New Running Gear + Fall-y Food

by Kim on September 25, 2012

Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful fall weekend! I was scheduled to run 8 miles on Sunday and it was cuh-razy perfect running weather: 55 degrees, clear blue skies, light wind.

However, since it was still the dreaded “long run” of the week (just writing the words makes me grumble a little), I had to work hard to amp myself up for it that morning (so lots of coffee, positive self-talk, and of course, bribery).

One thing that helped a little: new running gear!

The goods included…

This water belt



I used to have one of these, but I couldn’t find the stupid thing anywhere, so I finally had to invest in a new one. This one’s better than my old one anyway because I can cinch it on a lot tighter (if it’s loose and those little bottles are bouncing around on your butt, it just gets weird and uncomfortable).

This sport belt to hold my phone



I decided I wanted to start carrying my phone on long runs (probably should have started a long time ago, but I never had a good way to carry it). This is largely for my own safety, but it’s also nice that hubby can get in touch with me if he needs to while watching the little dude. Also, since I don’t have a Garmin or anything (I used to use a Nike+ with my ipod nano, but that hasn’t worked well since I stopped wearing Nikes), I can use a phone app to track my distance/speed (still on the hunt for the best one-any recommendations?).

Oh, and possibly even more importantly than all that, I can now take awkward pics of myself during runs!

merun Pretending to take a picture of the trees overhead (while smiling?)…
little does anyone know, the camera is reversed. Weirdo!

I decided to go with the belt instead of the typical armband because my phone is a giant brick and I thought I might run lopsided with it on my arm (not really…but it would be heavy and annoying). It’s also a respectful nod to the fanny pack era. Which is still very much BEHIND US, no matter what Carrie Bradshaw and Rhianna say.

carrie Still a fanny pack.

rhianna Leave it in the 90’s.


Anyway. Wearing two belts simultaneously was a little annoying, mostly because the ends of the straps kept slipping out and flapping around at my sides. I also felt like I had to keep my arms above them, which resulted in a little bit of a T. Rex Arm situation.

t rex Why are we always the go-to short arm reference?
We are also ferocious and well-toothed, but no one seems to remember that.


–These aren’t that new, but it was my first longer run with my Mizunos.


I’m not a great shoe reviewer, so I can’t say that I noticed all the obscure little differences that are supposed to make these shoes so bomb for running, but they were comfortable and definitely a massive improvement on my old beat-up pair. (Although those were in such rough shape, a pair of oversized crocs would probably also have been an improvement…)


It ended up being a great run on Sunday. I felt good the entire time (except for the awkward part when I had to stop in a local drinking establishment to use their facilities, and I imagine all the beer-drinking, cheese-curd-eating people wanted to kill me).

Thanks to my trusty new running companion, I was able to snap some shots of the route for ya:






Not bad, right?

I didn’t time myself-just ran the miles (which were mapped out in advance via Good thing, too, because I was listening to Jillian Michaels podcasts during the first half and had to keep stopping to deal with streaming/buffering issues. (So frustrating! And side note to anyone who’s listened to a JM podcast: what’s up with Janice lately?? She’s so annoying I had to quit listening after awhile just to escape her!)

My turnaround spot was my old place of employment-which I now know is almost exactly 4 miles away from home (yep, I was spoiled by the commute).

When I got home, I was ready to DEVOUR some food. I started out with this chicken sandwich:


…which (SPOILER ALERT) included this amazing treat from my foodie pen pal this month:


Ohmigosh, I’m obsessed with this stuff. It’s like a sweet/spicy relish that is somehow fantastic on EVERYTHING. I have to learn how to make it ASAP.


Also had my first honey crisp apple of the year.


AND this amazing new-to-me kettle caramel corn I found the other day.




After I chowed and showered, Mase and I headed to the grocery store. Meal plans for the week include:

Soo…lots of tomatoes. I feel like that’s sort of a staple in dairy-free/vegan diets. But I guess I should work on getting a little more creative…


Later in the day, I stirred up a gigantic pot of chili. It seemed appropriate, given the weather and the fact that chili is usually dairy-free.

Here are some (yes, some!…well, most…) of the ingredients it included (I used this recipe):


Great day!


Did you do or eat anything fall-y over the weekend??

Speaking of fall, here are 7 reasons autumn is good for you! (from Huff Post)


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