Am I worth dying for?

by Kim on May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, post-Memorial Day. I am a master of the slightly (sometimes, very) delayed blog post. I blame this guy:

When this face is smiling up at you, the words “hold on, I have a blog post to write” don’t come to mind.

I’m not going to wax all eloquent about M-Day, but I do know several people in the service (including a brother and cousin) and I did remember that Memorial Day is not just a day off work (you don’t get those on maternity leave anyway, so I really remembered). A friend posted this, and I found it pretty powerful:


We had big plans to spend the day picnicking at the lake, grilling out, and just being outdoorsy and awesome all day.

But it rained. Allllll day.

We were still able to grill out and be somewhat awesome, but there was no picnicking and definitely no outdoorsy-ness.

However, there were these:

Color explosion.

We had friends over to grill out in the evening, and in addition to the caprese bites, we had:

Great day!

Coupla reads:


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