My New Gig

by Kim on February 8, 2012

Just got back from an orientation meeting for the Madison Mini Marathon marketing team! Yep, I’m a proud new team member. As part of the team, I’ll be attending other races in the area to promote our race, helping with post-race parties, launching some fun guerrilla marketing efforts, and (hopefully) meeting lots of cool people!





It’s not all that glamorous of work (flyering cars, for example–meh), but it feels good to be involved in something I feel so passionate about. And even though there is a little money involved, I would do it for nothing (that’s how you know it’s what you should be doing, right?). It’s fun and rewarding to be a runner or a volunteer at these events, too, but this is giving me the opportunity to take my passion to a new level. (Kinda starting to sound like an infomercial now, sorry…)

Bottom line: I love racing culture and I want more! We all have this thing in common, and it’s a thing that not everyone can do (or not everyone thinks they can do). As someone who was never any good at sports, it’s nice to finally find my niche in running. The rules are very simple: Run forward. Run forward faster. I can handle that. :)













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