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by Kim on February 23, 2013

I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect cardigan.

It should be a little on the long side (but not frumpy long) with sleeves almost long enough to reach the knuckles on my hands, no pockets, normal-looking and well-attached buttons (nothing too sparkly or droopy), and high-quality fabric (no pilling or post-wash fuzziness).

About a year ago, I was ELATED to finally find a Perfect 10 at the Gap, and I immediately snatched it up in three colors: black, grey, and pale pink. I wore those things TO DEATH, through every season, and almost daily in the winter, and they held up like absolute champs.



Within the past two months, I’ve somehow managed to:

–Get a snag in the pink one that sliced a massive line across the back.

–Spill bleach on the grey one, leaving big orangey spots on the front. (Why do I keep trusting myself with bleach??)

–Lose the black one. It just…vanished.

I’m most upset about the black one because I wore it the most, and also because WHERE IS IT?!?!

So I guess it’s back to the hunt. (Why do stores have to change their inventory every year??)

Aaaand…rant over. What I really came here to do was share some links!

weekend reads

This photography tutorial for beginners seriously changed my life. These concepts have never been explained to me so well. (And I even read the For Dummies book for my camera!) Here’s a taste: ISO = Is the Sun On??

Here’s a great reminder that what you read on blogs isn’t necessarily “normal.”

Have you heard of the Honest Toddler blog? If you’re a mom (and even if you aren’t!), you have to read this. I feel slightly bad watering down Mason’s juice now.

I know you’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating. And repeating, and repeating. What would you do if money didn’t matter?

Sarah breaks down the skinny on being skinny fat.

Ahh, I love me some Lindsay’s List. This week, she talked about forgetting the haters and remembering who you are.

Skinny Runner had me rofling (<—it just felt right) with her tips on how to run in the rain and survive.

If anyone else is on the verge of weaning a baby right now (hello!), you’re not alone. I think it helps to read others’ experiences.

That’s all I got this time. Now, off to hang out with this dude:


Have a great weekend!


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PickyRunner February 23, 2013 at 9:49 pm

These are some great links! Thanks for sharing them :) I’m really excited to read a few of them now that I’m home!
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