Finding My Healthy Living Cocktail

by Kim on October 11, 2012

The other day, I was reading a blog post by a Blogger-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named (you’ll understand why in a sec).


She (ok, yes, it was a lady blogger…and NOW I’VE SAID TOO MUCH) was talking about how, after a self-imposed hiatus from running, she couldn’t handle the non-running lifestyle anymore and had to hop on the treadmill to knock out a few miles. Then she joked about how what she did could barely even be called a “run”–more ┬álike a light jog–since she was only going 6 mph on the treadmill, punctuated by 4.5 mph walks.

First of all, despite what you’re thinking, I’m not here to bash her at all. Everyone has different physical capabilities and I’m cool with that. Something that’s stupid-easy for one person is another person’s future fitness goal.

What I’m here to say is: when I read that post, a little alarm went off in my head.

Ummm…6 mph is basically my standard speed. Maybe 6.3 or 6.5 if I’m particularly energetic. But anything over that is officially SPEEDWORK, to be approached only on SPEEDWORK DAYS and when extra upbeat music is cranked on my iPod.

And here I am calling myself a “runner”–even talking about it ON A BLOG!

Clearly, I’m SO not a running expert, or even a great running role model. I don’t wake up and churn out 12 miles before breakfast every day. I’m not tweeting something uplifting from the gym (along with a picture of my treadmill results) at 5:30 AM. Sometimes I dread runs, sometimes I drag butt through them, sometimes I skip them altogether, and I always take lots of “water” breaks (aka walk breaks).

I try to be real about all of this on the blog, rather than selectively sharing my success stories–which I know would make you all vomit uncontrollably (“Amazing 10-miler today! Off to Vitamix me a recovery shake!”)–but it’s still hard to fight off the self-doubt monster sometimes. I’m obviously not THE BEST…there are plenty of bloggers who run farther/faster/more often/with better form/in cuter workout gear/etc.

So am I good enough to even be talking about this?

runner Although we do share several physical characteristics, this is NOT me.


(This is the part in Full House episodes when the music changes and there’s a good heart-to-heart chat that cleanly resolves all of the conflict of the previous half hour.)

I’m not here to be the best. I’m here to be me.

I’m not writing this blog to teach people things, because I don’t know either. I’m here to learn about what it means to be healthy–for me. In one of Jillian Michaels’s podcasts, she talks about how the definition of “healthy” is found by taking the eleventy-billion tips and messages that are swimming around out there about healthy living and boiling them down into a handful of truths that make sense just for you. You pick and choose things from the master list until you find your perfect, fully customized healthy living cocktail.

So that’s what I’m after. And if you learn something vicariously through my learning, then cool. If not, also cool.

The most important thing is that I LIKE running (or “light jogging”). And it works for me.


What’s in your healthy living cocktail?

I also strive to eat mostly clean meals, with some indulgences, and I value happiness as an important component of overall wellness. I also value sleep. (I mean…right??)


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Sarah October 25, 2012 at 12:36 am

This post sums up my life!!:) I’m a “runner” but rarely go faster than 6.3-6.5 on a fabulous treadmill day and I’ve only “competed” in three races in my entire life but you know what? That’s amazing still! I love your blog and attitude towards life and fitness and just wanted you to know I’m a new reader who is totally inspired by you!!:) Thanks for this awesome reminders!!


Kim October 25, 2012 at 8:16 am

Hey Sarah! That’s totally amazing, keep it up! And thanks for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. :)


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