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This a personal blog. Although I’m a certified personal trainer, I am not a physician, nutritionist, or registered dietician. All information presented here is based only on my personal experiences, research, and opinions.

Ideas found on this blog should never take the place of advice from your physician or other health experts, and must always be pursued at your own risk. Please always get clearance from your doctor before experimenting with any new forms of exercise or nutrition. Fittin Pretty is not responsible for any results.


Sometimes, I review products or services on the blog. When I do, I’ll always share my honest opinions and tell you how I’m being compensated, when applicable.


I’m the legal copyright holder of all content found on Fittin Pretty. Please do not use or republish anything from this blog without my consent.

That said, please feel free to post links to my blog. You can also snag snippets of content and workouts for your own personal publication, as long as you point back to me for credit.

Guest posting

I’m not accepting guest posts at this time. In rare cases, I’ll accept posts from fellow bloggers I’ve interacted with directly or other personal trainers. If that’s you, you’re welcome to contact me with your ideas.

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