Checking off goals and cinnamon apple pork

by Kim on April 11, 2013

On Tuesday, I joined Abby over at Run Stronger Every Day in a virtual 5K to raise moolah for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

It was pouring rain outside, so my 5K happened on the treadmill, but I’m pretty used to that thing now.

The results:

Kick Ass 5K FinalMy bib inexplicably printed out all huge, awkward, and black-and-white, while Abby’s (and probably everyone else’s) were all small, cute, and in color. Standard.

Not only was I happy to support this cause (even moreso after reading Abby’s personal story), but I won’t lie, I was also pretty excited about some of the prizes Abby’s raffling off as part of her fundraising efforts.

Like, ohhh what’s a good example…a 7-night stay for 10-people in a freaking VILLA in Acapulco.


Aka possibly the most epic blog giveaway I’ve ever seen. Girl’s got connections.

And guess what? Even though the 5K’s over, you can still add your name to the pot for the chance to get your butt into one of those white loungers! All you have to do is donate $20 or more on Abby’s fundraising page and then email her to say you did. (More info here.)

Now, my track record of winning blog contests is hovering right around 0/eleventy billion, but whatever. This was for charity, first and foremost, and I’ve been meaning to run a 5K anyway, to see if I could hit my 25-minute goal.

Which—did you notice?—I did! Goal #2: check.


I was so amazed that I pulled this off since I was exhausted that day. I’d had a random bout of insomnia the night before and was inexplicably up until after 3 AM (HATE. THAT!), plus my stomach was feeling ishy (as usual).

Then, Mason decided to blow off his morning nap, which derailed my plans to run right after my AM coffee and on a fairly empty stomach (and during Kathy Lee and Hoda, duh). I ran right to Twitter to complain about it—thanks for the support, nycrunningmama! (Whose Garmin giveaway I did not win today…standard. Haha.)

Twitter complaining

I tried to fuel up with a good lunch, crossing my fingers that my stomach could handle it.

20130410_124938Quinoa + runny eggs + avocado = awesome.

Finally, Mason crashed, and I hit the mill. I was so tired, but just as determined.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done as well without my new spring playlist—especially this song. I honestly played that on repeat the whole time, because if a song’s working, why let it end? If you don’t have that bad boy on your ipod, seriously, go get it right now. I’ll wait.

Naturally, towards the end of the run, once I realized I was right on track to make 25 minutes, I started getting greedy and wanting 24. What is my problem??

(Also, a secondary goal would be to run that time (or better) in an actual race, like outside and stuff. But I’m ok with the treadmill victories for now. Anything to keep me out of the elements just a little longer.)

20130410_162220Celebrating the fact that I was able to run AND SHOWER before Mason woke up from his nap. This calls for a Birthing Center mug salute.

So this officially leaves me with just one goal left: 10K in 50 minutes. I’m hoping that will happen at the Twilight 10K at the end of May. And I even—finally!—settled on a training plan to get me there! More on that tomorrow.

Anyway, like I said, it’s been complete Drearyville around here lately—basically, pouring non-stop for the past few days.

IMG_3146That’s right: a collared shirt and folded-over knit drawstring pants.
…It was laundry day.

The rain’s done nothing for my cabin fever symptoms, but Mase doesn’t seem to care.



We’ve been killing lots of time at the library, to the point where I’m like, “Are you sure we don’t have to buy anything to be here?”



The one good thing about crappy weather is that it sometimes makes my domestic side flare up. I’ve had this crock pot pork loin recipe pinned on Pinterest FOREVER, and finally got around to making it last night.

It involves cutting slits in pork and adding apples slices (!), cinnamon (!), and honey (!). A guaranteed winner, right?


20130409_140355I have no idea why it looks so pink and sick. It didn’t in real life.
Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I keep taking pictures on my phone, despite having a perfectly good DSLR…


20130409_172151Again, it looked way better than this in real life. And the smell…omgggg.

Now for the shock of your lifetime:

In the end, I wasn’t that thrilled with it. It was good, but not great. The flavors didn’t meld right (I had to baste it a lot just to get the cinnamon to sink in), and it was just kind of bland. I guess I was expecting much more explosive sweetness and flavor from a recipe starring such a promising ingredient list.

But I’m not giving up on it yet! I think this could be awesome someday, with some experimenting.

A couple commenters on the recipe post mentioned marinating the pork with the apples, cinnamon, and honey first, and I think that might have helped. I also thought about adding maple syrup, maybe instead of the honey…

Have you ever won a blog contest?

Do you ever catch yourself revising your goals when you’re just about to achieve them??

How can I fix this pork recipe?? Help!


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Jessica @ Prayers and Apples April 11, 2013 at 9:25 pm

Congrats on hitting your 25-minute goal! And what an awesome fundraising idea! That prize is insanneeee! I’ve never won any blog giveaways… or any giveaway I don’t think lol Everyone around me always seems to win tho! lol :)
Jessica @ Prayers and Apples recently posted…Cardio Versus Lifting: Which Burns the Most Fat?My Profile


Kim April 11, 2013 at 11:11 pm

Story of my life! :)


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