A (Possibly Sugar-Induced) Life Epiphany

by Kim on September 6, 2012

Football season has officially started!

I have to care about this now because I have a fantasy team this year, for the first time ever. So last night, I dutifully (sort of) watched the Cowboys/Giants game. I guess it still feels a little early for football-isn’t it supposed to be cold out? Shouldn’t there be giant blow-up turkeys on my neighbors’ lawns? (Not kidding.)

But this is a definite step towards fall, and it’s kind of nice. Typically, I’m a die-hard summer fan, but since this summer started in, what, March?…and included so many 90-plus-degree days that a high of 88 now sounds cool (reality check brought to you by my mid-day outdoor run on Monday: it is not), I’m almost actually over summer at this point.

And speaking of MONUMENTAL pending fall-related changes:

  • My favorite TV show of all time, Parenthood, starts up again next Tuesday! Any other PH fans out there??
  • The trench coat I got super cheap at an outlet mall recently is begging to be broken in. (I’ve never owned one because they always seemed so overpriced, given the amount of time you can actually wear them, but I finally got lucky.)

coat WEAR ME.

Anyway. Yesterday was such a good day. Mason slept 12 hours straight overnight without a peep (this is still a huge deal for us), then took two solid naps during the day. During one of them, I got to complete a treadmill run, shower, AND drink a coffee, ALL IN ONE NAP-it was downright miraculous. Then we ran a few errands, during which he was a perfect angel, and visited with a friend who stopped by in the afternoon.

IMG_1662 Mom, seriously, easy on the “angel” stuff-I got a reputation to uphold.

In the middle of all this life-is-goodness, I had an epiphany: I’ve officially reached a place in my life where I’m 100% content. For so long, I was constantly thinking “I can’t wait until…” or “As soon as this one thing happens…”

Of course, the minute that thing did happen, I’d immediately replace it with something else. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be in high school. High school, college. College, real job. Real job, married. Married, pregnant.

Well, for the first time ever, I can finally say I’ve reached the place where I can wait. I’m perfectly happy right now, doing everything I’m doing right now. I love being a mom, love staying home with Mason, love my freelance writing work, love working on this blog. We’re over the initial hurdles of having a new baby in the house and dealing with the sleeplessness and the helplessness of having no idea what to do half the time. And we’ve finally solved the Great Milk Allergy Mystery, which has made my life roughly a million times easier (even with the diet changes). The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is Christmas, and that’s just because, well, it’s Christmas.


It’s kind of nice to be able to recognize this now, rather than looking back and thinking “I had it MADE then, and I didn’t even know it!” It’s also making me realize just how unhappy I really was during certain times in my life-in comparison to now, anyway.

I think it’s generally really difficult to fully appreciate your true happiness levels until they’re behind you (like “man…college was GREAT, wasn’t it?”) but I’m definitely closer to achieving it than I’ve ever been before.

Oh yeah, and let’s not overlook the true reason for all this gushy goodness: I picked these beauties up from TJ Maxx yesterday…

lucy cookieDAIRY-FREE chocolate cookies! Thanks, Lucy’s!

And THEN, the minute I got those home, my friend showed up with some dairy-free coconut mini muffins. (Thanks, Sarah!!)

Nothing like a little chocolate and coconut to change your perspective, right?

I need to start experimenting with some dairy-free baking. ASAP. Any recipe recommendations?

Speaking of recipes, what are your thoughts on s’mores spaghetti?


Yep, these are genuine chocolate and marshmallow noodles. I’d go for it.

Happy Thursday!


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