Girls on the Run!

by Kim on November 12, 2012

I hope I’m lucky enough to have a daughter someday.

But if, when that daughter hits elementary school, she’s not interested in getting involved with Girls on the Run, I might be a tiny bit depressed.

This program is just awesome. I think every young girl on the planet needs something like this.

If you’re not familiar with GOTR, here’s a little bit about the program, from their website:

GOTR missionSo the reason I’m bringing this up: on Saturday, I got to help out at a Girls on the Run 5K. It was awesome.

signageNevermind the long-torsoed/small-headed figure in the corner.

Something about this entrance made me suddenly want to go skiing.

First of all, I got to wear this gorgeous vest:

cheer Right?!?!

In case you’ve never gotten this opportunity, let me tell you: wearing a yellow vest makes you look POWERFUL.

All of a sudden, everyone assumed I a) knew everything about the race, including the entire route, the locations of the water stations, and the rundown of the post-race events, b) knew how to direct traffic around a steady stream of little running girls, and c) knew where the church and nearest gas station were located (and the best route to the highway).

Unfortunately, a) the only info I’d received about the race was that I needed to be there at 9 AM, b) directing traffic is harder than it looks! and c) I’d never been to this town in my life, and my sense of direction is disturbingly weak.

I feel like I got a peek into the life of a cop.

Ok, no I didn’t.

But enough about me and my dumb vest. Say hello to THE GIRLS!

runners2Here they come!

runners And there they go…

I was stationed at this corner:


It was about 2 blocks from the finish line, which was awesome because I got to be the person yelling, “You’re SO CLOSE!! Just turn this corner and you can SEE THE PARK!! Gaaaah!”

The weather was absolutely perfect, and there was a HUGE turnout.

pre race Pre-race crowd near the starting line.
Not sure if you can tell how many people are down there, but it’s approximately A LOT.

In addition to my yellow vest, I was well equipped with my Go Girls sign and pink pom pom:

go girls

Of course, it seemed like I always yelled “Great job, girls!!!” right when a bunch of dads would go by…


It was really fun to watch the girls get into the race. Of course, it’s not even about the running, really-the same way adult races aren’t always about running. Sometimes they’re just about building community and inspiring confidence in people. And it’s so cool to see how this phenomenon works with kids, too.

GOTR statement

To learn more about Girls on the Run or to get involved, check out their website. :)

Hope you had a great weekend!


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