December Top Ten

by Kim on December 31, 2012

It’s the BIG NIGHT! Who’s putting on her sparkly tights later??

Since I’m old now, I don’t have to worry about navigating the whole standing-in-lines-at-bars, freezing-in-a-tiny-dress, trying-to-get-a-cab-at-2-AM mess that is New Year’s Eve (or is that just my experience?).

Instead, we have a crockpot of meatballs, a bottle of Korbel, and a rousing game of Battle of the Sexes in our living room with some friends on tap for tonight. I’ve realized, in my old age (ha), that staying home and staying warm are two very underrated things.

Anyway, I’m coming at you with the Top Ten today because (naturally) it’s the last day of the month, and therefore my very last opportunity to sneak it in while it’s still December!

First, a disclaimer: I’m in a very “dream home” fantasyland kind of mood lately. Things that jump out at me on Pinterest now are elegant dark kitchen cabinetry and black & white picture galleries, rather than the baby stuff or wardrobe finds I used to pin. Geez, now that I think about it, I’m not really even pinning FOOD these days (yes, I am ill).

I’m so obsessed with my dream home fantasies that I even created a new Pinterest board for them. My wallet is quivering and hiding its eyes.

1. Top Wall Paint

If someone came up to me and asked, “would you mind if I painted small, evenly spaced metallic squares all over your bathroom wall?” I would carefully sidestep him and run (not because of the idea-that’s really creepy).

Really, this idea would sound ridiculous to me if I heard it before seeing it. Especially because I’m usually extra wary of strange modern concepts like this.

But-wow! Turns out I love small metallic squares on walls!

However, I bet this is the most tedious job ever, and I don’t see myself holding it together long enough to actually accomplish it. Oh well. Before we know it, wallpaper will be back in style and this will be cake.

2. Top Reading Hole

Right?? So jealous of that cat.

3. Top Road Race Signage

My second favorite sign is one I saw during the recent Zooma Great Lakes half marathon: it said, “If it was easy, your husbands would do it.”

4. Top Kitchen

Is there a woman out there who doesn’t appreciate a baller kitchen?

The key selling point for me here is the stone. I’m crazy into stone lately…probably because I’ve been working on some website content for a stone quarry company, so I have stone on the brain. I also love that countertop, with the raised bar, and the lighting…

Two things I’m not so down with: the three different kinds of flooring (because, what??) and the glass-faced cabinets (I can’t handle the stress of trying to keep all my dishes tidy in there-are you kidding?).

Needless to say, I like to pretend that money doesn’t exist when I look at this stuff.

5. Top Funny

I don’t even want to think about what her leg has to be doing right now to make her foot look like that.

6. Top Way to Traumatize a Child

This was mentioned on Pinterest as a fun idea for kindergarten class snack time:

Um…you’ve seen Frosty the Snowman, right? How horrifying is it when you realize he’s going to MELT??

And now we want kids to DRINK HIM??

Come on, folks. As cute as this idea is, a snowman is still a MAN. Have some respect.

7. Top Big-Eyed-Gerbil-Turned-Gangster

(Is that a gerbil? I don’t even know…)

I’m just going to hope that you understand this. If you don’t, you could probably YouTube your way to an explanation, but the joke would probably be long dead after all that legwork-so if you’re in that boat, maybe just think of it as a cute gerbil-or-something in a tiny wagon, and go on with your day.

8. Top Ceiling + Windows

More crazy architecture for you.

Can you imagine the heating bill on a room like that? (<-And apparently I’m my dad now.)

9. Top Hallway (That You Don’t Really Want)

I wonder how long it would take before you stopped tiptoeing over this spot?

Knowing my luck, my in-home stream would probably attract an impenetrable algae film within days. How do you clean the underside of that glass, anyway? No thank you.

10. Top 20-Something’s Dream

This is the kind of thing that would get my brain spinning about 5 years ago. The problem is that step #1 makes step #2 difficult, and sometimes you accidentally hit step #4 first (hello!), which wipes out the rest.

These days, I’d settle for just step #3.


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What are your NYE plans?? Anyone else laying low?

At least I can drink champagne this year…last NYE I was pregnant. (And we still went out, somehow!)


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Karey @ Nutty About Health December 31, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Great list! I love the in home stream… be a pain to clean, but so cool! As for NYE plans… not much. Laying low at home & making a low-carb homemade pizza for dinner, yum (you know you’re old when you’re excited about that).
Happy New Year!! Enjoy your games & champagne! :)


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