straight.


Shadow pics for the win.

Oh, hey—signs of LIFE!


I never know what’s going to survive the winter in our yard. Every spring, we get to play the “How much money do we have to spend on new plants this year?” game.

Oh, and those garage sales? Major bust.


Apparently, EVERYONE in our neighborhood with kids has girls. I rolled up to garage after garage, sensing the presence of baby clothes, and saw nothing but piles and piles of pink.

Isn’t half the baby population still boy babies? WHERE ARE THEY?

Last night, we played another fun game called “Let’s Pretend We Have a Social Life.”

20130426_194354I have no idea why I look so awkward in this picture. Somehow I felt comfortable standing like that?

We went to the Melting Pot with some friends, and I’m pretty sure we were THAT TABLE. That’s how much fun we were having.

I can also tell how much fun it was by the way my head is feeling this morning. But the wine was delicious.

Ok, I’m off to be productive (aka “get more coffee”). Here are a few reads to get you through the weekend!

weekend reads

You gotta read this Huff Post article about finding self-control through disenchantment. Truth bomb.

Tina always knows how to say things best. Read her definition of a happy weight.

I loved this post about finding motivation in surprising ways through a workout partner.

I’ll be honest—this made me feel so much better as a parent: On not enjoying them when they’re little.

Lindsay made me feel guilty about how much (read: little) I’ve been lifting weights lately. Doh.

Ladies: have you ever wondered how your period affects your running? So interesting.

I’m always so impressed with Giselle’s creative workout ideas—like, using a deck of cards to determine your next exercise and number of reps.

Ever thought about intermittent fasting? Really interesting points.

This is just darn cute.

Have a great weekend!


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Kim April 27, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Love the shadow pics!!
We still haven’t tried The Melting Pot – I’ve heard great things though.
Enjoy your nice weather!


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