Expo Shenanigans

by Kim on May 27, 2012

For the past two days, I’ve been working at the Madison Marathon expo. It’s been pretty killer.

Check out the moron wearing flip-flops at an expo, where she was standing all day. Genius! (I was smarter on Day 2.)

I was promoting the Rock n’ Sole in Milwaukee, our sister race (the people who were supposed to be there promoting it bailed). It was a little difficult promoting this race right next to the Madison Mini, which has a stellar reputation and was getting a lot more attention (plus, they were offering $10 off registration at the expo). The Rock n’ Sole is a new race that our management company just took over this year. And last year, its inaugural year, they RAN OUT OF WATER. So people kept stopping by our table to remind us of this, and we had to explain that the race is under new management now, will have plenty of water this time, yadda yadda. Around the fiftieth time I had this conversation, I was starting to hit my limit.

I also had a lot of people ask “is it usually hot?” Well, it’s in late June. What do they want me to say? (Not to mention there’s not really a “usually” with a race that’s only a year old…)

So I focused on trying to placate everyone with free koozies:

At one point, I took a break from predicting weather and apologizing for things out of my control to stroll around the expo. Runners were greeted at the entrance by this depressing sign:

Yeah. Today, race day, the weather is predicted to be “hot and steamy” (the formal description issued by our local news station) with a high of 93. There were a lot of people pretty upset about the decision to cancel (and pretty comfortable unloading their woes on random exhibitioners who had nothing to do with it), but unfortunately, it was probably the right call. But such a shame for everyone who had trained so hard and, in some cases, traveled from far away (I met a couple from North Carolina, and someone said there was a guy from Australia running).

More Random Expo Pics:

EnduranceHouse’s footstrike analysis station. I really need to do this someday. Although I’m not sure I want to know the results. They’ll probably recommend an ankle brace or something when they see how wonky I run.

Discount running gear! I’ll show you my buys later in the post.

Booth for three Minneapolis races (the Women Rock, Minneapolis Marathon, and Go Commando Adventure Race). There was a shirtless firefighter here promoting the Women Rock, and you could get your picture taken with him. Too bad he was on a potty break when I took this.

Scales were available if anyone needed a pre-race weight check. Why??

I went home with this awesome new running outfit, which includes my first running skirt (!!):

Girly enough for you?

I’m really excited to try the skirt, which I got at a steal for $50. It has built-in compression shorts and is cuhrazy comfortable (well, comfortable for standing in a bathroom stall while trying it on, at least). It also has an iPod pocket in the leg, with a hole for stringing through the headphone cord. (It’s the simple things.)

I wasn’t sure you’d be able to envision a hole in a piece of fabric, so I took a close-up for you.

I liked the pink shirt so much that I wore it for a few hours when I got home last night. And of course, because I’m so awesome, I got a snag in it almost immediately:


Maybe I can put a nice brooch there…


In other news, something weird happened to me yesterday (like temporary insanity) and I signed up for a half marathon in August. The Mini Marathon, in fact.

Which means my 12-week training program starts Monday. Gulp.

Happy Memorial Day!


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