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by Kim on December 1, 2014

Hi there! How was your Thanksgiving?

Ours was…a little intense. We were traveling for the entire 4 day weekend, which is stressful in and of itself with two kiddos. Mason’s notorious for being a less-than-great traveler, but this time he was also sick, so his sleep was a disaster (and therefore, everyone’s sleep was a disaster).

So as nice as it was to see everyone and eat some GREAT food, I have to say I’m happy to be home!

I have a crazy week ahead—a Moms’ night out event tomorrow night with the city Moms’ Blog, lots of BodyFlow practice and team teaching, and some interviews for a piece I’m writing for a magazine. (YES! I’m so pumped! I’ll tell ya more later.)

So things might be a little quiet around here while I do all that and try to get my kids back on their normal schedules, but I wanted to hop on today to get an inspo board up! Here we go!

inspo board

To eat

Something I’d really like to work on this winter is getting better at cooking meat.

I’ve had way too many experiences with chewy steak, overcooked fish, dry pork…really, the only thing I’m 100% confident about making is chicken thighs (slow baked at low heat—perfect every time!). I’m also pretty comfortable with tofu (thanks to this tutorial), but I’m not sure that counts…

A couple things I’d like to master are:

–Perfect steak in the oven {RECIPE}

–A whole chicken {RECIPE}

–BBQ ribs {RECIPE}

–Restaurant-quality salmon {RECIPE}


And just for fun…this flank steak roulade. It actually doesn’t look THAT hard, but very impressive. We’ll see…

Any meat secrets, send ‘em my way!

To do

I’ve been working on updating some of my graphics to replace my old blog name with my new one. In the process, I stumbled across some of my old workouts, so I thought I’d give them a few shout-outs today—starting with the fancy holiday themed one I wrote last year…

Holiday Proof Arms


4 Pillars Workout


Treadmill and Strength


Push Up Plank Waterfall


To think

I read an article yesterday called In Defense of the Pinterest Mom.

You can probably guess what the message was: let’s stop hating on all the women who are naturally gifted crafters/DIYers. We’re all good at SOMEthing—for some of us (hello!), it’s just not that.

I’m usually pretty comfortable with my non-craftiness, but it gets a little harder at this time of year, when the Pinterest Moms are really hitting their stride. Suddenly, I start to sort of care about the season-appropriate fireplace mantles and centerpieces, the imaginative kids’ activities, the tediously decorated cookies, and the homemade gifts (that people actually want)…

But I try to remind myself that there’s one very important thing that differentiates the famous/infamous Pinterest Mom from us craftily-challenged types (besides the whole “natural talent” thing…): they really, legitimately enjoy crafting/DIYing. Like, the actual process of it.

To me, it’s just a means to an end. And honestly, sometimes it’s easier (and it can even be cheaper) to just go out and buy a pretty centerpiece if I really want it.

Something I’ve had to learn in life is that just because others enjoy something doesn’t mean I do. That’s not something to feel bad about, or to try to hide or reverse. It’s something to acknowledge and respect.

Because if I don’t enjoy something I’m doing “for fun”…then what’s the point?

Weekly challenge

Let’s lunge!

fit challenge 8

Descriptions of the lunges can all be found HERE.

Have a great week!



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Amanda December 2, 2014 at 8:53 am

Oh meat…how I love you! My favorite way to cook BBQ ribs is to simply throw them in the crock pot and smother them in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce for the last hour. If you cook them long enough, they just fall right off the bone and are soooo delicious!! I’ve been wanting to do an entire chicken and the recipe you attached looks amazing! Might have to give it a try.

You totally nailed it about being a crafty person/Pinterest person. I love the actual process of crafting, as well as the end result. Do I wish I could write or blog like you? Only all the time! However, I really don’t enjoy the process of writing all that much…
Amanda recently posted…Summer HappeningsMy Profile


Giselle December 1, 2014 at 9:59 pm

I haven’t mastered steak either. Acutally, come to think of it, my husband always cooks it! I do roast a good chicken or turkey though! It’s much easier than it seems :-)
Giselle recently posted…Cyber Monday Deals and 25 Days of Christmas!My Profile


Kim December 1, 2014 at 6:45 pm

So many great meat recipes!!!
I love that you posted some of your previous workouts – I think I have them all pinned but need to make sure – they are always great!
Kim recently posted…Happiness Is…..My Profile


Marielle December 1, 2014 at 6:04 pm

Writing for a magazine, that is so awesome! Can’t wait to hear more about it!
Marielle recently posted…The Long Road TripMy Profile


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