Did I Mention I’m Obsessed with Fruit Right Now?

by Kim on February 29, 2012

If you were:

  • 9 months pregnant
  • Craving fruit
  • Getting over a nasty cold

This would seem like a perfectly acceptable “dinner” to you:

  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Braeburn apples (2nd in deliciousness only to Honeycrisp)
  • OJ
  • Greek yogurt dip

When hubby came home saying he’d had a big lunch, I figured there was no need to go all out on some crazy “well rounded” actual “dinner,” or to touch the fridge full of groceries I just bought last night. Instead, I opted for this fruity little smorgasbord.

I thought I was being super clever by adding brown sugar and cinnamon to plain Greek yogurt for my dip (tastes kinda like caramel!), but one quick Google search confirmed that I wasn’t that clever at all, really. Dang!

And the OJ is a top offender in this article about how fruit can make you gain weight. Yikes!

…But on a positive note, how about the size of these strawberries!?!

Normal food consumption should resume tomorrow. (In other words, I’m out of fruit.)


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