Birthday Blessings

by Kim on January 4, 2013

Today is my husband’s birthday.


Only one more year left of his 20’s-crazy.

For his birthday dinner, he’s requested homemade pizza and this strawberry pretzel dessert (I’m going to make it with raspberries instead of strawberries this time).

We were going to go out for sushi, but the place we go to does this awesome half-off happy hour on Mon-Thurs, so we’re going to shoot for a belated dinner out next week instead just to get the deal (hey, 50% is 50%!). So for now, it’s pizza and pretzels.

Tonight, we’re going to celebrate like old people by watching a movie. I think we’re going to check out Looper-anyone seen it?

In honor of this day, I decided to take a minute and write down some of the things I appreciate most about Brent-specifically, 29 of them, in honor of his 29th birthday.

When we got married, we committed ourselves to each other in front of the people we loved. There’s something special about proclaiming your love for someone publicly, rather than just in a card now and then. So here I am, proclaiming my love on the internet…I figure it doesn’t get much more public than that.


29 Things About Brent that Make Me the Luckiest Girl Alive

He is kind, thoughtful, and unwaveringly supportive of my personal goals and ideas.

He doesn’t just “watch” Mason-he gets down on the floor and plays with him.

He constantly helps out with chores around the house without being asked, reminded, hinted to, or otherwise nagged.

He doesn’t complain when he has to scrounge the fridge for leftovers because I randomly don’t feel like cooking.


He strives to please God and do right by Him in everything he does.

He never leaves the house, goes to bed, or hangs up the phone without saying I love you.

He loves our son as much as I do.

When we go on long road trips, he drives the whole way without complaint.


He inspires me to be a better person.

He doesn’t say a word when I leave to get a car wash and come home with a bag of new baby clothes. In fact, he never questions my purchase decisions or makes me feel guilty about a single one of them.

He wants things to be special.

He doesn’t babysit, he parents.

He thanks me for doing the laundry and cooking dinner, every single time.


He buys me flowers (and knows my favorite kind).

He’s never too proud to say I’m sorry.

He cares about his health and takes care of himself.

He fixes all the random crap around the house that needs fixing.


In the morning, while I’m still buried under the covers, he gets Mason up and changes his diaper, sometimes making himself late for work.

He’s great with my family and friends.

He never forgets to take the trash out or pay a credit card bill.

He fixes random technical problems on this blog.

He likes to make me laugh until I cry. (It happens a lot.)

He appreciates my dumb humor.


He surprises me with concert tickets and a girls’ night out, having secretly invited my friends. (The surprise is out a bit early, but I’m seeing Muse in March!!)

He doesn’t complain when I make some strange, ultra-healthy meal. (He hasn’t made a peep about the fact that I haven’t cooked with butter in months!)

He cares about being a good husband and dad, and genuinely wants to do things “right.”

He does the things he says he’ll do.

He listens.

He’s my best friend.


Happy birthday, Brent. I love you.


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Suzanne January 7, 2013 at 10:34 am

What a sweet post! Happy 29th to your husband.


Brent January 4, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Wow! what a thoughtful, caring post, it really made me smile, and it feels so good to be loved and appreciated by you. I love you too


Kim January 5, 2013 at 11:40 pm



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