Genius Baby Invention I’m Loving Right Now

by Kim on April 5, 2012

I’d like to introduce you to one of the most genius baby inventions ever:

THE BABY K’TAN! AKA the “trick your baby into thinking he’s being held” chest wrap. Who’s calling the shots in this house NOW, baby? (Ok…still you.)

I know I don’t look super excited about it in that picture, but believe me, I AM. (Self-photos are just awkward…if you’ve found the secret to looking cool in them, please contact me immediately.)

Like most newborns, Mason likes to be held. Preferably every second of the day. And although I want to hold him, I also want to do five billion other things around the house. Otherwise, in the evenings, I get that crappy “what the heck did I do all day?” feeling, which is less than awesome. (I know, caring for a newborn all day is a legit activity, but it doesn’t always feel super “productive” in and of itself–ya know?)

Enter: Baby K’Tan.

Thanks to this amazing tool, right now, as I type this post, I am also HOLDING MY BABY. (Or so he thinks.) AND he’s sleeping a lot longer and more deeply than he does outside of it.

Here’s my view right now (excuse the borderline cleavage):

Before I bought this, I’d been warned by some friends that baby wraps were a nightmare to put on. I went back and forth on the decision of whether to get one a bunch of times, feverishly adding and then removing various wraps from my registry like it was the most crucial mothering decision I would ever make.

In retrospect, I think my friends must have been talking about the Moby wrap, which is a totally different animal than the K’Tan. The Moby wrap is a super long piece of fabric that you have to twist and finagle around your body in all kinds of crazy ways to wear. I’m pretty sure it involves some complex fishing knots and basket weaving techniques. The K’Tan, on the other hand, is comprised of two connected loops that you wrap around your shoulders, plop baby in, and secure with a sash. Piece of cake, even for someone like me who can’t braid her own hair (is that weird? I swear it’s hard).

I might also get a Baby Bjorn, which I think would be better for outdoor excursions and for use by Dad. But for slogging around the house and dinking around on the computer (“dinking” is probably the best word for what I do on here most of the time…), the K’Tan is perfect. Highly recommend! (Note to K’Tan company: kickbacks welcome!)

(P.S. I’m always scared to say the word Bjorn out loud because I don’t know how to pronounce it. Is the J silent or not? I may never know…)

The only potential drawbacks of the K’Tan (or any strap-to-chest device):

  • You have to be careful when you eat. I just found a piece of granola in my son’s hair a few minutes ago. Sorry, buddy–you’re right, we are better than that.
  • You will inevitably have to visit the lady’s room at some point, which seems a bit awkward at first with another person strapped to you. You will try to remind yourself that he was technically strapped to you for 9 months and you did this all the time then…but, sadly, this realization will not help. It’s kinda like having…relations…during pregnancy–you just have to keep reminding yourself that the baby doesn’t know what’s going on.
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