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by Kim on May 8, 2013

I’ve been so, so looking forward to the day Mase started feeding himself, not just because I no longer had to sit there and spoon purees into his mouth, but also because I could create this scene:


Me reading blogs with a cup of coffee, him happily (and INDEPENDENTLY) munching away. I don’t even have to feel guilty because it’s too distracting for him if I try to interact with him while he’s eating.

In the evening, this transitions into me making dinner while he eats, which is even more incredible. I used to always have such a hard time keeping him entertained while I cooked. I’d desperately toss him measuring spoons and pots, and cross my fingers that he wouldn’t get into the cleaning supplies under the sink in the 2 seconds I had my back turned to stir something.

Now, that’s all changed. And it’s awesome.

It’s a beautiful day again today (hallelujah—seriously), and we’re planning to spend as much of it outside as possible (I just bought SPF 50 kids’ sunscreen yesterday—we’re ready), but I wanted to stop in here first to share a few links with you guys.

I’m so honored to be featured in two different places on the web today!

The first is Healthy Living Blogs. This is an amazing site that knits together our huge community of healthy living bloggers in a powerful and fun way, and it’s run by some incredibly kind and talented women.


I was so thrilled when HLB asked me to participate in their Healthy Mind, Healthy Body series this month. I also thought it was a pretty timely request, given my recent foray into the world of yoga.


Check out the HLB post here! (And, if you’re a fellow healthy living blogger, join in the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body theme link-up at the end of the month!)

The second place I’m featured is over at FitKit. This is a newer site that aspires to personalize nutrition and supplement use for people through an interactive lifestyle quiz.


When FitKit asked if I’d be interesting in writing some tips on staying healthy in a busy world, my first thought was: I hate the word “tips.”

It’s just so overused these days, especially in the health/wellness world, that I think it’s gaining a negative connotation. “Tips” = a thrown-together list of the same crap we hear over and over again. Hydrate! Eat protein! Get good sleep!


So my primary goal became to write a tip-like article that was not also a complete snoozefest.

My topic of choice: what else? Moms.


Moms are busy in kind of a different way than non-moms. Everyone has a million things to do, but moms (when they’re with their kids, anyway) don’t have a choice about which ones they get to do when, or if they get to do any of them at all. Kids run the show, and it changes everything. Plus, there’s the guilt factor anytime a mom gets it into her head that she’s going to do something so selfish as working out alone.

I know there are a million other tip lists on this exact same topic out there, but what I think a lot of them are missing is the mental battle. Just diving into an exercise routine isn’t going to work if your head isn’t in the right place first—and, especially in the case of moms, if your whole family isn’t on board.

Almost all of the tips I came up with for this don’t involve moving a single muscle. Instead, they focus on getting yourself in the right mindset and prepping your environment for success.

I was really excited to write this post, since these ideas have become really near and dear to me over the past year. And I don’t think it turned out too boring—but, then again, I’m a little obsessed with this stuff. clip_image006

Check out the FitKit post here!


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emma May 8, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Congrats on your independent eater!!
The coffee and blog reading is a GREAT way to start the days. :)
emma recently posted…Mama Workout and Breast Feeding. A Balance.My Profile


Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate May 8, 2013 at 11:46 am

That’s so exciting, congrats! Awesome little article too!


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