Flyaways and food prep

by Kim on January 21, 2013

Did I ever tell you why I don’t run outside in the winter?

This is why:


…and that’s actually better than what was expected. Technically, it’s DOUBLE the predicted high of 3 degrees!

Now, why I live in this climate is something I can’t explain quite as easily. Luckily, Better Homes and Gardens is doing a Hawaiian vacation sweepstakes that I plan to win. I’ve been entering every day for three days now and I think my chances are good to very good. (But now I told you about it and slashed my own odds. Crap!)

So we’re hibernating today, and our furnace is busy performing what is essentially the furnace-world equivalent of an Ironman. (I tried to cheer it on, but “You got this—only a few more months to go!” didn’t come off as encouraging as I’d hoped.)

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and share some marvelous things from the weekend! (As always, thanks to Katie for hosting MIMM!)


Marvelous is…

A visit from the in-laws, which is always a huge treat for us—and even moreso for Mason, who essentially gets 24-hour/day undivided attention from Grandma.


He’s getting increasingly more patient with reading books, and less obsessed with constantly trying to close the books instead, which is nice.

In other kid news:

He’s been loving his activity table, our most recent Craigslist find.


No independent steps yet, but he’s getting cockier about how much he needs to be hanging onto things while standing.


After finally accepting the fact that he’s not falling for the fake baby-toy remote control we bought him, Brent took the batteries out of an old REAL remote and gave it to him. It is PURE. HEAVEN.


Judging by the way he plays with it, I think what he’s really after is a flute.


As you can see, my postpartum hair re-growth situation is a little out of control right now. At first, I had a ton of baby sprouts right above my ears, but now they’re turning into long, weird flyaways. Oh, well.

Mason’s all “oh, you wanna talk flyaways?”


Marvelous is…

Dinner and a movie with Brent, thanks to the in-laws!

We went to an Irish restaurant called Brocach, where I had the most amazing salmon EVER. Ohhhh man. I don’t think I appreciated it enough. I NEED to learn how to make salmon like this.

salmon With herbed risotto, pink peppercorn beurre blanc, sauteed asparagus, and pistachio gremolata (per the menu) – !!!!

Brent had the Shepherd’s Pie, and we split the beet/goat cheese salad with pomegranate-balsamic dressing (Brent INSISTED on the salad—just kidding).

Also, if you’re curious what I’d look like as a ghost, here you go:


Good pictures in dim restaurants = impossible.

For the movie part of the night, we saw This is 40. We were in the mood for a good comedy, but this movie was soooooo looooong. Every single scene was at least 5 minutes longer than it needed to be, and the dialogue was so—I don’t know—wordy that it kind of made my head hurt. The style was very reminiscent of Funny People, if you’ve seen that.

But, hey, we were in a movie theater, being adults again. It was great.

Marvelous is…

Actually doing food prep! This is something I’d always loved the sound of, but was never quite in the habit of doing. With a little inspiration from Caitlin, who eats fabulous, quick, healthy meals all week long thanks to her aggressive food prep habits, I’d like to change that.

Here’s what I prepped:

1. Fruit


I always want to eat more fruit, but when I come home with a bag of apples, they tend to kinda sit there. Oranges are too much work to peel. Watermelon, ugh, what a mess.

But when I set aside time to clean and cut a bunch of fruit and store it in a container in the fridge, it becomes this huge treat.

I’ve also decided that kiwis are deeply, deeply underrated. The centers??? SO GOOD.

2. Brown rice

IMG_2545It’s so easy to prepare rice that it seems almost ridiculous to make it in advance. But when I finish prepping whatever we’re having for the main part of our meal, and I pause to consider making a side, like rice, I’m usually all “ughhhhh I just don’t wannaaaa.”

When I make stir fry, specifically, the stir fry part of the process consumes so much of my attention, and comes together so fast, that I almost always end up sitting there with fully cooked veggies and meat, thinking, “Crap. I still need rice.”

3. Roasted sweet potatoes

I love sweet potatoes, and they’re very healthy, but I almost never eat them. This is mostly because I’m lazy, and the prep process is intimidating. (While I’m actually cooking a meal, my prep time allowance for side dishes is approximately 32 seconds. Which means even those microwavable veggie steam bags don’t cut it.) But whenever I actually get my sh*z together and make them, it ends up being a piece of cake. (Duh, self.)

This time, inspired by this article, I didn’t even peel the potatoes before roasting. (The article calls sweet potato skins “magical”—not something to be carelessly removed and flung aside. Not to mention they clog up sink disposals like woah.)


Oh, and last but not least:

Marvelous is…

PicMonkey’s new Valentine’s Day effects!


Is anyone else excited about this??? … No?? …

Do you do regular food prep? What do you make?

Gotta run—I’ll be back tomorrow with a Salute to Simple update!


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Katie January 22, 2013 at 10:53 am

Glad you had a great weekend and even a date night out! Your food looked good!

Oh picmonkey valentine’s fun! YAY!

Happy week!


Kim January 22, 2013 at 10:56 am

Thanks Katie!


Jessie January 22, 2013 at 1:44 am

Mason is such a little cutie pie. I’m glad your inlaws were there and gave you & the hubs a night out together. I couldn’t agree with you more about the movie dragging out way longer than it needed to be.


Kim January 22, 2013 at 8:40 am

Thanks Jessie!


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