Do You Hate Working Out? (Part II)

by Kim on September 20, 2012

Fun times ahead around here! The in-laws are coming today to watch Mase while B & I attend a rehearsal dinner tonight and wedding tomorrow. We’re so excited to see our good friends tie the knot! And I’m happy Mase will get a chance to spend some QT with Gma and Gpa.

In the meantime, it’s Day 2 of the Do You Hate Working Out? convo. Yesterday, I talked about some ways you might be able to trick your brain out of totally dreading gym time.

Today, it’s all about ways to change up what you’re actually doing when you work out, to hopefully bust you out of the old work out rut.

First, I’ll admit-I suck at varying my workouts. I know how beneficial it is, and I know it can have a huge positive impact on your psyche, but I’m big into routine. If I’m going to change something up, I plan it far in advance so my brain has time to adjust. So personally, I’d never wake up in the morning, look at the list below, close my eyes, and pick something. I’m more like: “Ok. Next Wednesday, I’m going to do Thing 6. On Friday, Thing 8. Then BACK TO THE ROUTINE.”

But maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you’re more like:


Some people get on “kicks” and just go nuts on new goals. Which is totally cool too.

Whatever your approach, I just hope it’s not:none

When your current workout sich (that’s the abbrev of situation, obv) isn’t working for you, you have to change something.


Change What You’re Doing

–Go on a house-cleaning spree. Hit the tough jobs like scrubbing floors, bathrooms, vacumming. Then, call that a workout and skip whatever else you may have forced yourself to do that day.

–Plan a physical activity (don’t get weird on me-let’s pretend we’re mature) with your sig other or friend. Ideally, try something new. Hiking, rock climbing, canoing, kayaking. Think of it as QT instead of working out.

–Find little ways to tweak your routine (this one’s for me!). If you run, throw in a short sprint at every mile marker. Do 10 push-ups every Wednesday after your workout. Do a 20-second plank every day for a week.

–If you listen to music while working out, every time the song changes, say something positive to yourself.

–Read on the treadmill, stationary bike, what have you. You don’t always have to go fast or push hard-sometimes, you just have to move. And that movement can be slow and relaxing, to remind your brain that working out can be pretty nice. Get a book or magazine you really like and make a rule with yourself that you’re only allowed to read it while exercising.

–Sign up for something. Dance lessons, a league sport, Zumba, yoga, a martial arts class, mommy boot camp, etc. Something that keeps you accountable and that you enjoy. Personally, for some reason, I want to try boxing someday. There are constantly Groupons and other discount offers available for these types of things.

–Take breaks during long work hours to power up 3 flights of stairs (go as fast as possible so you look extra busy and important). Pick a time and put it on your calendar. Focus on getting a mood boost rather than working out.

–Volunteer for some physical work like planting or weeding, or lifting heavy boxes at a food pantry. You’ll feel good about what you’re doing on top of “working out.”

–Walk a dog. If you don’t have one, offer to walk a friend or neighbor’s dog, or volunteer at a shelter.

–Ditch stuff you hate. Hate running? Just stop. It’s ok.

–Work out with a pal. I’m not much of a buddy-up girl, but every time I do it, I end up loving it and forgetting that, hey, I just worked out too.

–Buy a jumprope. Use it (to jump rope-no loopholes here!).


Uh oh, sounds like naptime’s over-gotta run!


What would you add to this list?

Are you a routine person, or do you get restless with the same old workouts?



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