Baby’s First Farmer’s Market

by Kim on June 25, 2012

I live in a town that LOVES it some Farmer’s Market. Despite the fact that going to our downtown FM involves zombie-shuffling along in a thick herd of people for hours under the hot sun, tripping over strollers loaded with produce instead of babies, and knife fighting with people over cheese samples, people still go batty over this weekly event.

And I agree that it’s (somehow?) really fun. So, on Saturday, we took Mason out for Baby’s First Farmer’s Market! (Pause for swooning.)

We were lucky that it was somewhat overcast and not too hot (we learned during a traumatizing recent zoo trip that our kid can NOT tolerate the heat-he is his dad’s son, after all). So I put a hat on him, put him in his Baby Bjorn, and hoped for the best.

IMG_1063Are you impressed with the dual-plaid he has going on? So old-man-out-fishing of him.

Us: Mason, aren’t you loving this wholesome, quality childhood experience we’ve arranged JUST FOR YOU?
Mason: Zzzzz *poop*.

After a (relatively) quick jaunt around the square, we came home with: a 2-lb. jar of honey (all the better to make these energy bites with), some squeaky cheese curds (a Wisconsin Farmer’s Market necessity-they check your bags to make sure you have some before you can leave), and some German Butterball potatoes (a random purchase-for dinner tonight, I cut them into thick coins, tossed them in oil, sea salt, and pepper, microwaved them for about 10 minutes, and then browned them in a skillet.)

We also bought some Stella’s hot & spicy cheese bread, a crowd favorite around these parts. It was warm and delicious and naughty…


More pics from the day:

I really, really, really want an herb garden.
So far, taking this picture doesn’t seem to have gotten me any closer to that goal…

Confession: I didn’t buy any actual vegetables. Zero. Worst Farmer’s Marketer ever?

I took this picture more for the hair idea it inspired…

The zombies fellow Farmer’s-Market-goers

Stellaaaaaaaaa’s!!!!! (*screaming/expletives*)

What a day, man, I’m fried.

After the FM, we had Family Nap Afternoon, which might be my new favorite tradition. (Hopefully, Mason will still be as into it when he’s 5.) Then, we met some friends for dinner at a pizza restaurant. Our group included a total of 5 kids, including three under 6 months old, so it was quite the wild ride. I thought Mason’s head was going to explode from overstimulation.

Today was a nice little Sunday: some friends stopped by to visit the little guy, I taught Sunday School at church, and we grilled out for dinner.

Plus, Mason got his first taste of SOLID FOOD (sort of)! I tried out a little runny rice cereal on him tonight-or, realistically, I slowly poured rice cereal down his chin. He was so confused, it was hilarious. He just kept looking at me like “what is happening right now?”


This was before the actual food arrived, so no messy schnoz yet. I just thought he looked cute in his chair. Check out those tiny curled toes peeking out the bottom-ha!

Here’s to a great week!


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