Baby Drama

by Kim on July 19, 2012

I’ve been deeply humbled by my parenting experience so far.

Having grown up in a family of seven kids and done tons of babysitting in my middle/high school years, I came into the parenthood game feeling pretty confident in my skillz. I figured the knowledge would translate. But as it turns out, it’s a little different when you’re calling the shots yourself.

(Plus, I think God purposefully gave me a few challenges to bring me down a notch!)

I’ve complained about Mason’s sleeping issues before, but that’s just part of the drama. We’ve also dealt with:

Cradle cap. This has probably been our biggest issue. At about a month old, M got these yellow crusties and dry patches all over his face, especially around his eyebrows. We treated it and didn’t think much of it, since cradle cap is really common and usually goes away on its own.

But then, it spread onto his scalp. And 3 months later, it still hasn’t budged. And it’s driving us all insane. He itches it constantly, poor kid, and will scratch until his head bleeds.

It’s also affected his sleeping. We haven’t been able to stop swaddling him when he sleeps because he’ll just scratch himself into a frenzy. (More on this in a second.) However, you’re supposed to stop swaddling kids when they start rolling over, and that could happen any time now. At which point we’ll be screwed…

Acid reflux. Our second worst issue. This has been a million times better since M got on medication for it, but I used to totally dread feedings because of this. He would arch his back and cry while eating, and then dramatically spit up every last drop of the milk he’d just gotten.

Our living room couch will never be the same. Nor will my wardrobe.

Plus, he would spit up constantly throughout the day, so we could NEVER put him down without a spit-up cloth under his head or carry him without one on our shoulder. To make matters worse, the condition intensified when he was under “stress,” so anytime we were visiting people (grandparents, etc.) or otherwise away from home, the spitting up escalated x100. So I was constantly paranoid about people holding him because the chances that he’d spew skanky breastmilk all over them was good to very good.

Swaddle drama. M has always been a huge fan of the old swaddle, but he knew he could get our attention by busting out of it mid-nap (and proceeding to ravage his poor head). I tried to transition him off it by putting him in an armless sleep sack with the holes pinned shut, but that was a giant fail (he still managed to work his arms out and start scratching, which led to crying).

Finally, we found a solution that has totally changed the game…check this thing out:

swaddleDon’t mind the alarmingly long-necked baby

We got this new swaddle last week and it’s absolutely AMAZING because:

–He can’t bust out it.

–His arms are up (a more natural sleeping position for babies).

–His hands can reach his mouth, which helps him self-soothe, but NOT HIS HEAD.

Since we started using this swaddle, M is falling asleep on his own (no pacifier, rocking, etc.) and staying asleep much longer both at night and during naps. Hallelujah!


(I promise I’m not getting a dime from the company that makes these-I just really legitimately adore this product.)


My short time as a parent has already helped me appreciate how complex this job can be. Turns out it’s a little more than just cute baby clothes (don’t get me wrong-it’s still a lot about that).

And if you make the mistake of Googling things, as all us moms do, it won’t take you long to realize what a horrible, unfit mother you are. You accidentally put your kid to bed 10 minutes too late? He’s overstimulated and is going to die. Your kid failed to nap for the correct number of hours in a day? He’s chronically overtired-for life. Shame on you.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned thus far is this: just relax. The kid is fed, clothed, physically comfortable, sleeping now and then, and has a clean diaper. He’s going to make it, regardless of what time you feed him, how much he eats, or how long his second nap is.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a whole different ballgame with kid #2 (in a good way).


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Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy August 1, 2013 at 11:59 am

I’ve been reading all of your family posts, and I’m curious to know how things are going one year later. My husband and I are starting to talk about starting a family, and honestly, I’m a little nervous for all of it (who isn’t, though?). Are you more comfortable with your post-pregnancy body now? Does it get easier over time?
Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted…day 1: breakfastMy Profile


Kim August 1, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Hey Emily! Definitely–I’m living a completely different life than I was a year ago! Those first few months were really tough, especially since Mason’s food allergies went undiagnosed until he was 6 months old. Everyone’s experience is different, but it’s totally true what they say about parenthood being the hardest and best thing you’ll ever do. :) It’s normal and healthy to be nervous–I think it’s actually a good indicator that you’re ready! Anyone who isn’t nervous at all must have unrealistic ideas of parenthood.

Oh, and I’m even more comfortable with my body now than I was before getting pregnant! :)


K July 24, 2012 at 1:33 am

Hey Kim, Just wanted to let you know that we also had to deal with JJ and reflux. He was never on meds, but it was rough feeding him and getting in a good comfortable spot, we also invested in the cloth diapers to have around his head, neck etc at all times. I too worried about others holding, and pick him up with the fear of getting spit up on. He also wore bibs around his neck forever! It was so disheartening when you worked so long to finally get him to eat for 1.5hrs and then to have him spit up the special gold! Our brown couch I swear has been cleaned more than its ever been due to the fact that Jordan had spit up on it. We also had to have a sheet over it until he stopped spitting up.
We also had to deal with the swaddling issue! We actually used two swaddle sacks to get him to sleep and the paci! He did eventually get out of this phase on his own when he started moving around and slept well. We also then had the paci issue and had to break that habit; starting around 10-11 months.
I too worried about when he’d go to bed, how much he ate, etc. and hes made it this far in one peace and believe he is a happy boy! Don’t stress out too much about all of this stuff….
This all shall pass, then comes the next thing…the joys of parenthood! Good luck!


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