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by Kim on November 5, 2012

This past weekend was what I’m going to call sweet & sour.

The sweet: My in-laws, who I completely adore, were visiting. So I got a little break while Grandma entertained the little dude, and Grandpa was nice enough to help out with some house repairs (including fixing the snowblower-maybe just in time, since we saw our first snow flurries on Saturday…!!!).

IMG_1962 Is there a comb in the house?

I call this one “Wistful”:


The sour: I must have eaten something I wasn’t supposed to, because M had a BAD allergy day on Saturday. We’re talking RIVERS of spit-up. All. Day. Long. Plus a rash on his face, fussiness-the works.

I was mortified-since of course it was the day we had company-and also completely puzzled. I thought back to every morsel I’d put in my mouth for the past couple of days and couldn’t come up with any obvious culprits. Which led to a little “ughhhh I’m so sick of thissss, what is wrooooong” sort of breakdown.

Which, ultimately, led to a trip to Target to buy formula.

alimI got this pre-mixed, ready-to-drink stuff because I was planning to mix it with breastmilk to slowly transition him over, and I thought this would make that easier. Plus, I didn’t want to commit to a whole $30 canister before we’d tested it on him.

I’ve been really really opposed to switching to formula, so this was hard for me. The kid has enough tummy troubles as it is without bringing a man-made baby milk substitute (the horror!) into the mix. Plus, even the most hypoallergenic formulas still contain his allergens-they’re just broken down so much that they don’t typically affect allergic babies. Typically.

But, at this point, if my whole restrictive-diet plan isn’t even working, I figure it’s worth a shot.

So far, the results have been less than awesome. The formula smells horrible, stains our clothes/couch/carpet, and is making him spit up even more (if that’s possible).

So now, I’m considering going BACK to breastfeeding and attempting a total elimination diet. Basically, this involves reducing my diet down to like 5-10 uber safe foods (turkey, rice, squash, and pears are the main ones recommended for this), and eating NOTHING else, to see how he does. Then, I’d slowly start reintroducing foods and closely monitoring his reactions to them. Sounds extreme, but if you’d been in my shoes for the last 7 months, you’d be getting desperate too!

If anyone else out there has gone down this road, I’d be incredibly interested to hear your story.


I know-you saw the title of this point and now you’re all, “what’s all this depressing crap about barfing babies?? Where’s the Lululemon?”

So here’s the big news: we officially have a Lululemon store in Madison! (We had a showroom before, but never a legit store.)

The store opened Friday, and there was a big grand opening party last night that I attended with my good friend Jenny:


I’ve also discovered a little thing called PicMonkey, thanks to Kathy. It’s a free photo editor-kind of like a combination of Instagram and crack.

In addition to fun snapshot-y pictures like the one above, PicMonkey also allows you to create collages like this:

PicMonkey Collage

Upper left: View of the urbany store ceiling. (I don’t know why I took this.)

Upper right: The store featured blown-up images of local Lululemon ambassadors. I even recognized a few of them, which made me feel cool for no logical reason whatsoever. Oh, and the girl in the bottom left corner of that picture is wearing the zip-up I’m now obsessed with (I couldn’t find it online for some reason-it’s that hot-but it’s very similar to this).

Bottom left: Mini cupcakes! I bet the lady in the black T-shirt is sooo happy I took a picture of her digging in and posted it on my blog.

Bottom right: Goodie bags for all. They were covered in inspirational/motivational/quirky phrases like “Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself,” “Sing, Floss, and Travel,” and “Do not use cleaning chemicals on your kitchen surfaces. Someone will inevitably make a sandwich on your counter.” Inside were 4 little symbolic items, explained thusly (yes, thusly-I stand by it):

4things Can you read that?? I hope so-I don’t feel like taking another picture…

There was also a DJ, who was very comfortable on camera (he also played some Biebs, so A+ performance, DJ):


And a caramel apple bar:


This is a really cute idea for a party, especially in the fall. Guests slice their own apples, help themselves to caramel (is it carmel or care-a-mel? DISCUSS.) from the crock pot, and dig into the toppings. Even though I didn’t get to indulge, I appreciated the cool idea.

And of course there was WINE, which I DID indulge in.

wine I also coveted this girl’s scarf for awhile.
Well, right??

Oh, and my final PicMonkey project was this shot of the wall:

fun That’s right, I was the girl taking pictures of the wall. The things I do for this blog…
Madisonians: those are teensy little terrace chairs with teensy little pumpkins on the bottom shelf. Ha!

After we ate, drank, and banged around the super-crowded store for awhile, we listened to a talk by motivational speaker Christi Andringa. The topic was “I Vote Me,” and Christi talked about how to achieve happiness by honoring your true identity-being who you are and doing what you love. She talked about building your self brand and making sure the things in your life (that you can control) are promoting that brand of who you are and who you want to be.

I love motivational speeches of any kind, so I eat this stuff up. No matter how many times I hear similar material, it never gets old.

We left with a print-out of the mantras and whatnot that covered the goodie bags…

list2On my way home, a weird thing happened to me…

I decided that I might actually need to try yoga. Like, really try it.

Obviously, the Lululemon brand is hugely tied to yoga (although they also sell a lot of great running clothes), so I probably got a little dose of the Kool-Aid at the party. But it occurred to me that I’d never actually given yoga a fair shot-so how do I really know if I don’t like it?? I’ve also been hearing a lot about these barre classes lately-what’s that all about? Maybe it’s time for me to find out.

Do you love something now that you never thought you would? (Doesn’t have to be exercise related!)

I’m weirdly obsessed with tomatoes, but I remember hating them more than anything growing up. I guess that probably doesn’t really count-how many kids LOVE tomatoes? Let me think of a better one…

I never thought I’d love winter. And I’m not sure I love it now, but I definitely like it a lot more. Of course, I love the holidays, but I’m also starting to really appreciate warm clothes, blankets, slippers, and fireplaces…hanging out inside while a blizzard rages outside…baking things while snowflakes fall in the window…it’s all just very cozy. There’s something there that you can’t get from summer and warm temps. Is anyone with me?


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Genelle November 7, 2012 at 7:11 pm

I’m sorry to hear about your stress with your babe! Hang in there, it may suck now but you might look back later and miss the days when he was a little tyke! I feel the same way about my dog (ok.. maybe not the same but similar!)

I just discovered PicMonkey today too! It was seriously like choruses of angels because frankly Piscasa is a pain. All of your photos look great!


Kim November 7, 2012 at 7:39 pm

Thanks, Genelle!! Yeah, PicMonkey is crazy fun. :)


Julie November 5, 2012 at 12:49 pm

I walked through Macy’s last night with Audrey and saw the yoga class in the lobby area! Big turnout! I go to Dragonfly or Perennial (like both a lot and got groupons for both), but also love Bliss Flow and its proximity to my house. :) Watch Groupon though.. I’ve seen both of them come up again.


Kim November 5, 2012 at 1:39 pm

Yeah, I was amazed at the turnout! :) I might start out with the classes at Gold’s, since I already have a membership, but I’ll keep Groupon in mind!


Jenny November 5, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Fun night! :) I’ve been attending the yoga barre classes at the Studio and also have a 20 class pass for Bliss Flow, so let me know if you’d like to go together sometime :)


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