Day of Domesticity

by Kim on September 27, 2012

Yesterday was a whirlwind of domesticity.

I got my run and shower in during Mason’s first nap in the morning. Once he was back up and fed, I started the laundry and cleaned up the house a little. Then, when he went down for nap #2, I buckled down in the kitchen.

First on the agenda: make baby food.

There were three combos I wanted to make:

  • Carrots and apples
  • Avocado and mango
  • Pumpkin and banana

I used the Baby Bullet, which a friend had borrowed me, and LOVED it. So easy, and the cleanup was super fast since I didn’t have to wash a giant blender each time.

Final result:


Labeled with bright orange duct tape since we didn’t have any masking tape.



The process:

–I steamed the carrots and apples (Braeburn) until they were ridiculously limp and soggy.

–Defrosted some frozen mango chunks and pumpkin (the pumpkin was from my mom’s garden, but if I hadn’t had that, I would have just used canned pumpkin).

–Peeled the avocado and banana, then mashed them up a little (the Bullet motor isn’t very powerful).

–Tossed in the right combos, added water to thin out, and blended!


It was surprisingly quick and easy, and left me with 3 ice cube trays of food to pop in the freezer.

20120926_132443 Plus this guy, which I made to use up some leftover avocado:


I also still have a ton of bananas left, which I’m thinking might become blueberry + banana baby food.

Basically, we’re set on baby food for at least a month. Fingers crossed the kid will actually eat it!


Super Domesticity Day Project #2 was to make this soup from the Fitnessista. I was hoping I could throw it together really fast, but it involved lots of veggie chopping, and I kinda forgot how long it takes to shred an entire rotisserie chicken (especially if you’re anal retentive about removing every. last. speck. of meat).

Luckily, the little dude was content hanging out on what I call Toy Island. (The bottom of our activity mat, which he doesn’t use because he’s not into laying on his back anymore.)


Poor kid has nothing to play with.

And yes, that is our new rug-aka “water.”

Anyway, the soup turned out beautifully.


Totally worth it!


It was also our 3-year anniversary yesterday, so I decided to make a batch of one of hubby’s favorite desserts: these cake balls. (Which are loaded with naughty milk products, so no batter-tasting or bowl-licking for me. Definitely a good thing.)


He approved.

And I approved of my gift too:

20120926_182719I’m a sucker for the wine + flowers combo.

The real main event is tonight: sushi dinner downtown! Can’t wait.


So that was my day of domesticity (it was a lot for me anyway! I’m much more comfortable spending at least half that time in front of a computer). I’m feeling more and more confident with my domestic skills the more I use them, but there’s still a long list of things I wish I was better at.

For example:

–Chopping vegetables properly. Like Top Chef style. When I watch any of those TV shows, I’m always all “how do they DO that??” It takes me foreeever to chop things and come out of it with five fingers on each hand.

–Making up recipes. I’m not sure if I don’t have what it takes or just haven’t spent enough time cooking/experimenting, but I’d love to be able to do this someday.

–DIY projects of any kind. I know I’ve talked about this one before, but I’ve always felt extremely subpar in this area, especially since buying a house.

–Cooking large pieces of meat confidently. Whole turkeys and chickens, steak, etc…all still very intimidating to me. I just hate that I can’t SEE INSIDE to gauge doneness, and I’ve heard mixed reviews about the accuracy of meat thermometers.

–Sewing. I can put buttons back on, but beyond that, I’m kind of lost. I do own a sewing machine, though… Step #1 in this learning process is probably: Remove sewing machine from closet.


What domestic skills would you like to learn/improve?


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