Happy Easter + Top Ten!

by Kim on April 8, 2012

Happy Saturday + day before Easter! We decided not to head home to celebrate with the families as we typically would because we’ll be seeing them the next two weekends in a row (one for a wedding and one for a baby shower). So it’s been a lazy Saturday around here.

This morning, I got to hit the gym for the first time since becoming de-pregnantized. Woohoo! I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and some arm weights–super low impact, but it felt increeedible. (Technically, I’m not sure how long I’m supposed to wait before working out again, so I’m going light and gauging how I feel. Hopefully back to running soon!)

Meanwhile, Pinterest has been blowing UP with spring and Easter related stuff, which I find pretty awesome. All the pastel colors are SO welcome after the dark shades of winter. (It’s weird–I get so excited about light, bright colors in the spring, and then by fall, I’m eager to start wearing black and dark purple again. Gotta love seasons.) So far, I’ve resisted the urge to buy little bunny ears for Mason and take thousands of pictures of him curled up in an Easter basket surrounded by that uber-green tinsely fake grass stuff. (Although I do have ONE MORE DAY…)

One thing I have not resisted, and have not been resisting since it hit stores over a month ago (at least??) is my kryptonite: the Cadbury Egg.

Perfection in a wrapper.

Anyway. Here’s the latest (Largely Spring/Easter Inspired) Top Ten!

1. Top Easter Egg Decor Idea. Now, this is way, way, way (repeat x 50) more time and energy than I would ever be willing to spend on Easter egg decorating, but I applaud whoever managed to pull off these creations.

I’m pretty sure there is not a single person from my generation who doesn’t deeply respect these characters and the childhoods they represent. We Original Nintendo Devotees are a loyal bunch.

Case in point…my son:

2. Top Cool Idea. Squashed cinnamon rolls for apple pie crust. Because there are always ways to make a naughty pie just a touch naughtier.

P.S. I’m not sure how this is technically done. It’s one of those things I could see being either extremely easy or extremely difficult. But I’m on board in theory.

3. Top Funny Because It’s True. I never want to do more things involving my fingers than when I have wet nails. And it always seems like even if I wait a solid 30 minutes, one super careful nose scratch will result in 3 smudged fingers. It’s deeply frustrating.

4. Top Shoe.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I like admiring shoes more than actually wearing them. It’s so hard for me to find a shoe that’s actually comfortable (they either pinch, don’t stay on, make my feet sweat too much…etc etc). Honestly, I’m happiest in my black Old Navy flip-flops, and would LOVE it if I could wear them year-round.

So I will never actually buy these…but they’re fun to look at!


5. Top Awesome Product. I’m not sure what I like more–the gun handle or the holster on the wall.

Also, is it weird that this is the second gun reference in this post?

6. Top Easter Decor. People that come up with this kind of stuff impress me so much! If I was capable of something like this, I would start a wreath business immediately.

7. Top Funny Because It’s Not True.

Or is it?

This kind of reminds me of those Porn for Women calendars that involve hot men doing housework and pampering their wives. Hilarious!

8. Top Treat. Are you kidding me?? So pink and delicious! These are called Tropical Berry Energy Bites–might be a nice break from the standard oat bites.

Bonus points for being springy and Eastery!

9. Top Cute Animal. So I have to admit that I’m not really a dog person (*GASP*WHAT* – everyone in the world). BUT I’m also not dead, so I can still appreciate a super cute one now and then.

I dare you to look at this picture and think about something negative. You can’t do it!

10. Top Burger Eye. Of all the burger eyes I saw on Pinterest, this was definitely the best one!

Gotta go–the Ten Commandments movie is on! I know it’s 14 hours long, incredibly slow, and filled with some of the worst acting you’ve ever seen, but I still love it for some reason.

Happy Easter!


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