Ghetto Pilates

by Kim on June 1, 2012

Happy Friday!

We’re heading out of town this weekend for a graduation party and a bridal shower (which is actually a couple’s shower/outdoor BBQ for both my bro and his fiance). As chair of the Decorations Committee for the shower (total members: 1), I’ve been frantically perusing Pinterest for ideas. Now I’m waiting for Mason to wake up from his nap so I can run out and pick up tissue paper, construction paper, ribbon, and some pictures of the couple I had printed at Walgreens. Then I’ll race home to cobble it all together into a hot mess some sweet decorations before we hit the road tonight.

I anticipate it’ll end up looking something like this:


Point: I’m not very artistic. But I try. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Meanwhile, it’s Day 3 of my half marathon training program. Today is supposed to be a rest day, but I ended up having to do yesterday’s workout this morning since Mason chose to not sleep yesterday when I planned to do it. (It might sound like I’m off to a rocky start, but I totally anticipated this and know I’ll have to be extra flexible with the rugrat around.) So I did a 25-minute HIIT TurboFire workout followed by 1 sprint on the treadmill (I did 1/4 mile at a speed of 8, with 2 minutes of walking at 4 before and after). It was great!

To ease into some ab work post-baby, I’ve also been doing this Pilates video when I can spare 10 minutes here and there:

I don’t know a ton about Pilates, but I love this video. The ab work seems like it should be super easy, but when you use proper Pilates breathing techniques, it becomes surprisingly challenging and effective.

For a quick intro to Pilates breathing, check this out:

It seriously works.

My Pilates video also has an arm workout that requires the use of light weights (1-2 lbs). Since I only have 5-lb. weights, I had to improvise a little…

 Ghetto Weights

No joke.

They’re kind of annoying because I can hear the soup slopping around inside the cans when I’m using them (I didn’t have any better options in the pantry), but they do the trick for now. Don’t worry, if I keep doing this video regularly, I’ll invest in some actual weights (I know, what a major investment–definitely worth sleeping on).

It just goes to show that you don’t need expensive equipment to work out. A DVD player and a couple cans of chicken noodle soup are a great start. A nice stew would be even better, if you can manage. ;)

Before I go, here’s a quick Friday Funny for ya:

So true.

Have a great weekend!


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