October Top Ten

by Kim on November 2, 2012

Yep: late again! It’s clearly November now…

But that’s how we roll here at HN. I make the rules, and the rules clearly state: “Post a Top Ten whenever you feel like it, and no sooner, regardless of what month it may or may not be.”

Maybe I’ll post January’s next week. #livingontheedge

Before we get into “this month’s” TT, I’d like to announce the winner of the Adidas bag giveaway. The results via the random number generator…


Congratulations to Alex at TheRunWithin!

Alex, please email your address to healthynestkim@gmail.com. Hope you love your new bag!! :)

Thanks to those of you who entered! And for everyone else-what were you thinking?? (Just kidding! But seriously…) Well, hopefully you’ll all have more opportunities to try again soon-got a few things in the works for ya!

Anyway! Where were we…

In case you’re not familiar with Top Tens, these lists generally include some genius/weird inventions I found on Pinterest, things I think are funny, and a few things I just genuinely (sometimes inexplicably) like.

If you’ve missed previous TTs, here’s a handful of the most recent ones:

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1. Top Thing You Can Send in the Mail

Wow, that’s a lame category. We’re off to a rocky start here.

But the list AmberLee put together is cool, and you should check it out!

Basically, she’s gathering neat ideas for things that are 13 oz. or less, and therefore, can be popped right in the mailbox (no boxes necessary!). Did you know you can mail a frisbee? Or a pair of flip-flops?

This one’s called the mini birthday care package:

AmberLee calls this “happy mail“-she even has a whole Pinterest board devoted to it. Cool, huh? Some people are so smart.

2. Top (Free) Thanksgiving Decor

If you’re a confident printer-user, this banner could be yours!

(If you’re me, better keep looking.)

3. Top Thanksgiving Craft/Treat/Whatever?

I’m not sure what to call these kinds of “foods” that are probably more fun to look at than to actually eat…

But whatever this is, it’s cute! (That’s a marshmallow in the middle.)

4. Top Shoe

1 Corinthians Tom’s!

I’d be happy with any Tom’s, at all, but in an extra perfect world, it would be these.

5. Top Kids’ Teaching Tool I Hope I Remember in 5 Years

I like the idea of rewarding kids for being good instead of always just harping on them for being bad. The idea is to fill a jar with marbles (or whatever) when your kid does something good, and then do something special with them when the jar’s full.

Can someone please come to my house in 5 years, look for this jar, and if you don’t see it, remind me of this idea? That would be awesome.

6. Top Baby Shower Gift Idea

Onesies rolled around baby socks = cupcakes.

This is particularly fun because the mom-to-be opens it up and goes, “ummmm…thank…you?” Then, you get to decide how long you want to let the awkwardness linger in the room before explaining.

onesie cupcake

7. Top DIY

Shoe box lids + newspaper + black paint.

My only concern would be getting these things to hang perfectly straight. I anticipate pain.

You’d just have to accept, in advance, that the hanging process is going to be a bit of a day-ruiner.


8. Top Genius Baby Item

Apron towels!!

I could see these being really handy, especially with newborns. Those things get slippery!

9. Top Bathtub

The battle for Top Bathtub was a competitive one-so much so that it ended in a tie.

There’s sunk-into-the-floor tub…


Like I said, the competition was fierce. What’s your vote?

10. Top No-Excuses Alarm Clock

You have to actually get up and STAND ON this alarm clock before it’ll shut off.

I can do you one better, though: my alarm clock doesn’t stop until you take it out of its crib and feed it.


That’s all I got! See you next month whenever I want for another Top Ten roundup.


Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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Karen November 2, 2012 at 9:22 am

I have one of those newborn apron towels and conveniently it was purchased from a store and no crafting or sewing was involved. :) I do like it though!


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