Everybody Loves to Hate Their Job

by Kim on July 27, 2012

We think it’s funny to hate our jobs. We go bonkers over movies like Office Space and shows like The Office-the more the characters boo hoo about their jobs, the more tickled we get. And every ten seconds, we look at each other, all astonished, to yell “SOOOO TRUE!”

Just hop over to someecards.com and you can find gobs of glorious job-bashing humor…






Anytime one of those poor disgruntled, impassionate employees stuck behind a desk all day voices his concerns, he’s hit with the same unsympathetic response: “man up-everyone hates their job!”

Why do we all think this is ok? Is it really normal to hate your job?

Or it is ok as long as it’s temporary? (As soon as I get this promotion…as soon as I find something better…or, in my case, as soon as I pop out a kid and peace out of here…)

I’m sure some (hopefully many) people complain about their jobs just because it’s funny and relatable, and gives them an easy conversation piece during happy hour. I mean, even if you love your job, there are probably at least some moments when you’d rather be on a beach sipping an umbrella’d drink. And how many people have bonded over a nice “wow, my boss is a piece of work” tête-à-tête?

But can we differentiate between the “Because It’s Funny” (BIF) job bashers and the “I’m Seriously Tragically Miserable” (ISTM) ones? And are the ISTMs just beating down their tragic miserableness because the BIFs are tricking them into thinking it’s normal and expected?


Worst of all, are the ISTMs too paralyzed to try and pursue any changes because they’re stuck in the “well, I guess this is life” mentality?

I used to be an ISTM. For at least a year before I had Mason and quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom, I dreaded going into work every day. I slouched at my desk, grudgingly read emails, dragged my unmotivated butt to meetings, and took lots of bathroom (and Facebook) breaks.

I knew that I didn’t necessarily have to come skipping into work every morning, but wasn’t I supposed to like my job a little more than I did?

It’s hard to figure out what amount of job dissatisfaction is acceptable and (truly) normal. The biggest question I’d ask myself was: How would I feel if I knew I’d still be doing this same job in 10 years (with appropriate raises/promotions)? Would I be proud of my job stability and seniority, or bummed that I hadn’t “gotten out” yet?

I know that not everyone has the option to just up and change jobs because they’re not 100% in love with what they do. And not everyone has the financial freedom to be able to venture into something new and risky (say, starting their own business) just to pursue a dream.

…Unless you start when you’re 12 like the Biebs. Good thinking, Justin.

Yo, I don’t got no mortgage!

But what would the world be like if we all did what we loved? (Well for one, we’d have no <insert totally crappy but necessary job title>.)

And what about those of us who could make a change, but are just scared? It’s always easier to keep doing what you’re doing, regardless of how much it sucks, rather than to go out on a limb and try something new.

But if Justin could make it through puberty and embrace his more mature singing voice, you can embrace change too.

jbJustin believes in YOU

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to stay home and pursue a freelance writing career while taking care of my son. It’s a business that (in the beginning anyway) is not even remotely lucrative enough to support me without my husband’s help, and something I probably wouldn’t be doing if I hadn’t had a baby. But it’s the first time in a long time that I can honestly say that I love what I’m doing.

Are you a job basher? BIF or ISTM?

P.S. If you have any interest in A) tomato basil salads or B) hilarious British dudes, check out this clip from the Today show yesterday. Looks delicious! (The salad, not the British dude…*cough*…)

Also, I love how he pronounces “basil.”

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