Banana Ice Cream!

by Kim on February 15, 2012

I haven’t had any weird cravings while pregnant…unfortunately! I was kind of looking forward to some crazy weird combos (maybe the standard pickles + ice cream…or chalk, which my mom craved while pregnant, haha!). Plus, I never have anything to tell people when they ask about it (“any cravings??” is a popular question on the preggo front, I guess because it’s a nice, tame question even guys are comfortable asking).

But if there’s one thing I’ve been craving (and it’s not weird–in fact, I’ve read that it’s one of the most common things to crave during pregnancy), it’s FRUIT!


But more specifically…BANANAS!!! Once, early in my pregnancy, I had to stop at Target on my way home from the gym at 10 PM just to pick some up, and I’ve kept the kitchen stocked ever since.

So when I started seeing this “one ingredient ice cream” craze popping up on Pinterest, I had to give it a whirl. The one ingredient: banaaanaaas (mmm).


Step 1: Peel bananas (trust me!) and cut into large chunks. Put chunks in a Ziplock bag.

Step 2: Pop bag into the freezer. Ignore your husband’s quizzical looks and smirks when he discovers them on his way to the ice tray. Because why wouldn’t there be bags of banana chunks in your freezer?

Step 3: When banana chunks are frozen, pop them into your food processor.

Step 3: Blend until smooth. And be patient!

I’m talkin to you, one-ingredient-recipe doubters! (Like…me. My first try, I got antsy and started adding milk, thinking there was no way this pile of banana cubes was ever going to magically transform into creamy-delicious ice cream. It wasn’t that devastating, in the end, but the resulting cream came out more melty and runny than thick and creamy. Fail!)

I was shocked that it actually started looking like this, but it seriously does! Bananas are magical.

Step 4: Optionally, add goodies to taste (chocolate chips, sprinkles, ice cream toppings, etc). Enjoy!

(This photo is of my first milk-added version, which is why it’s more melty-looking. But it really does turn white and gorgeous without any additional ingredients! Lesson learned!)

I also created a chocolate peanut butter version by adding 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa, 1 Tb. peanut butter, and sugar to taste (I used Splenda). MMMMMM.

Other amazing add-in combos:

  • Peanut butter + honey
  • Peanut butter + maple syrup + vanilla + cinnamon
  • Oreos (cookies & cream!)
  • Frozen strawberries, blackberries, peaches, etc.

Any other hot combos floating around that I should know about??





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