And then THIS happened…

by Kim on October 19, 2012

Well, it’s the day before the half marathon and I’m still feeling very under the weather. Such awesome timing, huh?

Although maybe not this awesome:


Somehow, despite feeling near-death (drama!!), I still feel pretty confident about the race…I guess I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll wake up tomorrow magically 100% cured. Please send healthy vibes my way!

Also, I don’t want to say anything about the weather because I’m scared I’ll jinx it, but…see for yourself.

Since I’ve been sick, all I’ve been thinking about in the food department is SOUP! And of course, my favorite life-saving tea:

tea Sick or not, this is always my tea MVP

At one point, I got it in my head that I wanted a big bowl of the goods from Panera (I LOVE their chicken stew), but a quick visit to their website revealed that they have absolute ZERO milk-free soups on the menu. Not even the Low Fat Garden Vegetable with Pesto is milkless, I mean come ON!! It’s like they’re just dancing around the kitchen over there, tossing milk into things at random. Throw a girl a bone.

Of course, a lot of the canned stuff has milk in it, too. So my best option seemed to be to make my own, but when you’re sick, that just sounds like a lot of work.

Anyway, I finally broke down yesterday and went out to grab the ingredients for the Fitnessista’s soup, which is apparently my new go-to.

While we were out, this guy experienced his first grocery shopping trip sitting up in the actual cart, which he LOVED (and which I loved-so much easier than hauling his huge car seat around):

 mase shopping Mom, seriously, with the hat?

So finally, there will be soup. It’s simmering as I write this and I can’t WAIT to bury my face in the pot.


In completely unrelated news, I took Mason to see an allergist the other day, and the results were…not the greatest. Basically, after a whole series of skin-prick tests on his poor back (which broke my heart), they concluded that he’s potentially allergic to the following things, in addition to cow’s milk: peanuts, eggs, soy, and cod.


First of all, we were just there to determine whether he was allergic to peas, pears, or broccoli, given his hives outbreak after eating a combo of those foods. And we were kinda interested to know how bad his milk allergy really is and which specific milk protein causes his reactions.

But now we’re in a whole different ballgame. Now I have one of those “high allergy kids,” and my diet is about to go from limited to abysmal.

(And, apparently, he’s not allergic to peas, pears, or broccoli. What gives??)

The allergist asked me to start by cutting out each of the no-no foods for 2 weeks at a time to see how it affects him. In the meantime, she’s sending in a blood sample we took in the office to determine whether he’s really allergic to all these things, and if so, to what extent (the tests they do in the office can lead to false positives-fingers crossed!).

 allergiesThe after visit summary-aka my food prison sentence

The allergist’s reaction was: “At least he’s not allergic to wheat!” You’re right-man, did we luck out!

There is a chance that he could grow out of all these allergies-and from what it sounds like, it’s a pretty good chance. The only one that really scares me is the peanut allergy, which, as the allergist way-too-casually said, “is usually lifelong.”


So I’ll have the kid who has to bring his own cupcake to birthday parties and eat carrot sticks by himself at snack time??

I’m trying not to think about this too much before we know the details, but it’s a scary thought…


Does anyone have any advice on baby food allergies you can share?

I’m all ears!

Do you have a favorite soup recipe?

Please share that too! My soup recipe collection is in serious need of a makeover.


Have a wonderful weekend!!


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