Fitness Goals: Temporarily Postponed

by Kim on February 5, 2012

Typically, I would say there’s no day like today to start tackling some new fitness goals. For example, I’m looking forward to training for and running a few races this year. I want abs. I want toned arms. I want to look good in certain kinds of clothes that are worn in the summer.

But the truth is, a lot of that’s on hold right now.

Right now, I look like this:

33 weeks pregnant and counting! Our little boy is due March 23.

The pregnancy has been very smooth, and I think I’m doing pretty well dealing with the changes my body’s going through (despite the occasional hormonal meltdown…), but at this point, I’m dying to get my body back. I’m looking forward to running without a 15+ pound weight pulling me down, biking without my knees hitting my stomach, or worrying what people at the gym are thinking (are they judging me? do they think I’m endangering my baby??). Plus, for the past 7+ months I’ve had an excuse to NOT push myself physically, and I’m ready for that excuse to be gone!

I’d thought that being super preggo in the dead of winter would be a cinch as far as working out goes. I’m not a subzero, snow-and-ice-battling runner, so I figured there would be no temptation to run outside. And I wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on any other fun warm-weather activities. But of course, this is the one year that we’re having constant record highs! 45 degrees in February in Wisconsin is unheard of! … Oh well. :) Still can’t complain!

Since this is my first baby, I have no idea what to expect for recovery time post-baby. 1 month? 2? More? Is it unreasonable to think I could sign up for a marathon in the fall? I’m sure that once the baby gets here, signing up for marathons will be far from the forefront of my mind…but it’s tough being a planner who can’t plan! :)

Fitness magazine must be hearing me…they published a few helpful articles on the topic:

In the meantime, my workouts typically consist of a combination of biking, the elliptical, and some light weights. I’m hoping to keep it up until the bitter end, but it gets a little more awkward every week. 7 weeks to go!!


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