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by Kim on March 18, 2013

Never thought I’d see the husband in a race shirt!

Run P10K

He ran a .10K on Saturday.

Haha. No typo—that’s a POINT 10K. Aka a little over 300 feet. (If you didn’t notice, as I didn’t, the back of the shirt says “I survived the Point Ten K.”)

It was a St. Patty’s themed fun run put on by our local radio station, in which contestants “ran” from one bar to another and then got drink specials at Bar B. According to Brent, people weren’t very serious about the running part (meaning: they skipped it entirely) but they were very serious about the drinking part. Go figure, huh?

Meanwhile, I hung out with the little dude at home. Lucky me.

I admit I was pretty jealous of all the St. Pat’s festivities I was missing, but someone had to stay behind to watch Mason unload the contents of the same drawer over and over all day.


When I could pull him away from The Drawer, we’d practice walking…

walker boy Baby Nikes!
This picture is technically from last week, but a version of this happens most days now.

…which ultimately led to this brilliant idea…

treadmill walking

Oh, man. I thought this was hilaaaarious. I took him downstairs to our treadmill, set the thing to 1 mph, and held his hands while he walked along. He was (understandably) confused, but went with it.

Another treadmill devotee is born!

After his workout, Mase cooled down with some yoga while I whipped up protein smoothies.

happy baby

Just kidding about the smoothies. And the yoga. (But that Happy Baby pose is dead accurate.)

Later that night, I attempted my first ever baby haircut.


My “skills” come from years of watching my mom cut us kids’ hair, and they were shaky at best, but I thought it was pretty successful for a first try. (In other words, no scissor-inflicted injuries and no giant chunks of hair accidentally removed.)

Haircut Before and After

Once the little dude was trimmed up and in bed for the night, I headed to the gym. Jillian’s butt came with me.

JillianI mean, what did YOU look at first?

I did a standard cardio + weights + abs mix…cardio was 20 minutes on the elliptical + 10 on the stair master, and guess which was harder BY FAR?

It’s funny how I feel like I’m going sooo slow on the stair master, but I’m also somehow gasping for air/near death the WHOLE time. I was actually *this close* to cashing in early, but the girl next to me was killing her stair workout—alternating between going sideways and doing two stairs at a time—and I wasn’t about to let her get the best of me felt motivated.

Speaking of the Fitness mag, here are 4 random things I learned from this issue:

–Not only is it ok, it can be a good idea to use weights of different poundage on each arm for bicep curls. The idea is that one bicep is naturally a little weaker, so you can use a heaver weight on that side to help it catch up with your stronger arm.

Zero-calorie rice exists. It’s called Miracle Rice and is made of mostly fiber, so it passes through the body undigested. Problem: apparently, it’s also zero-taste rice.

zero cal rice

–Jada Pinkett Smith listens to audiobooks during cardio, and therefore, so should we. has over 100,000 downloadable books and allows you to switch between reading and listening without losing your spot. Might not be a bad idea for long training runs this summer.

I want a Garmin Forerunner 610. These things are even cooler than I thought. (See? This is my problem.) With the 610, you can set a goal time and race against yourself or another user, navigate with a touch screen, and use the watch’s built-in tracking feature to find your way home if you get lost.

I also used the gym trip as an opportunity to try out my new Fitwear USA leggings.


These come in a pack of 2 for $119, but I snatched up a Groupon deal last week and got them for only $29. (I hope you caught my tweets about it so you could get the same deal! And if you’re not following me on Twitter, what are you waiting for?)

So glad I went for these! They keep everything packed in nicely (haha) and they’re so comfortable I actually wore the other pair to bed last night (and every night for the foreseeable future). They’re great for yoga (obviously) but also perfect for cold-weather running, since I personally hate having any kind of flared pant legs flapping around when I’m running.

In case you’re interested, my purchase came with a coupon for 15% off. I don’t see why you couldn’t take advantage of it too… :)

Fitwear coup

Yesterday morning, I got to sleep in while Brent handled the early-wakeup duties with Mase (we try to switch off on the weekends so each of us gets one free sleep-in day).

Then, since he was gone for most of the day Saturday, I had my turn Sunday: I got to spend a few hours hanging out at Barnes & Noble, browsing, writing, reading magazines I’m too cheap to buy, and drinking coffee. Aka heaven.


If you or anyone you know is getting into running or thinking about signing up for their first race, I HIGHLY recommend tracking down this magazine:

Running for Beginners

It’s pricey for a rag ($20), but it’s practically a book anyway, and it has seriously EVERYTHING you might want to know about beginning running/racing. Tips for new runners, info about injuries, meal plans and diet info, tons of articles about training and racing, running gear recommendations, inspiration, and advice.

RfB Contents 1

RfB Contents 2

While I was at B&N, I also used the opportunity to browse for my next book (which I planned to then go home and buy off Amazon, of course). I’ve been desperate for a new read lately, but it’s tough because I’m so picky about what I like to read. I have different book moods, and right now, all I want is something light and beachy. Not too smart, not too introspective, and definitely nothing too wordy or dark.

Two options (that I found in the 10 minutes I spent looking) ultimately made the cut:

1. Been There, Done That by Carol Snow. About a journalist who looks a lot younger than she is and is consequently asked to go undercover at a high school on a mission to investigate/expose a possible school prostitution ring. Not exactly a beach read, but definitely not heavy reading either.

Book Option 1

2. Jemima J by Jane Green. I’ve been thinking about reading this for years and, for whatever reason, never got around to it. It’s about an overweight woman who reinvents herself online as a thin/athletic pseudo version of herself, starts a relationship with a guy online, and uses the whole experience to motivate herself to lose weight. (Which she does, but in the end, of course, the plan backfires somehow.)

Book Option 2 

Have you read either of these? Any other suggestions of books with a similar tone?

What’s something awesome that happened over your weekend? Did you celebrate St. Pat’s?


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Jessica @ Prayers and Apples March 19, 2013 at 9:40 pm

LOL .10k race, that’s awesome :) ..ok couple things: 1) um, WOW jillian michael’s butt is like jumping off that cover, 2) i totally soak in all the magazines i’m too cheap to buy at barnes and nobles too! and 3) i’m about to buy my first garmin ever – is the forerunner 10 a good way to go? and is $129 really the best i can do? *sigh*
Jessica @ Prayers and Apples recently posted…Duke University’s Spirituality and Health WorkshopMy Profile


Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian March 19, 2013 at 2:30 pm

I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award!
Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted…11 ThingsMy Profile


Suzanne March 18, 2013 at 7:42 pm

Not sure about either of those books but they look good. I’ve got a stack with several of those magazines in it waiting for me to read them!
Suzanne recently posted…Meet Aiden!My Profile


Martha March 18, 2013 at 5:10 pm

I have B&N envy of you so bad right now! The closest one to me is 2 hours away! I miss the days of “browsing” magazines :)
Looks like you had a great weekend!
Martha recently posted…Ripped Cream – Behind The Scenes and Giveaway!My Profile


Mindy @ Road Runner Girl March 18, 2013 at 3:10 pm

Wow! You had a busy weekend! Sounds like a fun one!
Mindy @ Road Runner Girl recently posted…The Weekly Chase #12My Profile


Kim March 18, 2013 at 8:49 am

Yeah I’m pretty shameless about it, taking all those pictures with my phone too. Ha! But these trips happen like twice a year, tops. :)


PickyRunner March 18, 2013 at 6:25 am

Wait sitting at Barnes and noble to read magazines is GENIUS! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before! I spend way too much money on them. I think I have a new plan of action…
PickyRunner recently posted…Birthday ShenanigansMy Profile


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