Olympic Time + My Fav Salad

by Kim on July 28, 2012

It’s Olympic time!

I’m so excited to have something to watch for awhile that won’t rot my brain as much as What Not to Wear does.


What did you think of the opening ceremony last night? I thought it was…ok, considering the act in Beijing it had to follow. I think there were a lot of British inside jokes I couldn’t fully appreciate, and lots of “you had to be there” moments.

But what was the deal with the guy and girl texting scene?? I’m still not sure how I feel about that part.

I did love this guy, whose role was to stroll around during the Industrial Revolution scene nodding at everything:

cigar guy

I did NOT love these ridiculous face dresses:

face dresses

Not to mention that the girls wearing them looked like strung-up puppets. Hmm.


This past week, I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the short chunks of free time I have during the day (read: naps) more wisely. One thing that always seems to take me waaay too long is preparing my meals, especially if I want a salad (my go-to on most days).

Around the same time I had this realization, the hubby randomly mentioned that he’d like to take salads to work for lunch. (Whaaaat? A man eating salad?? I know.)

So I decided to do a little prep work for my favorite sweet salad combo.

I cut up some strawberries…


And carrots…


Shredded some lettuce into small containers…


Packaged the strawberries and carrots (mixed with some rotisserie chicken I’d shredded the day before) into little baggies…


Et voile. Grab and go salads.


To be topped with my favorite dressing…


When I want to be a good girl, I pour some into a separate dish and dip my fork into it before spearing some salad. When I want to be a semi-good girl, I pour some into a separate dish and dip a forkful of salad into it.

When I want to be totally naughty, I dump the dressing right on the salad. (Although honestly, this method often backfires because the top lettuce ends up too soggy and the bottom lettuce too dry…)

In other news, I’m counting down the days until my new Mizunos arrive (2 to go!). I ran 5 miles last night and my feet were kiiiiilling me by the end-a definite sign that my shoes have officially reached the end of their days.

shoesJust let us die.

Btw, if anyone’s looking for some fresh workout tunes, I highly recommend this list from Us Weekly (of all places):

US playlist

I’m not a big elliptical-er (?) but I definitely like the tunes in that column the best. Maybe I’m just such a slow runner that the elliptical BPM range is my running range?


Ok, gotta run-we’re off to (hopefully) buy a new coffee table for our living room (we still have the same furniture from our apartment days…it’s pretty embarrassing).

Have a great weekend!


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