Friday 5’s

by Kim on October 12, 2012

For some reason, totally non-cohesive posts like these seem ok on Fridays. Probably because our brains are in high-distraction mode anyway. Back to our regularly scheduled (attempts at) cohesion on Monday!


5 Friday Facts

1. We had a new-to-us meal this week that I highly recommend for at least 4 reasons: it was tasty, hearty, healthy, and wildly fast/easy to make. I mean wildly.

All I did was cook up some pine nut couscous (out of a box), mix in some halved cherry tomatoes and spinach (the spinach wilts in the hot couscous, which is what you want), salt & pep to taste, and top with two eggs cooked over-easy. The yolk seeped out into the mix and made it extra awesome. Even the hubby came back for a second plate!

egg We also ate dinner at 9 PM this night for whatever reason. Let’s just say it didn’t make for great photography conditions.

I rarely ever make over-easy eggs, and I remembered why: those unbroken yolks just stare up at me from the pan, and I get this crazy zit-popping urge that’s hard to resist. (Sorry if you’re now turned off to o-easy eggs for life…)


2. I’m going to totally jinx this by writing it, but Mason seems to be finally sleeping through the night. The past couple days, I’ve been waking up at 7:30 AM and thinking “wait…have I really been asleep, uninterrupted, since I went to bed? IS HE OK???”

I don’t think the magic key was starting him on solids or him doubling his birth weight, as many have suggested. I think he was just not drinking enough milk before bed.

So I started experimenting with giving him a bottle before bed instead of breastfeeding, which allowed me to both see how much he was actually drinking and (after pumping later) to see how much I was actually producing at that time of day. I was shocked to see that I was only getting a few ounces, when I was able to produce double or triple that amount at any other time of the day.

Geez, what’s a kid gotta do to get a nice warm meal before bed around here?
(The bib was a coincidence…we don’t really starve him on purpose and then dress him accordingly.)

So the new routine is that I have to pump at his usual bedtime AND after his morning feeding to come up with enough milk for the daily Papa Bedtime Bottle (which he downs without batting an eye), but it’s definitely worth the trouble. (Ladies who exclusively pump, you have my utmost respect…I’m way too lazy for even this small amount of pumping action!)

Plus, in the few days I’ve been doing this, my evening supply has already increased considerably from pumping. (Without getting too TMI about how breastfeeding works, I think the real problem is that Mase gets too impatient with breastfeeding and stops when he gets bored or the flow is too slow, instead of when the milk is gone. Not drinking all the milk=reduced demand=reduced supply…yeah. That is TMI, isn’t it? Shoot.)


3. This weekend is my last chance for a long run before the half marathon on the 20th. I’m slated to go 12 miles, and hope hope hope I actually will. Potential complication: it’s supposed to rain this weekend…a lot. Please send good running and anti-rain karma my way.


4. I stopped at Brennan’s Market yesterday and picked up some of this madness:


Ughhhhhh it’s so gooooood.

While everyone else has been freaking out about pumpkins and trying to incorporate them into every recipe imaginable, I’ve been thinking about this stuff. I don’t even like cherries that much, technically (I was the weird kid who hated everything cherry-flavored, while all the other kids were always begging for “the red kind”-yuck! Grape all the way), but cherry butter is a completely different story.

Luckily, despite the naughty B word in their name, most fruit butters are dairy-free. However, most crackers (my #1 jar-to-mouth cherry butter transfer tool) are not.

When I asked a Brennan’s employee whether they stocked any milk-free crackers, her response was (heavy Polish accent): “What eez zees ‘meelk-free’?” Oh boy, where do I begin?


5. Mason’s 6 month pictures are coming up in a few weeks (he’ll technically be 7 months old by then, but whatev). So we were at Target yesterday and somehow ended up with this hat in the cart:



Oh yes, I did.


mase1 Mid cherry butter jar karate chop

Also, it’s getting harder to take pictures of this kid every day. Particularly when you’re holding him and he gets a serious craving for the phone you’re holding.

Basically, 98% of our pictures end up like this:



5 Friday Funnies



ho made






horoscopeI found this on Pinterest and the caption was “didn’t catch that when you were 10, did ya?” Ha!!


FREEBIE! If you haven’t seen this yet and can spare 3 minutes and 43 seconds, I highly recommend watching this hilarious clip of Kristen Bell having a meltdown because she loves sloths so much and is about to meet one. It kills me every time. (Naturally, there is also an auto-tuned version you could check out.)


Of Possible Interest

This has been going around Facebook-both a great teaching point and a great excuse to grab a beer with a friend.

Here are some genius ideas about talking to kids about strangers (aka “tricky people”)-I hope I remember these in about 5 years!

Chelsey mentioned something called the Thought Catalog in her post today. Looks interesting…not that I need another internet time-suck in my life…


Have a wonderful weekend!



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Brent Krueger October 12, 2012 at 1:28 pm

haha, I had never seen that sloth clip, thank you for that, wowww


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