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by Kim on September 5, 2014

So I’m worried I might have made everything sound a little too rosy the other day

Josh and I are doing great—that was all completely true. But I hope I didn’t make it sound like my life is a total vacation right now.

You see, I also have this toddler…a toddler who’s used to getting what he wants, when he wants it, and having mom ALL. TO. HIMSELF.


So there have been tantrums, and there’s been clinginess, and there’s been looots of whining.

It didn’t help that he had both grandmas visit over that past week and a half, showering him with attention, gifts, and on-demand trips to the park. Brent’s mom, the second grandma to visit, left yesterday, which means my extra help is officially cut off.

I’ll admit—yesterday, my first day alone with both kiddos, was a pretty scary day. At one point, Mason was having a tantrum because he wanted to go outside, Josh needed to eat, and my brain went into semi-panic mode, thinking, “Is this my life now??”

Anyway, I’m not that worried yet. I know things will get better, and I’ll get into a groove with the kiddos’ schedules. I’m also planning to incorporate a few more activities into our days to prevent us all from going bonkers when we’re trapped inside all winter. The first one: I joined a Bible study for moms of preschoolers, which meets at our church every other Thursday from 9-11 AM and includes childcare.



So! In an effort to make life seem normal again, I thought I’d stop in today with a few things I’ve been loving this week…

–This giant batch of no bake energy bites, aka nursing candy. <— (I wonder how many times I’ve linked to that recipe on this blog? Seriously more than 10…and yes, it deserves it!)


I tweaked this batch by including some cocoa and my new vegan chocolate protein powder, thinking I could use all the protein (and chocolate) I can get.

These have been an absolute lifesaver—not just because I don’t have a ton of time (or motivation) to cook right now, with a baby attached to my chest half the day (haha—dramatization), but because I have absolutely zero appetite.

I’m not sure why…the same thing happened after Mason was born, and it makes no sense to me because aren’t most nursing moms supposed to be ravenous?? I obviously need food to keep my milk supply trucking along, so those bites have been perfect for the “dang, it’s 2 PM and I still haven’t thought about lunch” moments. (Please don’t hate me—it’s seriously an alarming problem to have!)

–Unintentional baby smiles:


I don’t care if they’re “just gas” or whatever—I’m pretending they’re real.

–My push present!


M & J charms for my boys, from Stella & Dot.

I’m not usually one to need a push present (I didn’t get one the first time around, and didn’t care), but I had my eye on these charms anyway, so I thought I’d mention them to Brent and “see what happened.” (haha)

–The latest from TJ’s:


I had to give it a shot. Unsurprisingly, it’s fabulous.

Next, it will be anything that says pumpkin on it. Do you have any favorites I should know about??

–Fitting into my favorite capris again! (they’re Calvin Klein, in case you care—similar to these, which are on super sale right now!)


I mean, they have an elastic waist, so this isn’t a massive victory or anything. But hey, one small step for the postpartum mom…

–My first successful outing with both kids:


We went to the library and Mason was luckily very well-behaved. And Josh, well…I love the way newborns can sleep anytime, anywhere.

Like, I REALLY love that.

–My new workstation:


Since the new crib meant my big, beautiful desk had to go, I opted for this handy stand instead. So far, I love it! Perfect for late night nursing/blog-reading sessions—although that glider is almost a little too comfortable to actually do work on. (Almost…)

We’re supposed to be getting some cooler, fall-ish weather this weekend, and I have to admit I’m pretty excited! I’m totally ready to hop on the pumpkin/tall boots/football/lattes fall bandwagon with everyone else.

I’m also excited to do some meal planning and prep for the first time in two weeks. Basically, anything “normal” is appealing right now—even the stuff I don’t love. I really hope I remember how to cook…

Anyone else have loss of appetite postpartum, or know what that’s all about?

Easy recipes you can recommend for my first week back in the kitchen? (Help!!)

What’s the last new-ish item from TJ’s you tried?

Fall: what are you most excited about?

I’m saying the fashion!


Hope you have a great weekend!



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Katie September 5, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter is amazing, add it to yogurt, toast (bonus points with cream cheese) or there is a recipe for a soup, but I’ve never made that.
Katie recently posted…Easing Into FallMy Profile


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