Ghosts of Halloween Past, Present, and Future

by Kim on October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, friends!


On this day one year ago, I was pregnant and heading into the OB for my 20 week ultrasound. I’d been in agony ALL DAY waiting for that appointment, since it was the one where we’d find out whether we were having a boy or a girl. When the ultrasound tech asked us if we had a preference, Brent reluctantly admitted, “I guess I’d like a boy…”

At first, the baby had his legs crossed, and I was horrified that I might have to WAIT EVEN LONGER. Luckily, with a little jostling and prodding, we got him moving. I’ll never forget the tech saying, “Well…how ’bout a BOY, Dad!”

Afterwards, we went out for Mexican to celebrate, and then to Target to buy our son his first little outfit…

boyHm. Ya know, I think he grew out of this before I ever had a chance to put it on him…
And what was I thinking back then with the SNAPS? Zippers are where it’s at!

Anyway, in all the excitement, we forgot all about Halloween and the cute little trick-or-treaters who had probably been ringing our doorbell for hours! By the time we got home, trick-or-treat rush hour appeared to be over. Anyone who hit up our house late that night lucked out big time-we had to be extra generous with our giant bowl of candy.

But this year, we’re ready! (Assuming our neighbors aren’t still mad about last year…)

candyWe’ve had this for over a week now, but I made hubby hide it from me so I wouldn’t be tempted. Every once in awhile, he’d disappear and reappear with a mysterious handful of candy…

We’ve decided not to dress up, or to dress up the little dude (mostly out of cheapness), but B and I have paid our dues in the Halloween costume department over the years…

halloween3 Bob Ross and Amy Winehouse – 2008

halloween1 The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a Ghostbuster – 2009

halloween2Colonel Sanders and a blind mouse (of the 3 Blind Mice-I had 2 friends dressed the same way) – 2010

As we’re gearing up for another night of cute little Disney princesses and Spidermen, I can’t help wondering what Halloween will look like for Mason 5 years from now. If he’s still allergic to milk and peanuts, will there be any point in taking him trick-or-treating? What do parents of high-allergy kids do in these situations? Do you let him go, and then swap all his candy at the end for some allergy-safe alternatives? Sounds deeply lame, but if he’s never had a Reese’s or a Kit Kat, will he care??

Ok, the trip to the future wasn’t nearly as much fun as the past. I’m not ready to think about all that yet.

Anyway! If you haven’t had a chance to spruce up your casa for Halloween, Pinterest is the place to BE right now. Even if you’re like me and you’re too lazy/craftily-challenged to actually do any of these things, it’s fun to look and to be impressed by other people’s creativity.

Here are a couple of my favorite Last-Minute Halloween Decor Ideas (click a pic to jump to Pinterest)…

For the last one, you put glow sticks in the toilet paper rolls and hide them in the bushes-genius!

But I think my favorite is the creepy gloves handing you your toilet paper.

What was your best Halloween costume of all time?


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