Am I dead?

by Kim on January 23, 2015

In case you were wondering…

I’m alive! Hi!

Just being a super flaky blogger right now.

Life is crazy, as usual. For one thing, I’ve had multiple meaty freelance projects come at me at the same time, including a 4-page spread (!!) for that magazine I wrote for last month. This time I’m writing about mompreneurs—a pretty exciting topic for me!—and I have four women to interview and profile.

I’m also launching my 6-week challenge group for Fit Moms 4 Life (you can read more about what the heck that is here). We had an info session this week, and our first official meeting/workout is next Monday. Right now, I have 10 ladies signed up to participate—so pumped!


I’ll tell you more about that once we get going.

I’m also gearing up to start teaching my own BodyFlow class in two weeks (TWO weeks!). I’m a little nervous, only because I’d love to know more releases before I officially dive in. Right now, I only know the class I trained on.

But lucky me: one of the other instructors at the gym loaned me her collection so I could learn some of the older stuff. Let’s just say I have a few options…


I basically spent the entire evening watching these last night, noting the songs and choreo I liked best. It’s so much easier to learn a track when you’re excited about the music, vs. having to familiarize yourself with a new song on top of new choreo. So now I’m cherry-picking my way around, putting together a Kim’s Favorite Hits master class from a bunch of different releases—seriously fun, in a nerdy way.

Oh yeah, and also on the list of things keeping me busy are the #1 and #2 culprits:


Indoor sledding practice, haha.

Mason actually got his first legit sledding experience last weekend. We had very un-Wisconsin-in-January-like temps in the 40’s (I was still freezing), and the giant hill near our house was half grass thanks to all the melting snow, but there was just enough left to get some runs in.


Mason got sprayed in the face with snow on his first trip down, so I was worried that he’d be traumatized and anti-sledding for life (he’s a VERY sensitive kid), but with A LOT of prodding, we got him to go for round 2 with much more success.

Meanwhile, Josh is looking less like a squishy-cheeked baby and more like a little boy every day…


He’s a super easygoing guy, as babies go, but another source of my busyness lately has been his habit of timing naps so they’re never quite coordinated with his brother’s. The couple precious hours Mason sleeps every afternoon (aka my work time) seem to always be Josh’s most wakeful times of the day.

I’ve also been very mindful about how I’m spending my evenings lately. It’s the only time I have that’s just for me, and if I don’t feel like being productive, I let myself not be. Life’s short, right?

Plus, there are amazing books like this one to read:


Seriously—go find this ASAP. I can’t put it down.

Another thing that’s on my mind (as always, really) is the future of this blog. I’m trying to decide if I’m just going through a phase, which will resolve itself once the kids’ nap schedules start aligning a little better (big question mark there), or if I’m hitting a real turning point in my blogging life.

I love blogging, and there’s no way I’m giving it up, but I’m considering some changes. Now that I’m a contributor for the local moms’ blog, I’ll always have a way to scratch my blogging itch (gross?), and I’ve always known that I’d want to be less of an open book as my kids get older.

So…what does that mean?

Well, probably less daily blogging, and more feature articles (my secret favorite) + “I have a lot to say all at once” posts like this one. I’ve also been really loving the multiple-contributor style of the moms’ blog I’m involved with—so much so that I’m considering starting my own multiple-contributor site. There have to be women out there (specifically, moms who are into healthy living) who would love to blog but don’t have the time to maintain an entire site by themselves. Maybe we could join forces?

Anyway, just something I’m mulling over. I know myself, and I know I have a tendency to get swept away by exciting ideas, so I’m trying to really sit on this one, to see if it survives past the initial “wouldn’t it be awesome if—!” stage. (Although if you’d be interested in something like that, you should definitely let me know!)

Hope you had a great week!

I’ll leave you with this: the most genius marketing I’ve seen in awhile.


What woman can resist 0 calories?? (But why the quotes? Reminds me of this.)

Tell me something you’re excited about right now!

Fellow bloggers: have you hit a turning point in your blogging life before? How did you handle it?




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Presley @ Run Pretty January 25, 2015 at 1:36 pm

# 1: I have been MIA for so long, I forget I have a blog sometimes. I post like 1x a week versus my past 6x a week. Insane.
#3 You have a lot on your plate. And I feel you on the contributor site. Let me know if you start making legit plans for that. This is me saying I could probably use that change, too. :)
#4 We really need to find a new way to communicate because I’m never “online” anymore. I mean, I work online all day – everyday, but I’m never ME online. So weird.

Did anything of that make sense? I think I overdosed on the caffeine today.
Presley @ Run Pretty recently posted…Life is Not a Series of WorkoutsMy Profile


Kim February 5, 2015 at 9:38 pm

#1: It took me a week and a half to respond to this comment, soooooo…yeah. Right there with you. Who are we????
#2: Aw SHUCKS.
#3. I for real want it to happen. Of course, the reason I want it to happen (not enough time) is the same reason it’s going to be hard to make it happen, haha. So there’s that. But I did register a domain name! One small step for lazy-bloggerkind.
#4. I know exactly what you mean. Do you have my email address? I’m on Gchat basically all day long if you ever want to commiserate about the glory days when we used to blog and stuff. :)
#5. I already wrote out this whole reply once and my blog ate it. I understand that it’s feeling hurt from all the neglect, but it might be in even worse shape than I thought. Hope this workkksss…..


Giselle January 24, 2015 at 7:33 pm

I’ve missed you! Glad to hear you’re still alive ;-) I’m sure life is busy enough with two kids let alone everything else you’ve got going on. It all sounds fun though and exciting!
Giselle recently posted…Date night, Whole 30 Dinner Fail and MTHFRMy Profile


Jen@jpabstfitness January 24, 2015 at 6:26 am

Just added that book to my Goodreads list, sounds incredible.
After my 4th child was born last April, I hit a huge blogging turning point and pretty much shut down. I just opened this blog a few weeks ago and it’s no longer something I feel like I have to do. My days are getting a little bit easier so I have more time for writing and reading posts from other bloggers. It is my sanity saver!!


Marielle January 23, 2015 at 2:02 pm

Congrats on all the exciting writing opportunities!!! I hae only been blogging for a couple years and really enjoy it, but my main goal is to be a contributing writer like you in the health/fitness/mommyhood arenas. I’m sure I will hit that turning point in the blog at some point but for now it is a good outlet for me!
Marielle recently posted…28 Weeks Pregnancy UpdateMy Profile


Karen January 23, 2015 at 12:03 pm

haha the 0 calorie hair products reminds me of the time I saw “lo cal” toilet paper and was horrified that tp was marketed like that…until I realized that it said “local”. In my defense, there was an awkward space.
Karen recently posted…Running, hot sauce, and a giant potatoMy Profile


Katie January 23, 2015 at 10:58 am

Great idea to be writing on other sites! As far as setting up your own, I think it would depend on the goals, and realistically looking at the work it takes to set up a blog the way you would want it to be. I haven’t hit one of those turning points yet, but I’m sure I will!
Katie recently posted…Pinned It, Did It: Buffalo Chicken Noodle SoupMy Profile


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