A taste of barre and food advice overload

by Kim on June 27, 2013

I can finally retire my Campbell’s soup hand weights.

Look at the little cutie pies I picked up yesterday:


I have a set of 5-pounders, but sometimes they’re just too heavy for what I’m doing—like during those tiny, isolated arm movements that are repeated a kajillion times.

I was torn between the 2 and 3-pounders at Target, and eventually settled on the 2’s because, well, they didn’t have the 3’s in hot pink. How’s that for logical decision-making?

Maybe you can’t tell how small and cute they are. And so, I am forced to take another embarrassing selfie.


Would you believe Mason took that?

Worth a shot.

Speaking of questionable decision-making skills, I also saw this bracelet at Target and couldn’t decide if I liked it/it was my style/it was worth $20. Still torn. Thoughts?


Also, should I ideally be a belly-dancer to own something like that? I’m not sure.

Last night, I was eager to play with my new toys, so I used them in this Physique 57 arm video:

It was all fun and games until we got to something called “the can-can” in the last minute. Eesh.

I’ve been really pining for barre workouts, ever since I got my first taste a few months ago. But until I can find a way to make the $25/class price tag compute in my brain, my repertoire is limited to what I can find online. (I even have the perfect barre in my kitchen—you can see it right behind me in the pic above!)

So after last night’s can-can, I also did Gina’s Barre Burner video.

Gina (The Fitnessista) now has a YouTube channel you can subscribe to for lots of quick and easy online workouts.

This morning, I wanted to top off a short treadmill run with some arm work (fine: I wanted to use my little pink weights again), so I did this 10-minute circuit:

I was a little disappointed that it didn’t involve the barre at all (the series is called “Booty Barre,” after all), but my weights got plenty of action, and my arms were definitely burning.

It’s a little harder to find good full-length (30 min+) barre workouts online. I did this Barre3 video recently, and while there were a few tough moments, I found it a little too easy as a whole.

In other news, this post about elimination diets and finding what “works” for you really got me thinking yesterday. If I had to sum up Kaila’s argument, I’d say it’s something like this:

Eliminating whole food groups is generally unnecessarily, and often the result of self-diagnosis, hyperawareness, or confusion stemming from the futile pursuit of “the perfect diet.” (Kaila, is that close?)

She also talked about the danger of building negative associations around food by piling on food rules and limiting yourself in different ways. And she made two final great points:

–With enough focus and obsession on finding out how each and every food affects us, ANY food can be found to be harmful in some way.

–Is it possible that we say “works for us” is really just what we make our minds believe, but not really what our bodies need?

Her article is definitely worth a read!

what to eat(source)

My primary thought on it is this: for every good thing that exists in this world, there are going to be people who take it too far and ultimately turn it into a bad thing.

I think food elimination, as a temporary thing, can be awesome. It can help rid your body of a food addiction, empower you to discover that you don’t have to be a slave to that food, and show you what your body is like without that food in the mix. When you add the food back in, you can do it in a controlled way, so you’re in the driver’s seat, rather than the food.

Self-awareness is another great thing that can go sour when taken to the extreme. I used to be so out of touch with my body, I couldn’t fathom that I’d be able to manage how I felt from day to day. Every random symptom would completely blindside me. On the other hand, obsessing over a little butter (dairy!!) or soy (estrogen!!) here or there strikes me as overkill (unless you’re allergic).

One thing that irks me about this conversation is that it often wraps up with something warm and fuzzy like: “Just eat a well-balanced diet, including mostly whole foods, keep it simple and eat intuitively, and you’ll be fine.”

Right, well, how the heck do you do that?? A lot of people don’t have a clue, and that’s the problem. They’re trying everything in the book to achieve just that, and the book is huge and confusing, and something like “keep it simple” is just another piece of confusing advice in the world of Food Advice Overload. It’s also advice that makes people feel stupid, for getting so caught up in all these different, conflicting ideas when The Ultimate Answer is, apparently, so obvious and accessible.

Those who find this intuitive eating business, well, intuitive, sometimes forget what it was like before they knew the answers. Until the day it all clicks—and that’s a good day—there’s just nothing simple about it.

Have you found any great online barre workouts?

Please tell!!

What are your thoughts on elimination diets?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the food advice out there?


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Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness June 28, 2013 at 12:30 pm

I love Fitnessista and that Barre Burner of hers is killer! That Physique 57 arm workout looks killer too. Hmmm, maybe i’ll take both of those downstairs and do them back to back.. was looking for something quick to do today. Now on my way to check out that ‘food elimination’ article… one of those loaded subjects for many of us health/fitness peepz!
Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness recently posted…Sick and Tired but Let’s Talk About Metabolism!My Profile


Presley @ Run Pretty June 27, 2013 at 9:24 pm

Food has become such an obsession in our culture. It’s SO BIZARRE. I mean, I love to eat, but I definitely wouldn’t categorize myself into any specific “type” of eater. I tried cutting back on sugar for the past week and a half, but that’s as extreme as I ever go. I think it just resets my sweet tooth, ya know? Any other time, I just eat whatever I feel like I need to eat. It was hard to get to this point in my life, though. I am SO with you on people acting like it’s obvious or simple. ‘Cause that’s why so many people struggle with eating every single day, right? Yep. Makes sense. I honestly feel for people when I see them hurting over food. Guilt, deprivation, confusion… that should not come into play.

Oh, and pink is always a HUGE factor in all of life’s decisions.
Presley @ Run Pretty recently posted…Life in the BackseatMy Profile


Kim June 28, 2013 at 10:37 am

Exactly! I hate all the food confusion out there, and everyone’s brilliant new approaches are just making it harder on people. I wish we could just wipe the slate clean and start over. Step one: internet factory reset. :)

Once you figure it out, you’re like “oh, this is easy. HEY GUYS, IT’S EASY!” And they’re like, “thanks! Now that you said that, I suddenly get it!” haha…


Kim June 27, 2013 at 5:23 pm

I’m not a fan of all the elimination diets out there. I understand eliminating things because of allergies but to just cut out whole food groups for weight loss – I’m not a huge fan.
The only barre workout I’ve done is Cathe Frederick’s Barre DVD – I really like it on days when I want a good butt workout with zero impact!!!
Kim recently posted…The Gift of TimeMy Profile


Kim June 28, 2013 at 10:23 am

Never heard of Cathe Frederick! Thanks for the tip!!


Kaila @healthyhelperblog! June 27, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Thank you so much for reading my post to begin with and then for linking to it and mentioning it here! I really appreciate it…and yes you did fine with talking about some of my points! :) I agree with what you added as well…anything can be good in moderation…but anything that can be good can also be very bad when taken to the extreme. Food and seemingly “healthy” lifestyle choices included.


Kim June 27, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Thanks for writing such a thoughtful post! Glad I represented your thoughts decently, phew! :)


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