Highlights of a Holiday

by Kim on November 26, 2012

Hey there! Hope you had a wildly refreshing and thankful Thanksgiving.

I’ve been off the grid for a few days, trying to fight my bloddiction (addiction to blogs) and pretend I’m a normal person. (Plus, the blog’s been suffering from some technical difficulties…probably just acting out because of the abandonment. Durn technology.) But now that the party’s officially over, I’m back to tell the story.

I’m going to try to spare you the monotonous details of the standard “friends and family and food, oh my!” holiday recap. Instead, I’ll try to just hit the highlights of the festivities over here and let you fill in the blanks with your imagination. (Feel free to picture me going for long runs every morning and eating vegetables all day.)

I didn’t take that many pictures, to be honest. And most of them are grainy phone pictures of the little dude. So bear with me…

Deep Thoughts by Mason Krueger

I think I can summarize the long weekend in 5 main points (sorry, the Journalism major in me won’t die):

1. Turkey Trot Fail

So Brent and I signed up to run a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning in our hometown (trivia break: we’re from the same hometown but never met until we were in college-in different states).

It was a 5K, and the entry fee was a donation to the Salvation Army. It was actually called the Gobble Wobble, which I didn’t understand at first…like, are we drunk turkeys? But I guess the idea is that running the race clears you to eat so much later that you literally lose your balance. (Like, you become too stomach-heavy and fall forward? I don’t know. I’m way overthinking this.)

The bib says “I’m stuffed”

I was genuinely really excited for the race, especially since Brent had totally surprised me by offering to do it with me. (Which meant it was going to be more fun, but far more importantly, that I’d get 2 ADDITIONAL POINTS on my holiday bootie buster challenge tally for the day.)

Unfortunately, we forgot to run our plans by Mason first. So, really, we shouldn’t have been so surprised when it turned out that he was not on board.

The night before Thanksgiving, we did the 3.5 hour drive to our hometown. Mase slept in the car the whole way, which apparently (foreshadowing!) messed up his sleep schedule for the night. I know he’s not a great sleeper when he’s away from home, so I was already nervous about how the night would go.

But I was not NEARLY nervous enough.

He went down ok, but then, around 2 AM, he woke up…FOR THE DAY.

I tried everything, everything, to get him back to sleep, but absolutely nothing worked. I couldn’t just let him cry it out, since he was sharing a room with us and Brent’s parents were sleeping (“sleeping”) in the next room. So we took turns hanging out in the living room with him, watching him beat toys on the floor in the semi-darkness. It was horrible.

masefloor Is he flipping us off here??

Finally, around 6, we were able to get him to sleep…for an hour. At that point, we were all running on fumes and I felt completely delirious-not really ideal racing conditions. I was so tired I couldn’t fathom making it through the day, much less getting up and running 3 miles in the cold.

So we didn’t go. It was disappointing.

2. Basement Pinterest Workout Win

When the Wobble fell through, we were determined to do a virtual 5K the next day instead. Of course, that was also the day the temperature dropped 20 degrees and a random arctic wind set in.

We tried anyway, but kind of underestimated the dressing requirements for cold weather running. I knew how to layer my upper body, but I’d only packed capris and didn’t bring any kind of hat or earmuffs (luckily, I did have gloves-gloveless cold weather running is the worst). We didn’t even make it a mile before my ears, face, and the little bit of leg sticking out of my capris were all throbbing cold.

Then, we turned a corner and hit a REAL gust of wind…and sprinted directly home. The end.

Frustrated, but STILL determined to get some kind of a workout in, I suggested a Pinterest workout. So we headed to the basement and I pulled up a few workouts on my phone. I think we did 3 different workouts from my Pinterest board, with a few variations (one of us would say “10 tricep dips?? We can do 20”). Brent’s parents even had a balance ball down there, so I did some of my crunches on that.

This was one of our favorites:

We emerged 15 or so minutes later, finally sweaty and finally satisfied (I know what you’re thinking…inappropriate people!). Pinterest workouts FTW!


On Thanksgiving day, I took a break from breastfeeding and my obnoxious super-restrictive diet. According to my Googlings, food takes approximately 1-24 hours to reach breastmilk (QUITE a window, wouldn’t you say?). So my plan was to eat whatever I wanted during the main meal and for a few hours after, give it the rest of the day and night to work its way into the breastmilk, and then pump it off in the morning. To make this possible, I’d been working throughout the week before that to build a little surplus of milk for him to have that day.

And, wow. The meal was more delicious than it had ever been, and I appreciated it about 10x more. It was SO nice to be able to dig into buttery mashed potatoes, eat pumpkin pie with Cool Whip on it, and enjoy my mother-in-law’s signature to-die-for mandarin orange Oreo salad. It was also really nice to not have to be all “what’s in this?” every 10 seconds, and to take a break from tofu scrambles.

There really is nothing like butter, folks.

masehighchair This guy had to settle for plain sweet potatoes. 

Then, for my side of the family’s meal on Friday, my mom was nice enough to go through the trouble of removing all of Mason’s allergens from most of the meal. She used Earth Balance instead of butter, vegenaise for mayo, and coconut milk for cow’s milk. Everything was AMAZING-we honestly couldn’t tell the difference at all.

4. It Takes a Village

Being away from home definitely introduced some baby care challenges, but having the grandparents around for 4 days also led to some MUCH-appreciated breaks. I tried not to take advantage of them TOO much so they’d secretly start resenting our crappy parenting skills, but there was definitely a lot of “could you watch him for a sec?” There was no greater feeling than having one of them stretch out their arms to him and say “come see Grandma!”

I love my son, but yes, pleeease go see Grandma.


masewindow2 Besides the break, there’s also nothing like watching your parents interact with your kid.

gmasIt got me thinking about the way some other cultures live and raise children, with entire extended families packed into one home. Siblings practically sharing kids-breastfeeding each others’ babies and disciplining them all the same way. Some Chinese moms take a month of “postpartum confinement” after their babies are born to rejuvenate, while family members or hired help do 99% of the baby care. Lots of extra help, lots of extra support. It takes a village.

Of course, this would never fly with most of the families in our culture, for reasons I can’t really pinpoint. I guess we’re just too obsessed with independence?

5. Baby Road Rage

One last, quick baby rant. The trip home yesterday was…rough.

Mason slept for the first hour or so, and we felt like Super Parents.

But then, we stopped for gas, he woke up…and spent the rest of the trip wriggling around in his seat, fussing, and, for one particularly horrible stretch of highway, screaming bloody murder. It didn’t help that traffic was super backed-up on the highway as everyone headed home at the same time. I tried feeding him, I tried a diaper change, I tried every toy and distraction trick imaginable. Our only saving grace came in the last half hour of the trip, when I realized that I could play Mickey Mouse episodes on my phone via YouTube (despite the fact that it froze constantly to buffer, which he was not a fan of).

Modern day parenting at its best worst.

All in all, it was a wonderful holiday and great long weekend. We spent lots of time with family, got the cousins together…



…and even got to see some friends Saturday night.

Only a couple weeks until we have get to do it all over again for Christmas!

What were the highlights of your holiday?

Would you want to live in one house with your extended family?

Happy Cyber Monday! Anyone finding any great deals today??


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Suzanne November 27, 2012 at 5:47 pm

Sorry you guys didn’t get to run on Thanksgiving but it sounds like other than that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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