July Top Ten

by Kim on July 16, 2012

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a Top Ten, but don’t worry, I’ve still been hanging out on Pinterest! Oh, the hours I’ll never get back…

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1) Top Home Décor Idea.

An ottoman tray made from a picture frame, a piece of cloth, and some handles. Genius!

But I always wonder if these tray things get wobbly with feet being draped all over the ottoman? I just picture red liquids spilling and me crying.


2) Top Getaway.

I’m typically more into the tropical stuff, but this is pretty cool. Check out these igloos in Finland under the Northern Lights. You can rent one of these babies for only $220 a night! Just don’t do anything too personal in there at night.


3) Top DIY.

Day planners made of cheap frames and colorful scrapbook paper. Write meal plans and daily chores/activities with a dry-erase marker.

Kinda kiddish but cute and functional. And no more “what’s for dinner?”


4) Top Random Wall Art Idea.

This is just a basic floor mat spray-painted white. (I wonder if you can tell up close?)

Also, is it just me or is it totally crooked?


5) Top Cheesy Lion Pic.

For those of you who liked the cheesy lion pic in this post


6) Top Clever Household Tool.

Why doesn’t every house have this?? Although I wonder if the hole would be annoying when you’re trying to chop stuff…

It just needs a trapdoor. Then it’d be perfect.


7) Top Dog Toy/Torture Device

The doggy portal. Why do this exist, so you can torture your dog by showing him all he’s missing?? Look at how depressed this dog is!


8) Top Kid Toy.

Repaint an old coffee table a cool color and attach a slab of chalkboard. Hopefully the kids won’t get too confused about which tables it’s appropriate to draw on.


9) Top Way to Torture Your Guests

A hidden bathroom! Watch as your guests wander around your house lost and embarrassed when you tell them it’s “just down that hall.”

Ha, silly guests! It was behind this wall the whole time!


10) Top Coffee Mug Bottom.

Don’t you hate it when you see this?


Have a great week!


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