Car Littering at the Syttende Mai Run

by Kim on May 20, 2012

Yesterday, I worked my second Mini Marathon marketing event–flyering (aka car littering) at the Syttende Mai 10 & 20 mile runs in Stoughton, WI!

I want to pinch this cute little town’s fat cheeks.

It was a beautiful day but HOT! I was really feeling for the runners still trucking along the side of the blacktop highway in the intense heat as I was leaving the event around noon. Wouldn’t racing be so much easier if we didn’t have to deal with the elements?? (Er, I guess indoor racing already exists…not a huge fan of that idea either. Aren’t I a joy?)

Check it out–a sign! I can only assume the photographer had just said “look like a total dork!”

I was pretty concerned about getting a farmer’s tan (who am I kidding…farmer’s burn) while wearing my marathon T, but I had to represent. And it turns out Dry Fit shirts aren’t the greatest at sleeve rolling. Major design flaw if you ask me.

Seems kinda derogatory to have separate finish line lanes for walkers and runners–like having separate bathrooms for blacks and whites in the fifties. Like, why?

I happened to snap this picture RIGHT after the first 10 mile male runner crossed the finish line (his time was 59:29–BEAST!). Everyone started applauding explosively and I looked like I totally knew what was going on, which I didn’t.

I also found it pretty hilarious that the event volunteers had highlighter-yellow tech shirts, too. It made me look super important and involved. Every few minutes, I whispered something into my phone like it was a walky talky, just to maintain the persona. (Not really. Also, I just realized how stupid the term “walky talky” is. That’s the best name they could come up with for a device that’s so badass in movies?)

All my highlighter-shirted cronies, whom I have no actual association with. Also, I swear no one looks good in this color yellow–why are we all doing this to ourselves?

Flyering can be an awkward job. I hate doing cars that have someone in them or just getting out of them, so I usually skip those (shhh!). But sometimes I don’t see a person in a car until the last second, right as I’m about to lift the windshield wiper, and it gets weird. At that point, I have to either pretend not to see them and boldly flyer on, or slink away and hope they don’t laugh at me when they notice me flyering every other car around theirs.

I also worry about car alarms sometimes. Especially when I’m gingerly lifting the delicate little wiper on someone’s Porsche and I see a blue light start to blink at me from inside the car. Is that a camera? Is a page being automatically sent to the owner, who’s sending his hulky bodyguard to rough me up? Maybe it’s a laser beam aimed at my forehead. I don’t know how these fangled cars work. My Toyota’s crappy wipers would probably snap off if someone tried to lift them. (At which point I would try to argue that the car’s totaled so I can get rid of it.)

Great day for car littering!

For my next event, I’ll be working the Madison Marathon expo this coming Friday and Saturday–can’t wait!

The marathon is scheduled for Sunday, when we have a predicted high of 92! 90-freaking-2!! They are already considering cancelling the full marathon, which would be such a bummer for everyone who’s been training so hard. The same thing happened when I ran that race 2 years ago–it got red flagged (meaning they stopped timing it and runners were strongly encouraged to walk the remainder of the route) when I was around the 20-mile mark. So discouraging!! If I do a full marathon again, maybe I’ll stick to fall races. Spring is proving to be way too unpredictable in the heat department.

Crossing my fingers for a cancellation-free weekend!


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