Dog Sick (+ Bulu Box Tour!)

by Kim on December 29, 2012

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that Mase and I were “under the weather”?

What I meant was: we’re dog sick.

I don’t know if it’s a flu or just a really bad cold (I can never tell the difference), but whatever it is, it’s knocked us both down hard.

Last night was a rough one. It took us over an hour to get Mason down for the night, and then he kept waking up every 20 minutes or so for the next few hours, and every other hour for the rest of the night. His sleeping habits were already all over the place from traveling for 5 days, and I was looking forward to doing a little sleep training to get him back on track, but the sickness put all that right out the window. Ugh. It’s like we have a newborn all over again.

Luckily, I have the best husband in the world. He got up with me multiple times last night to provide moral support while I bounced Mase back to sleep, he took care of M this morning so I could sleep in, and he did a grocery store run to get OJ, vitamin C, soup, and coconut ice cream (um, for the sore throat). As much as I hate being sick, especially on the weekend (I had so many big plans for myself…), I’m extremely thankful that Brent’s home to help out.

Being sick has (unfortunately) inspired me to try out this Defend + Energy drink mix from immuno-viva:


It was not bad, for a supplement drink mix. The berry flavor was nice and subtle, and helped take the edge off the nasty powdery supplement taste these things always have. (I still had to take a deep breath and chug to get through it, but whatever-it’s not pretending to be a strawberry margarita or anything.)

But most importantly, check out these stats:


Can you read that? 500 mg of Vitamin C, or 833% daily value. Take that, cold/flu/whatever you are.

I got a sample of this recently as part of the Bulu Box I received through the Sweat Pink community. (Confession: I’ve been meaning to tell you about this for weeks…I just kept running into other things I wanted to talk about first…)

Bulu Boxes are vitamin and supplement sample boxes that get delivered to your door once a month. Each box is packed with a new assortment of health product samples for you to try.


I think this is a really cool idea-getting to try out new supplements and see how they affect your body before making a huge investment in them. And I like that the boxes are spaced out enough that you won’t over-tax your body by pumping it with TOO many new things at once. So when BB asked the Sweat Pinkers if we wanted to give Bulu Box a try, I was on board immediately. (Full disclosure: I did get the box free, but Bulu Box didn’t ask me to write about it or anything.)

I *think* the box I got was the November box. (Like I said, I’ve been meaning to talk about this for awhile…)

Here’s the spread it included:


–FRS Healthy Energy chews. FRS’s big thing is something called “quercetin,” a powerful all-natural antioxidant found in foods like blueberries, red apples and grapes that has been shown to provide sustained energy, increased endurance, and immune system support.


At first, I didn’t like the flavor of these-they had that same powdery supplement taste, and for some reason reminded me of tin foil-but I’ve started to warm up to them after have 5 or so.

To be honest, I can’t say I’ve noticed any huge bursts of energy, but I think that’s the point. It’s not the instant jolt that other energy supplements offer, but more of a subtle, sustained boost. I like that the energy source is more natural, too. So many energy supplements out there are just massive caffeine bombs, which I don’t think is particularly inventive (I can always just go pound 5 cups of coffee) or healthy (partially judging by the fact that I couldn’t sleep a wink all night the time I tried a “5 Hour” Energy).

–Elebra aka “productivity in a bottle.” This stuff is supposed to boost the brain’s ability to concentrate, so you can actually make use of the extra energy you’re getting through other supplements.


Although Elebra markets itself as a companion to other energy sources like caffeine, I noticed it also includes a good amount of Guarana, which is basically natural caffeine (and is said to have twice the amount as coffee).

I haven’t tried this yet-have you?

Here are the rest of the goods (sorry-I got lazy with my photography):


–Crystal Essence lavender and white tea “natural mineral deodorant” towelettes. I haven’t tried these yet, but I think I’ll pop them in my purse (for that day when I realize I’ve been running around without deodorant all day-ever done that?). I thought about opening them today so I could at least comment on the smell, but I don’t think my stuffy nose will be much help on that right now.

Almased meal replacement powder. Haven’t tried this yet either (it looks like it contains yogurt so I probably couldn’t have it anyway). I’m pretty picky about meal replacement stuff (the only one I can give a solid thumbs-up to right now is Shakeology), so I’m not sure if this would be able to win me over.

CocoaWell beans. These combine cocoa and naturally sourced plant flavanols, which are supposed to help support healthy circulatory and cardiovascular function. I popped these babies right away-yum! However, part of CocoaWell’s message is that they provide the benefits of natural cocoa without all the fat and sugar of processed chocolate…and, ummmm…yeah, I think I might just take the chocolate.

–Defend + Energy. Still waiting for a miracle cure here! Haha…

The Bulu Box also came with this letter, explaining each of the items in this particular box.

bulu box

Want to try Bulu?

Bulu Boxes are $10/month (shipping’s free!).

You can also get your first box free with this code: FIT411 (thanks Bulu!)

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Has anyone tried Bulu or any of these products?

What are your top cold-fighting rituals/secrets???

Please send ideas + healthy vibes our way!


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