In which I go off about tomatoes…again.

by Kim on October 2, 2012

Hey there! I’m racing the clock today but wanted to get a quick little post up.

First of all, I have another recipe to rave about. I made this slow-roasted balsamic tomato/black pepper pasta over the weekend, and was bloooown away by it. I mean-woah.


As you probably know from how nuts I went over this tomato cobbler, I’m a pretty big fan of roasted tomatoes, so this was almost a guaranteed hit. But I was kinda wary about the pepper vinaigrette-I mean, just pepper? I pictured it being super bland, so I planned to add marinated chicken to crank up the tastiness.

Well, I did add the chicken (after taking the above pic)-but only because I wanted the protein. Tastewise, it wasn’t needed at all. Apparently I forgot that balsamic vinegar was involved, and anything with the BV is bound to be a taste explosion.

Anyway, I gobbled this up so fast that hubby didn’t have a chance to try it, poor guy. Obviously, the only fair thing to do now is to whip up another batch-TONIGHT. Tomatoes are roasting as I type this!

In other weekend news, we attended a local beer tasting festival for the 4th year in a row (minus last year for me since I was preggo).


The weather was perfect!

I had good intentions of taking lots of pics…and then I got lazy. But here’s an incredible shot of the entrance!!!


On Sunday, I did my 10-mile training run. Since I was a little nervous about being away from home for that long (and, let’s face it, about running 10 miles straight in general), I decided to split the run in half-5 miles outdoors and 5 miles on the treadmill. I planned the outdoor leg so it would go right past Family Video in the last half mile-where I stopped to pick up a movie to watch during the indoor leg. I also queued up several Jillian podcasts to listen to during the outdoor leg, including Going Vegan and Fast Workouts (episode 82) and It’s Dr. V and One of Her Top 7’s (episode 81).

This combination of motivators was enough to keep me from totally dreading the run-I was actually looking forward to it!

By the last couple of miles, I was definitely dragging, but I got through it and was able to put a big fat X on my training plan. Only two and half weeks to race day!


Anyone else tried a good new recipe lately?? Please share!



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