Ease up and clean up

by Kim on July 15, 2013

For the first time in many Mondays, I feel like I don’t have that much to tell you about the weekend. Ours was low on adventure and high on relaxation—and it was awesome.

On Saturday, I got to spend a few hours at my mother ship, Barnes & Noble, working on some writing and some spinach/artichoke quiche.


There was a paranoid lady next to me trying to convince me that she was being followed (and whispering loudly to me about it, despite my plainly visible headphones), until the guy who was supposedly following her very unceremoniously and non-stalkerishly got up and walked out.

That place is my escape, lady—don’t ruin it.

Saturday night, we had a few friends over to grill out. They’re  probably going to kill me for this candid photo.


We had burgers, corn on the cob, this salad, and a fruit salad. I also picked up Trader Joe’s spinach & sour cream dip, which I was very surprisingly not a fan of. It just way too green, like eating piles of soggy spinach. But everyone looooved the black bean and roasted corn salsa.

On Sunday morning, Mason and I went for the longest, sweatiest walk ever. We passed this spectacle along the way, and I knew I had to share it with you guys:


Our parks are very strict about the #1 only rule.

Then, we thought we’d try our luck at hitting an 11:15 church service. We’ve been having trouble scheduling church around Mason’s naps for months, since the service times always seem to fall right in the heart of naptime. But he seems to be officially dropping his morning nap, leaving the AM wide open for activities.

Or so we thought. 45 minutes into the service (right as the pastor was starting to make his point), our number popped up on the kiddie rescue monitor (I mean, does it have a name? It does now) and we headed downstairs to an inconsolable kid.

So our church-nursery confidence is officially shattered. To think I’m considering putting him in daycare. Sighhh.

Sunday afternoon, I headed to a BarreAmped class. Did I mention how cool the shoulder strap on my yoga mat makes me feel? Simple things, folks.


I don’t really want to talk about the class because it makes my glutes hurt, but it was an intense little muscle-shake-fest, per usual.

When I got home, we spent a solid half hour contemplating going to a beach or pool, before ultimately scrapping it (“well, it’s too late now”) and settling for the sprinkler in the yard.


Mason’s way serious about his sprinkler usage.


We capped off the night with some stand-up comedy, courtesy of Amazon Prime, and these two beauties:


Chocolate chip cookie dough milkshakes, created the old-fashioned way: by loading ice cream and milk into a cup and stabbing them with a knife until they agree to blend. (It’s pretty violent, now that I think about it.)

This morning, I stepped on a scale and did not like what I saw. Not only was the third number a bit too high, but the second one had crept up, too. That means it’s time to get serious.

I’m not panicking about this or getting down on myself in any way—it’s just a gentle reminder that it’s time to ease up and clean up in the food department. No problem.

My weekend may have been on the average side, adventure-wise, but I have some pretty dang marvelous things in my future. Here’s the lineup.

Marvelous is…



Ha—it won’t look anything like that. Picture chairs and food strewn everywhere, topped with a healthy layer of mosquitos.

Our annual friend camping trip is next weekend, and we are PUMPED. We have 20 people going this year, and it’s going to be epic.

Here’s us last year:


Dumb hats and sweaty bodies. How fun does that look??


sanibel 1

My mom and I (plus Mason and my little sister) are heading on a mini-vacay to Sanibel Island, Florida in mid-August. We found a Groupon deal for a resort and jumped on it. What!

Sanibel is known for its killer shelling opportunities. I’ve been there before, and it doesn’t look exaaactly like this, but you can definitely find some gems.




Brent and I booked a weekend trip to Boston in late August to visit some friends. I haven’t been there since high school (on a school trip), and I have a feeling it’ll be a slightly different experience.

In addition to the city, I expect to take in lots of perfectly picturesque northeast coast sights like this one:


Family cabin trip!


As if all that wasn’t enough, we’re heading up north in September with Brent’s family to spend a weekend at a cabin on the lake.

(Again, it probably won’t look like that, per se, but the vibe is right.)

I’m officially spoiled.

Do you have any fun events/trips planned for the last half of summer?

Any tips on what to do/see in Sanibel or Boston?


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Presley @ Run Pretty July 15, 2013 at 6:15 pm

This may come off as pushy, but you need to invite me on all of your upcoming vacations. Thanks.
Presley @ Run Pretty recently posted…Post-Baby Body: Month 12 UpdateMy Profile


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