Introducing: My Home Gym

by Kim on February 27, 2012

It’s not always easy for me to get to the gym.

(I know, what a super unique problem! I must be THE only person alive experiencing this!)

But I’m not talking about working out. I’m talking about going–the actual act of going–to the gym. For some reason, it is such a process. Even though my gym is literally less than a mile away, the extra time and effort it takes to get into the car and drive there is somehow so taxing. It’s not because I’m dreading the workout. Usually, once I get there and get going, I’m perfectly content.

But then, when I’m done, I have to make the grueling journey out to the parking lot and into my car for the trip home. In the winter, this involves putting a heavy wool coat over my sweaty body, potentially changing shoes, shivering in my icy cold car, and sometimes, soft cursing. In the summer, it involves sweating uncontrollably in my sun-baked car (while sweaty little stink molecules seep into the seat behind me) and, inevitably, feeling guilty that I chose to hide out indoors to work out on this beautiful summer day.

Plus, there’s never a perfect time to go. I’m too hungry to stop there on my way home from work, and the gym is packed around then anyway (plus, there’s the extra hassle of preparing a gym bag in advance–and I hate packing of any kind). Then,  the more comfortable I get at home after work, the less appealing leaving the house becomes (and the more random little things I remember I want to do–i.e. oh! I’ll just vacuum quick first, and fool around on the computer for an hour…). And then, suddenly, it’s 9 PM, and WAY too late to go.

I think it’s safe to say that when the baby comes, I’ll have even less time to go to the gym. (And/or I’ll be too scared to leave him for long while breastfeeding, and/or too paranoid/overprotective to drop him off at the free daycare center at the gym, etc. etc…) But I’m determined not to let my workouts slip. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll actually cancel my gym membership, but the plan, for now, is to do most of my workouts at home.

Meet my home gym.

1) The Stability Ball: hopefully a key player in Operation Get My Abs Back. (Also doubles as a helpful laboring tool and baby bouncer!)

2) Hand weights and jump rope. I would love a more comprehensive weight set, but they’re so pricey…maybe someday!

3) Home workout videos. Might need to expand my collection a little…

And the piece de resistance

4) Treadmill + TV. *Ahhh*. I’ve been dreaming of this setup for so long. The treadmill is only a month old, and I haven’t really gotten a chance to make good use of it yet, given this bowling ball strapped to my stomach.

But I have my eye on you, treadmill. And I’m liking what I see.

*Apologies for the super crappy photography, and the scene in general. I wanted to really capture the essence of basement gyms at their finest. Paint cans, a step ladder, some kind of mop in a bucket, a random cord snaking by…

So, hopefully the combination of these tools will = semi-decent workouts after the baby arrives, in lieu of the dreaded (and likely soon-to-be impossible) gym trips. In comparison to this article on home gym essentials, I have a long way to go (although, really? A foam roller and super-absorbent thirsty towel are home gym essentials??). But it’s a start.

I definitely plan to expand on this list, too. For example, one of my top future must-haves is the Body Pump home workout. I love LOVE Body Pump, and giving up those classes would be the biggest sacrifice in turning over my gym membership. A weight set is probably #2 on the To Buy list.

Now the question is: gym membership, keep or lose?


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