August Top Ten

by Kim on August 29, 2012

Woah. Somehow I’m down to 2 DAYS LEFT to sneak in my August Top Ten post.

Whoever said “the days are long, but the years are short” was onto something.

Well! We can all breathe a little easier because HERE IT IS:

The list of top ten things I found in August while puttering around on the interwebs.

These lists generally include some genius/weird inventions I found on Pinterest, things I think are funny, and a few things I just genuinely (sometimes inexplicably) like.

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1) Top Valentine’s Day Cards for kiddos.


I’m a sucker for a Swedish fish. It’s my secret road trip gas station go-to. (And, according to my careful research, it seems they’re dairy-free!)

My only concern with these (other than the fact that they’re WAY too much work for kids’ Valentine’s Day cards, and will go from envelope to trash in the same amount of time it took you to count out 10 fish) is the phrase “I saw you and was hooked.” Moms love their punny humor, but what kid wants to say that to any other kid in his class??  Better stick with “I’m glad we’re in the same school”-simple, straightforward, and wholesomely generic. Exactly in line with how kids truly feel about their classmates.

2) Top So True Moment.

car is ruined

This is even more annoying with baby car seat straps. Not only are there 2 per baby, but you’re usually digging around under a squirmball, dodging flailing mini appendages, to resolve the problem.

3) Top Funny/Horrifying Photo.

only one

I just (FINALLY) saw the Hunger Games last week-I’m pretty sure this is a deleted scene.

Also, I like how they took the time to go grab the camera rather than rescuing the kid. Talk about playing favorites!

4) Top Daily Mantra.


Don’t misunderstand…this is not because a woman in the morning is intimidating even to the devil.



5) Top Wedding Inspiration.

I’ve said this before but WHY couldn’t Pinterest have existed when I was planning my wedding?

What a cute, simple idea.


Now, when we’re at weddings, we can all think (jealously) “I KNOW you didn’t think of that yourself.”

6) Top Ridiculous “Fashion Accessory.”

I’m pretty sure the term “purse dog” is not meant to be literal…

purse dog

I’m not even that big of a dog person, but I know that dogs are living things that would probably prefer to NOT be strapped to someone’s butt during a run. @FEMA?

7) Top Summer Toy.


Sometimes it’s nice to be outside, on the lake, with all the comforts of not being outside, not on the lake.

That said, I want one of these!

8) Top Kids’ Décor Fail.

This cannot be good for resale.

lego wall

Also, judging by the height of the legos, it looks like Mom and Dad are having the most fun with the idea.

“Were you guys in my room again??”

9) Top Halloween Costume Idea.

Loyal original Nintendoists unite.

halloween costume

Also perfect for Saturday morning errands.

10) Top Workplace Humor.

I’ve never thought about this before, but it seems very likely that it’s true…


Can anyone +30 confirm or deny?

Also…why cows?

Happy August! Here’s to the pending return of awesome things like:

  • Football (yes, I’m legitimately excited-especially since I have my first fantasy team this year!)
  • Pumpkin flavored things
  • Perfect running weather
  • Not having to worry about whether or not you have tank-top-ready arms
  • Soup actually sounding kind of perfect
  • Lower electric bills
  • An excuse to buy extra crazy-soft blankets and throws, then wear them around the house like capes


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Jenny August 29, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Haha, so many good things in this post. The last bullet of awesome things is on *point*.


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