by Kim on April 30, 2012

Another weekend just flew by! Saturday marked my first official gig as a member of the Madison Mini Marathon marketing team. A team of us hit the streets to spread the word about our race during the Crazylegs Classic, which is a maaaassive running event for Madison. Almost 20,000 people either ran 8K or walked 2 miles, and the 8K runners were divided into 52 waves! It was wild.

The finish line was in the football stadium, where participants (of age) got a free beer post race. We Wisconsinites love our beer!

The weather was miserable–cold and rainy the entire day. My hands honestly didn’t thaw for two hours after I got inside.

At least these guys weren’t willing to let the cold ruin their day:

Anyway, back to the marketing gig. We started out by fliering cars–not my favorite activity in the world, but it was quick and easy work (or would have been, had we not been freezing). Then, we headed to the finish line to hand out beaded necklaces and more fliars to participants. Everyone was in super high spirits, despite the weather, and were awesome about taking our beads and fliers.

Saw this guy along the way…

How badass is he?

After the fliaring and beading, it was time to party! Our team hosted a special event at a bar downtown, where race participants could get free beer and appetizers (including fried pickles, which everyone went batty over).

I schmoozed for awhile, mostly talking with people about the other races they planned to run that summer. All the talk was getting me pumped to sign up for some races myself! Right now, I’m thinking I’ll do at least one half marathon in the fall. Maybes include an additional half and even possibly a full (like this one perhaps? I’ve never done a haunted race before!).

By 2 PM, I was ready to get back to my boys. I’d been gone for over 6 hours and was eager to see the little guy!

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